A New World Order? Brilliant Idea!

NWO -menBy TLB contributor: Steve Cook

 I would like to go on record and state that I think a new world order is a great idea and I’m all for it.

Of course, it all depends what one really means by “new world order” and the version that is currently being foisted on humanity by a self-appointed “elite” of bankers, corporate mandarins, psychiatrists and other unsavory types is definitely not the kind of world order I desire and nor, I suspect, does hardly anyone else.

I haven’t seen a lot of articles on the internet or anywhere else extolling the virtues of this master plan: “Hey, this NWO idea dreamed up by a bunch of bankers and psychiatrists is really brilliant and I’m totally behind it! Mass drugging? Wonderful idea! GMOs? Delicious! Culling? Where do I sign up? War? Lots of fun! Totalitarian Dictatorship? It won’t really affect me all that much! Free mental illness for all? Zany, yet at the same time inordinately attractive!”

The idea of a New World Order has been floating around for a while. I remember it being mentioned in passing by George Bush Senior at the time of the First Gulf War. This was the first time I recall it being voiced openly and with the bold assertion that such a thing was a definite thought-out objective on the part of somebody-or-other: a sort of: “Oh, and by the way, me and my pals are establishing a new world order.”

The fact that George Bush Sr seemed to be right behind that brilliant but nevertheless vague agendum, naturally put me right off and I remember thinking at the time:

(a)   They really shouldn’t put American presidents on Prozac, given its tendency to induce in users a loss of impulse control (not a good idea when the user is armed not so much with a machete or a Kalashnikov but an entire military industrial complex) and delusional thoughts, such as the idea that one is the leader of the (hah!) free world. Mind you, given the tendency of the NWO crew to let psychiatrists move in and take over their operation, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of them are on one psychotropic substance or other. Given the tendency of those substances to incapacitate the thinking process, that would explain George Bush junior quite a lot too.


(b)   It was kind of nice for Bush Sr to get around to mentioning it to the rest of us, considering the plan has apparently been going full swing for nearly a century. I guess the NWO crew must have thought people would notice but when they appeared not to, it was decided somebody should say something.

(c)  What does New World Order MEAN specifically? Those putting the plan into action and undertaking the demolition of cities, nations, economic systems and so forth necessary to the creation of a new state-of-the-art oligarchy seem to have a good idea of where they are headed and what kind of ideal scene they have for humanity. Glimpses of it leak out or are assembled by the occasional bright individual in the manner of Sherlock Holmes piecing clues together in an effort to expose Moriarty. Yet none of the NWO crew seem to be in much of a hurry to fully explain to us what they are doing and what end they have in mind.

The idea of order replacing the current anarchy that passes for management of the planet is appealing but it depends on what you mean by “order.” The most orderly place I know of is a graveyard.

A slave state in which one percent of the people in it use, like robots, the other ninety-nine percent who have no personal hopes or dreams or indeed prospects could, I imagine, be quite orderly. This is quite nice if you happen to be one of the one percent but pretty ghastly if you’re not. Efforts to build such a Utopia also have the disadvantage of tending not to last very long, mainly because they have no vitality and cannot endure. Civilization tends to require the full and willing participation of at least SOMEBODY, with responsibility, initiative and creative endeavor permeating up from its grass roots. I suppose the ideal scene for the NWO crew would be to replace human beings with robots who only think the thoughts and perform the actions they are specifically told to think and do and I’m sure this will be wonderful, safe and orderly for that crew. This is utterly pointless for everybody else but will be great for them – until they find that to keep that game on the rails they now have to think for everybody and issue streams of edicts or drugs that address all the minutiae and tiny nuances required to keep a civilization compromising billions of unthinking androids going.

But who but a psychotic or a psychiatrist would conceive such a dream? And what a dull and moronic dream it is! Can’t someone come up with a more clever idea? Essentially excluding from the game the minds of ninety-nine percent of the players, whilst moving their bodies around like pieces, sounds as much fun as playing chess with yourself, which is only remotely enjoyable if you are in solitary confinement.

Besides, what is so “new” about this proposed world order? The idea of a small elite using the peasantry as beasts of burden, cannon fodder or playthings has been around since the first witchdoctor – the earlier incarnation of the psychiatrist – whispered in the ear of the first dull but nevertheless muscular tribal elder.


Supposedly they think that once they have that “utopia” in place, everything will be just fine and dandy. But this idea isn’t new at all. It is very old and very tired and not the slightest bit original. It is virtually the ONLY idea that has yet been tried in an effort to co-ordinate the survival efforts of large numbers of human beings, as if doing the same thing over and over will produce a different result from the ten thousand previous times it has been tried.

And just look at those results! This is the stuff of nightmares: a history so consistently booby-trapped with turmoil and misery and horrors that everybody thinks turmoil and misery and horrors are the natural, unavoidable nature of things.

Thus it can appear that every effort to build an enduring civilization fit for human beings is futile, doomed to be nasty, brutish and short (for the would-be elite as well as everybody else) – so, if nothing else, it has sure lowered our expectations of this game called “let’s build a civilization.”

But it isn’t natural for things to be this way or somehow woven into the destiny of mankind. It is natural only in the sense of being the predictable consequence of having a stupid game-plan to begin with.

You’d think the current would-be elite would have learned by now, except that one of the traits of a criminal mind is the inability to learn. As soon as they are out of jail most criminals carry right on doing the same things and making the same mistakes that got them in jail in the first place. Unfortunately for us this particular echelon of criminal is usually in a position to doctor that river of lies known as history so as to ensure the rest of us can’t learn either.

On the other hand, what kind of person can come up with the idea of forcing something on the rest of the human race slyly and through trickery and deceit in the full knowledge that the rest of the human race won’t like it? What kind of person except the criminally minded will decide therefore that it is best not to ask their permission or invite their cooperation whilst changing wholesale and brutally the world in which they are trying to get along peacefully?

These are the last people one would want in charge of human affairs. Yet, there they are!

Personally, I just think Man can do better: a lot better. We just need to learn not to give credence to nut-jobs.

Okay, so it isn’t “new” and it isn’t orderly either. It’s chaos, man! In terms of the hopes and dreams and desire for a safe environment of the vast majority of people, it is tantamount to being locked up in Bedlam. Put a sane man in a lunatic asylum long enough and he will eventually starting feeling that he himself is going mad.

“New Word Disorder” would be a more apt description. They have been building this thing for a long time and I hadn’t noticed things getting more orderly. Have you? They are merchants of chaos after all, their prosperity, advantage and goals relying on illness, debt, uncertainty and war as their stocks-in-trade.

Things are not even more orderly for the NWO crew itself either. They cannot even trust one another: you think the various autocratic factions are not jockeying for position and not seeking the supremacy of their own interests above those of their co-cabalists?

You think if they can stab the rest of humanity in the back they are not capable of doing it to one another? They have no allegiances they do not have to buy with inducements or blackmail, no friends and no grass-roots support, no warriors except mercenaries, no inspiring dream that will engage the cooperation of the human race.

To stay ahead of this bleak game they have started, they have to engineer wars and economic collapse; intimidate, bribe or blackmail their own operatives and proxies; utilize corrupt politicians who by their very nature of being corrupt cannot be trusted; minutely control a media that will break ranks with them the second it gets a chance and persuade entire populations to drug themselves. Their actions become more outrageous by the day yet for their efforts, they are faced with a humanity that is waking up, all the best endeavors of their mass-brainwashing psychiatrists notwithstanding. They have embarked on a route that offers no security and no peace for them either.

Put yourself in their position and imagine what it must be like for them. Talk about being hoisted by your own petard!

I began this article by saying I’m all in favor of a new world order: I sure am! I just think someone should dream one up rather than a fake one that is the very opposite of what its lovely-sounding epithet suggests.

I think too that it might be a good idea to run it by people and see if they like it enough to support it and work with you to bring it about rather than not so much selling them a bill of goods as forcing them to take a bill of goods they aren’t going to want in a million years.

It’s actually easier and more orderly to come up with something people can agree with and which will engage their broad cooperation and help – and which does not require force on your part, which will always kick back against you.

If you REALLY think an idea is a good one, why be coy about it? Why seek to con people or force it upon them without their consent? Unless of course you know that they are going to hate it.

And here’s another wild idea: why make it hard for yourself by basing your game plan upon messing with people’s heads or destroying their bodies? In actual fact, there is a very easy way to bring order to planet Earth. It is so easy and so aligned to the basic decency and reasonable aspirations of the vast majority of human beings, I am surprised no-one has thought of it.

The idea is this: leave people alone, make them FREER to get on with the business of living.


In other words: stop mucking people about.

“Oh, that’ll never work!” someone says. Well maybe we should try it for once and see. It can’t work more badly than doing the opposite has worked for several thousand years.



Steve Cook

Steve Cook is the author of several works of fiction and non-fiction. His blog is at www.stevecookwriter.co.uk and his facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/stephencookwriter

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