After Parents Ask for Second Medical Opinion, CPS Destroys this Missouri Family

Jaxon Adams Reaching for Mom
Jaxon waves to his mother as CPS takes him away from his home.

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The trauma continues for the Jaxon Adams family. 8-year-old Missouri resident Jaxon was seized by Child Protective Services last September after his parents sought a 2nd opinion for his medical conditions. Now CPS has taken his 11 year old sister into custody, and Tiffany Adams is fighting to put her life back together and get both children back. According to Tiffany,

“When they take your kid, it destroys your life.”

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Eight year old Jaxon Taken By Hospital When Parents Ask For Second Opinion

The Fight for Jaxon Adams Continues After He Was Taken by CPS When Parents Sought Second Opinion

At one time, the Adams family was a happy family. Jaxon had medical issues that they were trying to find answers for, but they were together, and there was a lot of love in the family. Since CPS entered the picture, their lives have been torn apart.

The Adams were forced to close their business that they ran out of their home for more than 7 years, and Tiffany has had to abandon her studies to become a nurse. She was only a few credit hours from becoming an RN, but the nature of the CPS allegations against them means that her hopes of becoming a nurse will not happen.

CPS Trauma Wreaks Havoc on Marriage

It is a story that we hear repeated frequently at Medical Kidnap – the stress and trauma of children being taken away and the controlling, endless “hoops” of the CPS service plans wreak havoc on the health and emotions of the entire family. The strongest of marriages is sorely tested, and some marriages don’t survive. All too often, someone within the system, whether counselor, social worker, attorney, or any of the myriad of people with their hands in the CPS pie, suggests to the parents, either covertly or blatantly, that their only hope of getting the children back is to separate or divorce. Parents, desperate to do whatever it takes to bring their children home, often comply, even though their compliance rarely brings the children home.

Jaxon Adams family
The Adams family in happier days, before CPS. Source: Bring Jaxon Adams Home Facebook page

According to Tiffany, their situation pushed her husband Jason off the deep end. Tiffany attributes it to the trauma of their son’s medical kidnapping.

“He was not like that before all this happened.”

Advised to Divorce in Order to Keep Her Children

During this very vulnerable season in her life, Tiffany reports that she was told that: “the only way I’d get Jaxx back was to leave Jason (her husband) …” Not long after, the couple split up, and Tiffany moved out of the family home.

This is a post on the Bring Jaxon Adams Home Facebook page, dated 6/9/2015:

“I would like to give a Praise Report concerning Tiffany Adams. She has moved out of the house and control of her former attorney… This is an answer to prayer! Please keep Tiffany and her family in your prayers. Tiffany has been subject to some extreme abuse and severe control tactics at a time in her life when she was most vulnerable. She spent most of last night and the morning in the hospital for severe dehydration after being denied drinking water and food for at least 2 days while living in the above mentioned residence. She received 3 bags of fluids and is now staying in a safe woman’s shelter. The truth about this entire story will come to the light. I would ask that all concerned about how children get taken from their families at a hospitals bidding and all the other Networks of people involved in that process, would continue to pray for the exposure necessary to put a stop to it. Jaxon Adams is thriving and doing well without all the medical treatment the Hospital (CHILDREN’S MERCY HOSPITAL) had initially prescribed. I publically [sic] thank our Lord, King, and Saviour Jesus Christ for hearing and answering prayer as I am sure many of you have been praying.

Child Protective Services Takes Jaxon’s Sister

Tiffany reports that her daughter Hannah was recently seized by Child Protective Services. Her removal is partly due to an allegation reported to CPS that Tiffany was suicidal and held a gun to her own head in front of her daughter, an allegation that Tiffany says never happened.

Jaxon and Hannah
Hannah and Jaxon. Source: Bring Jaxon Adams Home Facebook page

Hannah is also allegedly said to be “at risk for medical abuse,” even though her mother says that she is in good health and has only been to the doctor twice in the past year. Hannah is reportedly having a difficult time emotionally because she is separated from her parents. She is staying in the same home as her brother Jaxon. Tiffany reports that her daughter is asking why she can’t come home, telling her mother:

“Mom, you never did anything to me!”

Jaxon is reportedly having nightmares about the day that he was taken away from his family and placed into state custody.

Tiffany Subjected to Pat-Downs for Visits

Visitation with her children is now only permitted at the courthouse or the police station. Tiffany says that they pat her down for all visits.

Trauma Taking a Toll on Tiffany’s Health

Tiffany is now residing in a shelter for homeless and abused women, where she says that she is receiving counseling. She returned to the shelter Tuesday, July 14, after spending the previous 10 days at the hospital. She acquired a staph infection, possibly at the shelter, which made her sicker than she ever recalls being in her life. The infection caused a high fever and required surgery. During the course of the daily blood-work, doctors have found signs of an autoimmune disorder.

Tiffany was readmitted to the hospital the very next night with sepsis and low blood pressure. She hopes that they will be able to figure out what is going on soon. A bone marrow test is scheduled soon.

Tiffany Adams hospital
Tiffany shortly before surgery. She joked that the meds made her loopy. Source: Adams family

Caseworker Accuses Tiffany of Lying About Being in Hospital

There was a court hearing scheduled during the time that Tiffany was confined to the hospital, but she says that the caseworker didn’t believe that she was in the hospital and accused her of making that up.

This seems to be a recurring theme with CPS with regards to their case. Much of the family court case against the Adams was that a doctor at Children’s Mercy Hospital accused the family of making up Jaxon’s illness, saying that it was all in his head.

Jaxon Weight
Source: Bring Jaxon Adams Home Facebook page

Next Court Date in August

The next court date is scheduled for August 24. This is to be a review of Hannah’s case, as well as a hearing about contempt of court charges against Tiffany, based on Facebook posts.

Though the Adams were never issued an unconstitutional gag order, CPS has accused Tiffany of “endangering” Jaxon by posting information on the Bring Jaxon Adams Home Facebook page. However, the page is not run by anyone in the Adams family, and they have no control over it. The posts in question were posted by an administrator, not the Adams. However, none of the posts ever mentioned where Jaxon was being held once he was released from the hospital.

Despite Everything, Tiffany Remains Hopeful

When Tiffany spoke with Health Impact News, she was surprisingly in good spirits. She has been through more than most, but she says,

“I believe God has a plan.”

She is not giving up, nowhere near it. Even though the CPS case has shut the doors to her becoming a nurse, she is about to start a new job. She has to get her own place so that she can get her children back, and she is working towards that goal. Tiffany plans to go back to school in the fall and head in a different direction with her career.

Tiffany Adams says that she is doing everything that CPS is asking her to do, and has complied with all of their requirements.

“I cannot wait to have that feeling of ‘I won! I got my babies back!’”

How You Can Help

Tiffany is requesting prayer for her family and for her health.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon may be reached at 573 751 3222, asking him to intervene on behalf of the Adams family. He may be contacted here.

Representative Ken Wilson represents the Adams’ district. He has sponsored Isaiah’s Law, a bill that would prevent children from being kidnapped by the state when their parents seek a second medical opinion. He may be reached at 573 751 9760, or contacted here.

Senator Paul LeVota is the Senator for their district, and he may be reached at 573 751 3074, or contacted here.


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