Art Bell Weighs In On the Present Coast to Coast Controversy

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By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges.

The controversy regarding the firing of John B. Wells because he was too popular and for telling too much of the truth, has drawn the attention of Art Bell.

Art Bell’s Noteworthy Work

In the early days of Art Bell’s ground breaking show, I marveled at many of the revelations that came from nearly each and every show. I was stunned that, what was essentially an alternative media broadcast, successfully crossed-over to the mainstream as Art’s show set records for market penetration.

Unfortunately for the listeners, Premiere bought out the show and the show has never quite been the same due to heavy censorship. Today, Coast to Coast is a shell of its former self with ratings that are sinking faster than a submarine with screen doors.

John B. Wells Resuscitates Coast to Coast’s Glory Days

It is an established fact that John B. Wells became the most popular draw on the Coast lineup of hosts. This is not meant to denigrate the very well-known George Noory and George Knapp, who is a very solid investigative reporter and broadcaster. However, John B. Wells main weakness lies in his penchant to fully expose the truth. And this trait attracted a large listening audience. He made the corporate entities, who would prefer to operate in the shadows, very, very nervous, until they felt compelled to jettison Wells, despite his lofty ratings.

With the dramatic departure of Wells, the wheels are coming loose on the Coast to Coast wagon and I predict that hundreds of thousands of people will shift their allegiance from the bandwagon of Coast to Coast to the Caravan to Midnight headed by John B. Wells.

caravan to midnight john b wells

Art Bell Weighs In

From Art Bell’s Facebook page, it is noteworthy to mention that Art Bell reposted my interview with John B. Wells and asked his Facebook friends and followers to read my previous article about the John B. Wells and Coast to Coast debacle.

I listened to Art’s shows often enough to know that he was fundamentally a “Sucker” for the truth. This is why millions loved Art Bell because they trusted him. John B. Wells shares the same trait and engenders the same loyalty from his listening audience. The styles and personalities of both men are different, but their love of the truth is the same.

With regard to the following post, I cannot speak directly to Art’s motivation, but obviously he identifies with John B. Wells’ plight as he asked people to read my article.

Art Bell

February 6 near Pahrump, NV

The article I have reposted below is a lot of reading but well worth it, please take a moment of your day to do so

Art Bell

It is clear that audiences that listened to both Art and to John did so because they want the truth. The listening public does not want to hear the corporate line that so dominates the present version of Coast to Coast. Yes, George Noory will interview someone like Alex Jones, but this kind of interview, which will cover controversial topics, is increasingly a rare event. As a result, Coast to Coast has de-evolved into the status of a variety show.

A Man of Conviction

John B. Wells could have basked in his glory as he had it made. He is one of, if not the most, sought after voice over talents in the world. John had a long history of broadcasting successes long before he joined Coast to Coast in 2011 as their permanent Saturday night host.  He had great ratings on Coast and he enjoyed a huge fan following. Life was wonderful for John B. Wells. However, this was not enough for him because at the end of the day, the listening public should find it compelling that John B. Wells was willing to invest a significant sum of his own money into a creating a network from which he could bring the public the truth. This is the same truth that Wells had to fight both tooth and nail to bring to his Coast to Coast audience. The listening audience who craves the truth will soon be rewarded as Caravan to Midnight hits the airwaves.

Art’s Interesting Revelation

I find the following post by Art Bell to be very telling. The post seems to strongly indicate that Art tried to work things out with Sirius/XM by posing a reasonable fix to their technical issues.

Art Bell

Re: Art Bell Quits Dark Matter

« Reply #22435 on: February 06, 2014, 08:02:59 PM »

As I have posted on Facebook and as I promised on this Forum, as soon as I am released from the Sirius/XM NC I will begin streaming my own show. The article so well written about JBW only confirms what I have felt for YEARS.

I might have better luck asking Julie for a release of my NC…….I say this because while I was trying to talk to Sirius/XM two days after I left, I simply could not understand why they were not responding to my offer to return if they would only allow streaming until Sirius fixed their problems, when I finally did get a response it was to inform me that Coast would be taking my spot on channel 104 (emphasis added).

It is my feeling that “they” want me kept off the air, ho hum, I will fool them by staying healthy and kicking their ass as soon as I can get free.


Does anyone else find it compelling, that rather than work things out with Art, Sirius/XM rejected Art’s offer of a practical fix and REPLACED HIS SHOW WITH COAST TO COAST? I am really trying hard to believe in coincidences, or, is this another move, by Premier/Clear Channel Communications in an effort to suppress the truth by a known truth-teller?

The Listening Public Has Much to Look Forward To!

I am gratified that Art Bell plans to return to the airwaves. John B. Wells’ new endeavor certainly will provide the public, hungry for an outlet of truth, with something to look forward to. Meanwhile, Coast to Coast has totally forsaken its roots of being the first alternative media show to cross into the mainstream. Instead, Coast to Coast has chosen to stand side by side with the CNN’s of the dying main stream media broadcast industry. Over half of the people under 40 get their news from a digital source and this spells doom for the main stream media. Coast to Coast, in its present format, is destined for the junk heap of history. However, their recent actions related to the firing John B. Wells is hastening their demise.

Coast to Coast Speaks Out

I was contacted by George Noory,who sent me an email and has subsequently asked to have his side heard. I will certainly honor that request and have offered him time on my radio show to present his side of this controversy.

Other Coast to Coast personnel are answering each and every email from disgruntled listeners with a form response which blames John B. Wells for his own firing by promoting his own network by using the resources of Coast to Coast. Wait a minute, doesn’t George Noory regularly appear on the television show, Ancient Aliens? Doesn’t George Noory have his own independent TV show? What is the difference? This appears to be a case of “Rules for thee, but not for me”.

Coast to Coast would do well to hire a PR firm to handle the damage control which seems to be exploding. The emails sent out by Coast personnel are inflaming, not calming the controversy. Two readers posted to my website the fact that George Noory told them that John B. Wells was not fired. I was talking to Wells during the approximate time frame and I know that this is not accurate. I cannot be sure who is telling the truth, either my readers or George Noory, but Coast is not helping themselves with their version of damage control. Further, in his email to me, George Noory said he wished John B. Wells was still with the network. That may be true, but I think you would have a hard time convincing many people that this is accurate. Wouldn’t you like to know if George is sincere and truly wants John to remain on the Coast network? If George grants my request for an interview, this will be the first question that I will ask him.

Fool Me Once, Shame On You-Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me

In the 1990′s, Art Bell made history by having the biggest audience, ever, exposed to the truth in a way the corporate controlled media never would. Art’s message was subsequently limited by the corporate censors following the subsequent buyout by Premiere. Fool me once Premier and Clear Channel Communications, shame on you.

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