Obama 01By Roger Landry (TLB)

FALLING FROM GREATNESS – We as Americans used to be so proud. We where quick to throw our chest out and defend this county both verbally and physically against all, and if someone dare say something detrimental concerning our president … well those where fighting words! Fast forward to the past decade, gone are the days when America was seen as Camelot, the shining castle on the hill. Gone are the days when the world looked on us as the pillar of Democracy and freedom. These sentiments of admiration and wishful longing have been replaced by distrust, fear, and hatred because the worlds perception of America is now the global bully, or tyrant to a degree only ever realized by the old USSR.

IT’S NOT YOU AND ME – TLB enjoys an excellent connection to citizens in over thirty countries, so our feedback on the pulse of the world is real time (not like the complicit MSM). What we hear constantly is that the American people are warm, sociable, generous, charitable and friendly, and they seriously enjoy our bravado and Yankee Charm. A vast majority of the worlds citizens have an affection for us that defies logic … BUT they hate our government! In most countries this kind of separation between population and administration would be difficult if not impossible, but it is very common concerning us. To take this one step further our government is hated … We The People are pitied …

warlong[1]THEM WITH THE BIGGEST STICK, WIN – Their thoughts of our government are the polar opposite of their thoughts of it’s citizens. Our leaders are looked at as arrogant tyrants forcing the will and wishes of the worlds only remaining superpower on any who they deem contrary to their agenda (notice I did not say “our”), and enforcing this through the utilization of this planets most powerful military, over and over again, with no end in sight. And if we cannot coerce any of our allies or global organizations to accompany us in these acts of imperialistic aggression then the hell with it, we have the biggest stick on the block, we will go it alone … regardless international law or world opinion.

HOW DID WE GET HERE – For all of you who still believe that our President, or even Congress run this country, get your damn head out of the sand and look around you. This country has been owned and ruled by a global elite for at least a century. These Oligarchs posses an agenda that uses us as a tool in the realization of their goals. Can you give me one other reason why more and more over the past decade (especially the last 5 years) we see our leaders acting blatantly contrary to the will bury-head-in-sand1and wishes of We the People, with little to no regard to the repercussions felt by us, or the decaying state of this once great nation. Corporatism is rampant in America with companies like Monsanto, Merck, Chase bank and many more holding tight to the reins of power via bribery, corruption, coercion or maybe even worse. Our leaders are bought and paid for, and if they don’t wish to play with the big dogs, well their political careers are very short lived (or worse). So can we blame Our President or Congress? Hell yes because what this says to us is that each and every one of these politicians is either complicit in a huge way, or seriously lacks a set of balls. Either way what you need to understand is the this country is controlled by a global elite, with a global agenda, NOT an American agenda! If you doubt any of this then go back to sleep my friends.

DH 1obama-and-the-consitution1-300x206SO LETS GET SERIOUS – We know unequivocally by the laws and Executive orders being passed that our elected representatives no longer represent. A vast majority of these laws do nothing to advance the well being of us, but instead favor these corporations or the global oligarchs who own them. This includes poisoning us with GMO’s, fluoridating our water, spraying our sky’s with toxic chemicals, pumping us full of untested dangerous vaccines, and invading any country that wont play ball with this elite, again all regardless of the will of the people. It’s not supposed to be this way! I just don’t understand how some people can be so utterly stupid, so greedy, so crazed for short term profits, so corrupt for political or corporate power that they will risk in so many ways, the very future of the human race to achieve these goals.

SkullWHERE DOES OBAMA FIT IN – This is an individual who in 2007 ran on a platform that consisted of some of the following, roll back the Patriot Act, label all consumer products that contain GMO’s, extricate us from global warmongering, revive the economy, and much more. Now if you ever needed proof that these puppets will say anything to get elected, well here is the perfect example. He oversaw the renewal and enhancement of the Patriot act, instituted and bullied the NDAA rider into law, put GMO king Monsanto into high level administrative positions, gave them immunity from prosecution, forced budget breaking and economy busting laws down our throats (Obamacare) and he has exacerbated our warmongering from two nations (under Bush) to at least six today. All of this is contrary to the will of the people who have suffered the biggest loss of civil liberties and rights ever seen under any modern American president. Do you think for even one second that if he was a man of the people and not a puppet of the elite, any of this would be happening? He is OWNED and regardless of how history see’s him, he has a job to do, it’s just not in our interest.

truth 06WILL THERE BE WAR – If nothing I have said to this point strikes a chord with you then this should. We stand on the precipice of WWIII with a leader who is determined to take America into another conflict. Please answer me this, What has Syria done to America? Have they attacked us, are they sending terrorists to the US to wreak havoc, is our freedom or existence in jeopardy, answer NO, NO and NO! This in itself would make any such attack an act of illegal aggression in the worlds eyes and contrary to international law. A vast majority of Americans are dead set against this unilateral action (only 9% saying he must attack), but we are ignored. To date all our allies that usually stand beside us in times like this including NATO and the UK, have deserted us because of the realization this is a bad and maybe even fatal move. The two largest military powers (excluding the US) Russia and China are stacked up on the opposite side of this impending catastrophe with Iran right in our face. Nothing good can come from this.

TO SUMMARIZE – Obama has no legal justification to attack Syria, no approval from the United Nations, no allies to watch our back, a military that is stretched so thin you can almost see through them, no money to finance this insane endeavor (hell just add it to the un-payable deficit) and a domestic population that is dead set against another war. The truly sad part of all this is (as he has said) he will do it  anyway, once again proving his actions are NOT in the interest of We The People, but instead in the interest of those global oligarchs who pull his strings and stand to gain in wealth and regional power from this despicable action. Do you still wonder why America is despised and feared across this ever shrinking globe …

mushroom-cloud[2]CONCLUSION – The next month or two will be critical in a global context. Can We The People unite our voices in great enough numbers to put the breaks on this catastrophe? Will the puppet and his masters listen if we do? Will this all result in a global war that will annihilate mankind or at a minimum set us back to the stone age? These are the question that will be answered none too soon.

TLB NOTE: Below you will find a video by none other than FOX NEWS beating Obama viciously about the head and shoulders. Judge Jeanine apparently has picked up the baton from Judge Napolitano  in a huge fashion. I am not a watcher of MSM news but when the mainstream media slams you this brutally … well please watch:


See original video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4WQ4o9qdJg#t=45


  1. Regarding your “TLB Note:” at the end there:

    It should be no surprise to ANYONE at this point that Fox News has a very large chip on its’ shoulder when it comes to liberal policies, or democrat politicians. Fox News has been battering at President Obama since his candidacy for president in 2008, why should it surprise you NOW, after having 5 years of examples to find?

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