A Woman’s Real Nature


By: Jeanne Powers

It’s not by accident that as the pristine wilderness of our planet starts to disappear so does the understanding of our own inner nature fade.

There is a call of the wild inherent in woman, a call that has been overlaid with “supposed tos” in our modern culture. The call of the wild is instinctual in us. A woman is fiercely protective of her children, she is a worthy opponent in any matter of injustice dealt to her friends and family, she tends to her garden, not afraid to get her hands dirty. She can stir the soup while belting out her favorite song and dancing to the rhythm.

Put an unrestrained woman on the dance floor and she is the music, the rhythm and the voice of passion. When a word, song or gesture touches her heart or soul, she is moved to an awareness of the infinite within her.

Our creative fire must be brought into full expression or we will be denied the beauty, passion and wisdom we bring to everything we touch. We must not ever be embarrassed in letting our true nature shine. We all individually know what our true nature is even though it can be very difficult to describe. It’s an inborn ancient life force that resides in every cell of our being.

Sometimes a certain sound, a melody, a poem, an inspiration, a look from another will elicit a memory deep within us that reminds us of our true substance and where our true home is, the Home we’ve been longing to re-unite with.

In the 80s I had a relationship with a powerful man, powerful in the sense that he had to control everything and everyone around him. He was threatened by my strong purposes and did everything he could to squash them. I was miserable. Every morning when I woke up I would lie in bed and while looking up at the ceiling would ask myself “How did I ever put myself in this position?” After dragging my body out of bed and looking at my face in the mirror, I barely recognized it. It was a semblance of the real me. I struggled with choosing between breaking out on my own or remaining in the shadow of this man. I finally made the brave, bold decision. Believe me it wasn’t easy but if I hadn’t broken out of that trap I wouldn’t be here speaking to you. The song “I Can See Clearly Now” woke me up. I wanted to be happy.

When we are not able to give the attention we need to fan the fire of our life’s work that is calling us, when the flame is smoldered, we quietly weep and retreat deep within our souls.

If a woman stays in a passive position, eventually something happens where she cannot compromise anymore; she has to do something about it.

There have been times when all I could do is get in my car, turn on Vivaldi and the Four Seasons full blast and hit the road, times when I knew I needed a drastic change and would pack up and go.  I must admit it’s a little hard being a high-maintenance gypsy but every time I’ve made a big change it has paid off. I held the clear vision of how I wanted to feel every day and then set out to make that happen, no matter what. The School of Hard Knocks taught me to never give up on my dreams.


A woman’s personal issues can’t be treated by trying to mold her into a more acceptable form nor can she claim “authority” as her guide and conscience. That is what has caused millions of women to become bereft of their own power and happiness. She is the only one who can determine what is valuable to her.

Women light the world with their flame. They are gentle, honest true sparks of life. Her yellow flame must be fanned and nurtured to bring the world her light. She is longing and aching to be held sacred and cherished. And we are the only ones who can fan the flame, nurture and cherish ourselves by recognizing the wild and free spirit that lives within us. When we have connected to that free spirit, there is no going back. It is always remembered. Fight to get her back and when you have, never let go. Your relationships will gain meaning and depth; your creative life will blossom; you will no longer be the victim of those who want to keep you small. At the end of the day, you’re tired but happy, not exhausted from being shut up in too small a mind-set, job or relationship.

I wish to relay to women of all ages that you shouldn’t wait until you’re in your 60s or 70s to release the burden of false demands but that finding the non-conformist within you will pay off. Somehow we have blindly been conforming to what we’re told by “authority”, that’s it’s okay to vaccinate our children when vaccines are full of toxins, that our children are not getting the education they deserve; the list goes on and on.

You naturally know what is right. You know the greatest good. You know that allowing anything but the most respectful treatment of you is an injustice, not just to you but to your loved ones and the rest of the world. Create a feeling of self-respect within yourself so you value that feeling so it will stay.

Reassert your relationship with your fiercely protective nature, your astute perception, playful spirit, great endurance, strength and bravery.

Stand up and be heard for what you believe in.

I love you.

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