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Ron Paul
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By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive

I think, most likely, that the next several essays will be dedicated to information gleaned from a new book I am reading called “America 2020, The Survival Blueprint,” by Porter Stansberry. It got my attention by an infomercial done by Ron Paul, who was not only very articulate and practiced, but promised to give a viable solution to what seems evident to be a mega economic crash looming on our horizon. I saw right off, within the first fifty pages, that this crash can not be stopped for a variety of reasons. In essence, it is because there is no opposing counter-force greater than the corporate and banking onslaught that is dismantling and bleeding us dry. BLOC countries want to displace the Petro Dollar, and have lost confidence in the Petro Dollar’s ability to be a stabilizing and uniting force. Our military is out of control, and we are creating enemies that are uniting to oppose a Military Industrial Complex that is unaccountable to the American tax payer, and our Congress, and is above our Constitution and International Law. Just a day before 9-11 Donald Rumsfeld stated that there was over 2.2 trillion missing from the Pentagon, and the next day those records were destroyed by a phantom plane that looked like an ICBM missile. Just so happens it destroyed those records in the Pentagon, along with most all CIA and FBI records in building Seven, the forgotten building that fell at free-fall later that day in New York. Though it had sustained minimal damage, it fell as fast as a dime tossed in the air, without resistance… Along with that, our spending, which has now given us a National debt of of 18.7 trillion, almost doubling since Obama has been in office, shows no accountability as to where this money is being spent, as it is printed out of thin air… And the American population is oblivious to these facts, as they struggle to survive in a dying economy, and new racial hatred promoted to divide us… phew, let me start another paragraph…

Here are a few facts to consider, if you have the stomach for such things…

The National debt is one thing, but if one adds up all government, corporate, and consumer debt, that number is about $60 trillion. It is so large that there is no rate of interest that could sustain us? With just a 6% interest on this debt, it would cost one trillion a year just to pay that acquired interest. Now I’m not an economist, but I’m no moron ether, because it is public record that the Government brings in less them $3 trillion a year in taxes. Taxes. Can you wrap your mind around that?

The debt is divided into three main areas of the economy, all bubbles ready to burst.

“The largest threat is the U.S. Corporate bond market, particularly junk bonds.”

These are bonds, called high yield bond, that are issued by less than credible and creditworthy companies, and historically yield less than 5% annually. And yet, in the mid-2014, were up over 6%. Why? It is because banks are issuing unprecedented credit to less than investment-grade firms. High risk, in debt, without working capital, and any negative in the economy would cause default… It happened in 2007, and how did that go? Have we lost our ever-loving minds?

To counter this the Federal Reserve is keeping interest rates at near zero, and this causes the American consumer to spend instead of save. There is, better sit down, a policy by the Federal Reserve to buy billions, if not trillions in Mortgage backed debt, junk bonds, and Treasury Bonds is causing a bull market in bonds. As the Feds buy these bonds it pushes bond rates down, forcing other bond buyers to take more chances with sub-quality bonds having higher yields. Can’t say I understand this convolution completely, but what goes up as a bubble will always come down, and when it certainly does, it will wipe out a huge amount of capital, your life savings. Debt issuers would have already defaulted, but keeping interest rates artificially low has made it possible for risky investments to refinance their debt at a lower rate, just like the adds telling us on TV that Obama has instituted an ability to refinance your home or business, another finger on the same hand strangling our future… and all of it is debt, on the backs of our children.

Student Debt

Now totals more than $1 trillion. The average college student graduates with a 24K debt, and immediately upon graduation racks up on average more that 6K in debt by his new shiny credit card. With his annual income being averaged at $36K, in our economy of food stamp recipients, that is a personal debt-to-income level of almost 100%. Is that sustainable? It is a bubble about to pop, and it will be catastrophic. Oh, but everything is just fine America, as Big Brother manages every aspect of your life from cradle to grave. Bernie Sanders is said to be running for President next election. He is a Socialist Progressive, and the perfect figurehead when everything come to an end. Say goodbye forever to your Constitution, you civil liberties, as we default in this so called “sub-prime” crisis.

The Automotive sector

Is the third bubble about to burst. Where once a car loan was low risk to the lender, now anyone can get a loan. But, buy, buy! Good credit and a substantial down payment is replaced with a seven year loan, borrowing money for the down payment, with 34% of this debt being sub-prime credits. One imbalance, one downward trend, and it will pop, and the sound will be heard all across our nation.

Sub-prime lending was the cause of the housing bust, and we are doing it all over again, and this time it could be far worse, with a depression that will be long-lasting, because we have no mechanism, like a manufacturing base, to pull it back up. The United States is now the biggest debtor in human history, and our children will be burdened with far more then having to live in squalor… they will have to fight not only world bank carpet baggers who will swoop down on all nations defaulting, but fight in another world war that will dwarf all others, as we try to defend our shores from the hordes wanting what is left. But it is far worse than even that. The same banks will profit. I’d like to think that they would be held accountable for what they have so orchestrated, but finding them will not be easy, as one corporation owns another, and another, they are well hidden…

It is not just corruptions, however, immoral and desolate, but actual ignorance as to the mechanisms that creates and destroys economies. In the next essays to come I will try with all that I can muster to find the truth of this matter, and hopeful have the ability to explain it. It is the PETRO DOLLAR that has ushered in this new, and very false sense of security, since WW2, and has become an unsustainable future. Our constitution and Bill of Rights was once a viable part of our nation, and it ushered in an unparalleled and viable economy of free enterprise called the industrial revolution. Unfortunately, our country was sold out by traitors, and our future given to a banking cartel of international central banks and a Federal Reserve who is above our government and rule of law …and we have been bleed dry now for over a hundred years. They now own not only our land, but the Liberty promised to our children. I personally do not see, other than armed conflict, any way to take our country back. All I can hope for is to survive the coming inevitable storm. And what I find, I will share with you…

Think carefully before asking for justice. Mercy might be safer.

Mason Cooley

Author’s Note: We can do more than survive this coming train wreck. We can thrive. There seems to be many ways to prosper in chaos, and one way is acquiring tangible silver. Of all of the precious metals, this seems to be the best buy now, at 16.6 today. You should have 5 to 10 percent of your total assets in tangible silver. Something you can hold in your hand… and it is suggested you buy junk silver, dimes, quarters, and half dollars. And I will give you a method for buying… with more ideas next time…

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