TPP Vote in the Senate: Big Defeat For Obama’s Fascist “Trade” Deal


By Washington’s Blog

The Senate just voted down fast-track authority for the tyrannical Trans Pacific Partnership deal.

This is great news.

Specifically, many have noted that the treaty is so bad that – if Americans knew what’s in it – they’d demand that Congress reject it. No wonder it has been classified as a national security secret, so that people can’t see it’s language … until 4 years AFTER it’s passed.

The only chance Obama had was to rush it through before anyone has the chance to hear about it. And that failed.

Score one for Americans.

Postscript: While the TPP is falsely called a “trade agreement,” only 5 out of 29 of TPP’s chapters have anything to do with trade.  And conservatives point out that even the 5 chapters on trade do not promote free trade. Bloomberg calls TPP a “corporatist power grab”, “as democratic and transparent as a one-party state,” and shrouded in “Big Brother-like secrecy”.

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