A QUESTION OF INTENT (The Governments Intent)

Please let me preface this post by saying I have no doubts about Adam Kokesh’s sincerity as a true patriot who is deeply involved in the struggle for our liberties in America.

That said can a more perfect storm be in the brewing? The call for an event consisting of a large armed march on Washington D.C. and all else it entails is a recipe for disaster of the first magnitude, and NOT because of the patriots who would participate, but because of what I fear this administration and their masters would formulate to use this to their advantage. Do any of us really believe this government is beyond a manufactured crisis … a false flag event?

Now imagine this, The event is scheduled on a day (The fourth of July) when the air is full of randomly exploding pyrotechnics with those participating in the march already on edge. Now add in a government who has already signaled their willingness to take advantage of these types of situations, so all it would take is one well placed provocateur or federal agent lighting the spark of chaos and all hell breaks loose!

Now this government has the perfect incident for accomplishing its intended goal, crushing the liberty movement and disarming We The People. Does anyone in the know reading this doubt for even a second the total validity of this scenario and concern?

I am not alone in my concerns and this view is shared to some large extent by many other outspoken individuals deeply ingrained in the struggle for liberty such as Ken LaRive in his recent Commentary for TLB https://www.thelibertybeacon.com/2013/05/29/part-two-patriots-are-dog-tired-scared-and-angry/ and Eric Sayward of We Are Change in his latest video (see below).

Please read Ken’s commentary, watch Eric’s video and THINK because this too easily could turn into a huge mistake We The People can ill afford to make …

Roger Landry, The Liberty Beacon

(Video) Has Adam Kokesh lost his mind? By: Eric Sayward

You can also find and “like” Eric’s video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-5u69b6pI4&feature=youtu.be

5 Comments on A QUESTION OF INTENT (The Governments Intent)

  1. A Perfect storm….hmmm. Maybe Adam Kokesh has been sleeping with the enemy….Isn’t that how the gov. plays it create a crisis and then step in and regulate….Which I’ll bet will be violent. what’s up with Kokesh? who’s side is he really on….. ….

  2. Since Adam Kokesh is a former Marine, he learned in boot camp, all about a bridge being a “kill zone” with no escape. Why would he lead well meaning patriots directly to a kill zone & alert the “powers that be” ahead of time to that set-up?

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