Sardine Sovereignty


By TLB Contributor: David Zuniga

This formation of sardines – known as a bait ball – is a perfect analogy of political life in America today.

When chased by wily predators, the pelagic baitfish swim in a tight, spherical formation, expending energy while going nowhere.  Apparently, each fish feels safer by moving towards the center of a protective ball, behind a layer of compatriots. A suicidal tactic, as this 2-minute National Geographic video explains:

A Long Cartel Tradition

So, how do we American citizens resemble little fishes with death wishes?

Despite its 2010 electoral landslide, the TEA Party movement is nearly dead and the GOP is more shamelessly corrupt than ever.  In this recent article, we demonstrated that Washington D.C. has been controlled by cartels for 150 years, rendering elections meaningless.

The cartels control almost every aspect of our lives now — and will do so until citizens reclaim their lives and rule of law by taking control of the cartels’ puppets in Washington DC.  Elections will change nothing because the game is rigged. Restoration requires sincere repentance, followed by popular sovereignty.

What is Popular Sovereignty?

Popular is defined as ‘of the people’, and sovereignty is defined as ‘dominion, rule, or supreme authority within a territory’. Therefore, popular sovereignty simply means the American People’s supreme authority over our federal servant.

How Can We Behave as Sovereigns?

Consider these two constitutional law books.  The one on the left analyzes three uprisings in which the American people attempted to change the Constitution, rather than enforce it.  The book on the right is my favorite constitutional law book, written by the former dean of Stanford Law School.


The first book analyzes failed mob actions instead of popular sovereignty.  The second book goes to the root definition, demonstrating that the highest sovereign in American government is We The People. Unfortunately, neither book offers a peaceful, practical, powerful, perpetual mechanism to make popular sovereignty real.

Okay, so if we are so sovereign, why don’t we actually live like sovereigns?  Our servants locked us out of our own home long ago and now they’re selling off the last of the silver and china.  Most Americans, caught in an ever-shrinking bait ball, can find no better response than complaining more vehemently by the month.  This is insane.

In my book This Bloodless Liberty I demonstrate that the popular sovereignty stipulated in our U.S. Constitution can be exercised by bringing members of Congress under criminal indictment in their state criminal courts.  AmericaAgain! seeks to change the Washington D.C. game forever.

In our sardine analogy, it’s like 1% of the sardines suddenly leaving the bait ball and setting up a gill-net to trap their predators.

A Remnant’s Duty

History illustrates that in all fundamental transformations, only a small minority take action.  Most of the sardines will remain in the suicidal ball; the majority does not understand or care.  Fortunately, this does not alter the reality of the gill net when the predator’s time has come.

Popular sovereignty with its duties and rewards is not for everyone.  The AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ is designed to operate optimally with just half of 1% of Americans involved.  Effective popular sovereignty will use law enforcement, not settle for the mind-numbing theater of electoral politics.

For about a century, the government schools have trained Americans to be compliant; to work in groups and to think as part of the flock, rather than independently.  The millions of corporate drones, driving to and from their cubicles and workstations every day, are this conditioned majority.  But a significant minority of Americans works in small business or from home.  A growing number now home-school their children, who are among the most independent thinkers in America.  Yes, this is only a remnant, but this cohort is growing.

The prophet Isaiah, despite his maundering complaints, saw that God had 7,000 prophets who had not bowed to Baal.  We believe that God may have a few million sovereign citizens who recognize their duty and power over the Constitution.  Among these will be a majority who know that the ultimate Sovereign is Jesus Christ.

In the unsettled, swirling waters of our time, the cartels operate in high gear, keeping the bait ball spinning at record velocity. Most Americans will remain in their doomed daze until the remnant of We The People end the cartels’ reign.

In that day, that remnant will stand with satisfied smiles, our ancient predators pulled up in our net before a watching world.

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