A Quick Thought On America’s Useless Trillion Dollar Military Industrial Complex [video]

A Quick Thought On America’s Useless Trillion Dollar Military Industrial Complex

by Chris Black

America is a country drowning in debt, slowly but surely, and the United States’ trillion dollar (annually) military-industrial complex, as Eisenhower put it more than half a century ago, is part of our national disaster.

Before going all MAGA on me, just answer this question: when was the last time the US military defended the homeland? The answer is pretty simple if you know your history: in 1945. The sad truth is that the United States has the world’s largest (and best funded) army, yet realistically speaking, it has no (military) enemies. No nation on Earth even comes close to having the capabilities of invading the US, and no desire to do so, or at least that’s how I view the world in 2018. Again, realistically speaking, the US military would do just fine with 20% of its actual budget.

Here cometh another red-pill for my regular readers, if I have one: our soldiers are not noble chevaliers protecting freedom and democracy world-wide. Just like all soldiers throughout history, GI Joes are immoral and obedient killers. Seriously, just think about it: our drone operators, special ops ubermensch and jet fighter pilots, which are currently bombing and killing in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and wherever, know they are murdering civilians in the process, yet they don’t actually care, because mercenaries are paid to do just that. And this is the real nature of any army, not just ours. Glamorizing the military is just another way of feeding people’s pack instinct, also known as patriotism.

The truth is, the military industrial complex is our worst enemy, as it provides almost zero benefits to the American people, while doing great damage to the country.

Remember the recent wars: Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria: all cost hugely both in terms of lives and taxpayers money, yet provided no benefit for the American people. And just think about the enormous cost of our military paraphernalia, which doesn’t do squat for Americans nor for America. Do you feel safer on the street because we have the F-35 stealth jet-fighter? The fact that we have the most (and best) aircraft carriers in the world makes your children’s lives better? Did you even know about our latest and immensely expensive B-21 thermonuclear bomber? Is your life better just because we have all that arsenal, which actually sucks dry America’s competitiveness via bleeding our money, together with the best brains and talent from the ‘real economy’ to the US military? The US has huge problems, and we’re starting to fall behind China, yet we obsess over having the meanest and baddest military in the world.

The military industrial complex morphed and embedded itself so deeply into the US that they’ve almost become America. Basically, the US taxpayer is part of a giant tax-farm which funds the military-security-industrial-intelligence-media complex. Huge private companies are totally dependent upon the US military, like Lockheed Martin, other entities depend on the US military, like the NSA, while others (read Israel) use this Behemoth to advance their own agenda. The US Congress is basically an annex of the Knesset, while entire towns are completely dependent on military spending (contracts, jobs, you name it). California would crash and burn sans military spending, and you can take that to the bank.

Since Vietnam, the military learned to fly under the radar with regard to the American’s public perception of our wars. There’s no more free press to show the American public the horrors committed by “our boys” bombing civilians abroad, (like it was the case with the Vietnam war), as everything mass-media is now firmly controlled by a few huge corporations. I already told you about the B-21 bomber, a phenomenally expensive weapons platform you probably never heard about it until now. Do you know why? Because the military-industrial complex learned from the F-35 fiasco/debacle,  that’s why, and now they keep it as quiet as possible. The US Congress is also bought and paid for by the military industrial complex, and they allow zero opposition to anything military, because of the jobs in their districts brought by military contractors. Military expenditure basically controls and dominates the US economy, and it sucks dry necessary resources (read taxpayers money) from civilian needs.

Wars are very profitable businesses for a selected few rich-cats (banks,corporations, contractors, Pentagon bureaucrats and generals, basically all of those who make a living from war and war mongering), and they must keep on going (see the endless wars in Afghanistan, Iraq etc), because either winning or losing would put an end to the gravy train. What purpose the war in Afghanistan has, other than funneling trillions of dollars of taxpayers money over almost two decades for the military industrial complex, accomplishing zilch for America, while killing tens of thousands of civilians in the process? The same goes for Syria, Iraq, Libya et al. Since the US army is now a volunteer/mercenary based army, and the casualties are very few due to our technological prowess, the American public became acquiescent, as it’s basically uninvolved and ignorant of what are we doing abroad. The truth is, America’s military-industrial complex is completely autonomous (read out of control), and if it wants war (with Iran, Russia, China, you name it), we will have a war, whether you like it or not. Just ask yourself: what would you like to have, decent health care of a military base in Qatar?

[War is a Racket, proven in 1 min, 35 sec]
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