A New Twist on Snowden’s Accusations, and Three Oath-Keeping Whistle-Blowers (Video)

snowden-usa-ermittlung[1]By: Ken LaRive, The Liberty Beacon Contributor –

The three other Whistle-Blowers are: Thomas Drake, William Binny and Kirk Wiebe… It isn’t easy finding truth in this matter. Each of these men have different points of view, and seemingly separate motivations for standing up to the Federal Government. In retrospect, we can now see that many have tried and failed, and many more gave up when they saw the possible consequences. When you become a Whistleblower in the private sector, you have a rule of law based on a Republic’s Constitution, or what is left of it, to resolve it, but in the folds of Government, your life no longer belongs to you. I will explain this in the last paragraphs here, and I think you will understand our government a bit more…

I suppose this is one element all of these men have in common, as everything they had from family and friends, assets of any kind, privacy of the smallest capacity, is thrown in the air or forfeited. They knew the cost long before they made the commitment to push their accusations public, and did it anyway. They are indeed a special kind of hero, and just as brave as any solder jumping on a grenade to save his friends. In all intent and purpose, these men are American patriots, Oath Keepers, and just as valiant as our founding fathers who fought for liberty from tyranny. However, a Progressive government who is incorporated and in debt to international corporations and a banking cartel, will do anything to stay in power. Anything, anything at all. When it comes to power and control in the guise of national security, there is no conscience.

Also, there seems to be a fine line between a Whistleblower and a traitor, and it might take many years of litigation and copious amounts of time and money to prove one over the other. But there is a big difference between a tribunal and a court of law, where this would be determined, government and the private sector.

Twenty-five days ago, Friday, June 14th, USA Today did a piece on three Whistleblowers, all NSA employees, prior to Snowden, and the exchange was an eye opener. With their attorney, Jesselyn Radack, all of them, to the last man, supported Snowden.

Out of the grilling, several elements revealed themselves, and gave a new perspective. I’m so glad now that I waited a week to write about this matter, because all of the facts were not in. The following are excerpts from that interview, and the entire exchange is found here.

Binney: “We tried to stay for the better part of seven years inside the government trying to get the government to recognize the unconstitutional, illegal activity that they were doing and openly admit that and devise certain ways that would be constitutionally and legally acceptable to achieve the ends they were really after.

And that just failed totally because no one in Congress or – we couldn’t get anybody in the courts, and certainly the Department of Justice and inspector general’s office didn’t pay any attention to it. All of the efforts we made just produced no change whatsoever. All it did was continue to get worse and expand.”

Drake: “He’s an American who has been exposed to some incredible information regarding the deepest secrets of the United States government. And we are seeing the initial outlines and contours of a very systemic, vary broad, a Leviathan surveillance state and much of it is in violation of the fundamental basis for our country…

He is by all definition a classic whistle-blower and by all definitions he exposed information in the public interest. We’re now finally having a debate that we have never had since 9-11.” Yes, Drake is right. We do indeed have whistle-blower laws in this country, as some so called “misconduct” might be in the interest of public safety or interest, indicate fraud or safety violations, and in this case, corruption.

The office of Special Council (OSC) is supposed to provide a clear, secure, and safe channel to disclose these anomalies, and if that office deems the accusation viable, they have the authority to require the head of the agency to investigate. So why were these four men at such odds with this agency? Why were they singled out for retaliation? Why were both Binny and Wiebe reprimanded for blowing the whistle on wasteful management relative to the Trailblazer Project?

Bob Alderman’s Whistleblower essay showed a quote from a published review by the General Accountability Project, (GAP):

“After seeing no change at NSA, Binney, Wieber, Diane Roark, and former NSA colleague Edward Loomis filed a complaint with the Department of Defense Inspector General on September 2002. The complaint accused the NSA of massive fraud, waste, and mismanagement in connection with NSA’s rejection of ThinThread and (the) endorsement of the failing Trailblazer.”

So what options are there for a man of conscience in this country? Well, all three summed it up a bit differently when they were asked by USA Today: “What should Edward Snowden expect now?”

Binny: “Well, first of all he should be expect to be treated like Bradley Manning (an Army private accused of leaking documents to WikeLeaks). If the US Government gets hold of him.

First he will be tortured …and then incarcerated and then tried and …even executed.”

Wiebe: “Now, there is another possibility, that a few good people on Capital Hill – the ones who say the threat is much greater than what we thought it was – will step forward and say: give this man an honest day’s hearing.

You know what I mean. Let’s get him up here. Ask him to verify, because he is right – and all pointers are that he was – all he did was point to law-breaking. What is the crime in that?”

Drake, who has more experience with government, said this: “But see, I am Exhibit No.1… You know, I was charged with 10 felony counts. I was facing 35 years in prison. This is how far the state will go to punish you out of retaliation and reprisal and retribution…

My life has been changed, It’s been turned upside down. I lived on the blunt end of the surveillance bubble… When you are faced essentially with the rest of your life in prison, you really begin to understand and appreciate more so than I ever have. -in terms of four times I took the oath to support the Constitution – what those rights and freedoms really mean…

Believe me, they are going to use everything they have got to get Snowden. I think there really is a risk. There is a risk he will eventually be pulled off the street.”

But the passionate Wieber wasn’t finished, and said a profound thing: “We are going to find out what kind of country we are, what we have become, what we want to be.”

Note from the author:

You had better sit down… what we have above will make sense after you read this… I promise!

Being in the service, I was taught a primary military protocol called the chain-of-command. I worked for the Captain’s Office on the USS Kitty Hawk in the West Pacific, 1969-71. In my office, a letter to our Captain from a subordinate like me, and E-4 Yeoman, would have been impossible. What chance would I have to change a policy coming from a higher authority? Even now after forty five years, I still say none. But I would have had the capability of getting my letter on his desk, bypassing my superiors, but the consequence would have been dire. Most likely I would have been immediately booted out of service, and that dishonorable discharge would have followed me all through my life.

One must ask what kind of man would give up his life for a cause, even knowing that cause would never win. It must be based on some powerful principle, like love of country, liberty, or truth. Government employees and military are not subject to the same set of rules as the private sector. You belong to government, body, and yes, they want your very soul too. You are supposed to follow orders, and yet you are an oath keeper. That sir, is the dilemma here.

I remember well having my wallet stolen from my pant pocket as I showered. My Government considered me responsible for my ID, and I was not only reprimanded, but that went on my permanent record. It was a small thing, almost laughable, but it indicated to me the twisted predicament I was in. To the United States Government I was a piece of meat, and it didn’t matter to them what I thought I was, prime or otherwise. I was 19, drafted into a war I knew little about, helping to kill people who had done nothing to me. People they called “Gooks,” and ironically we burned them with Napalm, genetically altered them with agent orange, and all made by Monsanto and the military industrial complex. And now we are buying their products from Korea to Vietnam to Japan… and all well-designed by the savvy minds of entrepreneurs, built by the blood and sweat of slave labor. And yes, I belonged to them too, and I did what I had to do to stay alive, and that justification helps me sleep at night… I was coerced, and under duress.

As thanks, I got several medals, the GI Bill, and a home loan, with money printed out of thin air, and put on the backs of my grand-children. So well orchestrated, so well designed, the bank was guaranteed one third of the appraised value if I defaulted on my Government Loan. And as our President Reagan broke the back of the USSR with misinformation, and our Saudi friends opened the tap, the oilfield went bust, and along with it my dreams. We supplied the Taliban with weapons to kill Russian boys in Afghanistan, and that became their Vietnam, and with it Russia defaulted… And those weapons are killing our boys there right now…

And as I stood in line to fill out the government forms to go on food stamps and unemployment, I thought to give my house back to the bank, held by Country Wide, (does that ring a bell?). I saw that one third of the appraised value was 33 thousand dollars, the exact amount the government originally guaranteed, and if I defaulted, I would be required to pay back that amount without owning a home… And as I thought I was the biggest loser or fool on earth, with a wife and a child I could not support, I kept trying. I finally found a job in Cayman Islands at the 11th hour, and moved my family from an empty shell call Lafayette to paradise run by pirates. There I borrowed eight thousand US from The Bank of Nova Scotia, and saved my home just two days from foreclosure. I did this because I never lost hope, and my responsibility propelled me, something my new Progressive government has done everything in their power to destroy. Hysterically, I see today that all of the food I consume is genetically modified by Monsanto… built on the screams of innocence and false flags, and the blood on my hands… And I yearn for salvation, for justice, for liberty, and I find it is braded in the folds of the Oath Keepers, and the words of my true heroes, Thomas Jefferson and Ron Paul. It is the reason I write, and the reason I will never again write for any newspaper.

Strange how I could not see it coming. What a fool I was. And yet I see our young boys falling for the same line today, but this time they are going to kill “Rag Heads,” as the same bankers laugh in their dark hearts… It isn’t spiced candles and electronics from the far east they are after, but control of the Afghan Poppy fields, with the hope of bigger prey, Iran, with oil so vast, it was able to feed a Goliath that grew from the disposal of Iran’s duly elected president by Mossad and the CIA. And I watched it mindless, as the Shaw became our puppet dictator, and like a god, crushed dissidence with extreme prejudice, and created British Petroleum (BP), the same entity who polluted my home, ran off 33 deep water rigs with an unconstitutional and unprecedented moratorium on drilling. Simultaneously, on cue, Obama and Soros tried to borrow two billion from China to build a deepwater infrastructure off the coast of Brazil, as 134.5 billion in US Bearer Bonds were confiscated on a train from Italy to Switzerland, and as the media went silent, I saw the silent screams of millions of fresh fetuses, aborted and paid with my heritage, and I saw, yes, I was actually capable of seeing, that three stem cell research labs were given a Presidential mandate to again accept aborted fetuses for their stem-cell research, and as their stocks went through the roof, our national debit rose to 17.6 trillion…. I’m going to stop here, but this is just the icing on the cake, something like a devil’s food cake. It isn’t over yet. ———————————————————————————————–
Special thanks to The Roseburg Beacon who publishes weekly the essays of Mr. Bob Adelmann. Mr. Adelmann also contributes to the New American Magazine, and blogs frequently at WWW.LightFromTheRight.com. His work is untiring, and insightful. Also, praise to the Liberty Beacon, who is indeed a beacon of truth and hope in a world of deceit and outright lies. And Maddy, who corrects my spelling with love, and is my greatest inspiration.



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  1. I enjoyed this article – but please consider the antiquated notion that its a bunch of boys over there. There are females also, yes – in combat – and we are not kids. We are all volunteer, sometimes older guard or reserve and we are serving multiple deployments. The idea of fresh faced naive young boys is antique. We are multicultural and gender integrated. We range from in age an experienced from the recently graduated to grandparents. Please be aware and honor the service of all in uniform. Thank you.

  2. Yeoman story sounds like an echo to me. The draft (#27 lucky, lucky) Vietnam, Army, crew chief, door gunner, mechanic and prop and rotor. I survived Country Wide only to be passed to Bank of America. I survived them also. I have been disable since 2007, automobile crash, passenger. I defaulted on my government loan in the early 90’s when, when I was involved in a automobile accident (passenger, uninsured) that left me on crutches for a year. I recently got on a military pension and now they want their money back. I don’t have it. All the debt from recent GI bill loans have been forgiven, but mine is too old. $23,000. Social Security wants $14,000 because of a fishing lot that I paid $10 for. I don’t have it. If the market wasn’t so screwed up, I’d sell my house and move to another country. Probably can’t get a Visa with debt to the government, so I don’t even have that option. Political post get no comment. the V- President called it, people just don’t care about their rights. Where are the politicians that spent more investigating a BJ, than 9/11. What is the press doing? Apparently they don’t care about our rights or their own rights. America is no longer the home of Free and the land of the Brave. EVERYONE, claims to support the troops, but no one cares that nothing will be left when they return. The people that should have the troops back, have their head buried in sand and by the time they pull it out too much will be gone. I don’t think we can save this country. With our national debt climbing, it may already be gone. Sounds a lot like Russia. If I could turn back the hands of Time, I’d be a Canadian citizen and proud too be one. Sorry if I offend anyone, but I have earned the right to say, America SUCKS. The Home of the blind and the land of the sheep.

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