A Warrior’s Plea to Stand Against Tyranny

0 Stand Against Tyranny

As I think about those who have paid with their lives to protect our freedom, I wonder what they are thinking now as they watch us throwing it away without much of a fight. I know many veterans are asking themselves, “Do the American People want those who have already served or are currently serving, to stand between them and those violating their oath, who have no respect for the principles they sent our warriors overseas to fight for?”

They, in no way, will start a conflict or revolt violently to force freedom on others. So, do the people want our warriors to leave them on their own to defend themselves from criminal behavior by those in government? This is the appeal of everyone I hear who took their oath to defend the Constitution seriously.

  • What would those who have sacrificed all say about our answer to that question?
  • Why did we ask them to risk everything to protect those freedoms if we are so willing to just hand them over to buy us a few more months, or years of normalcy!
  • Why do we take them from their families to fight for freedom all over the world and give away like we don’t value it as much as football or whatever our love is!
  • Why do we expect them to come home and watch their country be overrun by criminals masquerading as government officials?
  • Why do so many think we have the right to force our will on our fellow Americans by a majority vote?
  • So, if I get a majority to vote that we all have a right to do whatever we want to the politicians does that make it legal?
  • Why do we think we have the power to play God with the lives of our fellow Americans and others around the world?

When we violate the limits ordained by the Constitution, we are breaking God’s law by breaking the Supreme law of our government contract.

Perhaps we should rewrite the constitution to read as follows:

We the People, in order to form a more perfect union, do ordain and establish this set of guidelines for the United States on Slavery.

  • Article 1 We will establish 75,000 laws and regulations to ensure that everyone is a felon and thus only has rights until we can sort out the data from the nsa and make a case against you if you tick us off!
  • Article 2 We will establish the NSA, FBI, EPA, TSA, IRS, BLM, FDA, BATF, and numerous other agencies to Suppress and abuse the people at their will to make sure you don’t tick off those in power at the time.
  • Article 3 Our Corporate partners will force their product down your throat as they desire and if you resist or refuse to use them we will send someone from one of the aforementioned agencies to stick a gun in your face and force compliance or terminate you with extreme prejudice!
  • Article 4 We will experiment on you and you children at will in every way to make sure we are getting whatever we want from you while preventing any ability for you to resist our will!
  • Article 5 We will seize all resources and property and give you what we determine you need to fulfill our will!
  • Article 6 You will worship those in power as gods for that they are, and you exist by their good graces, so don’t tick us off.

Well, I think you get the picture and I wish this was a gross exaggeration of where we are in our nation today, but it is only a mild exaggeration and one really major crisis away from reality!

For those in politics who are conservative and fighting to stop this insanity in any meaningful way, you had better start asking yourself, “Who are you going to call when they come for you like they did the conservative GM dealers during the financial crisis?

If you think they will give any quarter to those who they don’t like, you’re a fool who has no clue about history and what these people have been planning for decades.

If you don’t support those willing to serve again here and now, they won’t be there when you finally realize you were a fool.

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