After Watching the Presidential Debate … My Thoughts

By TLB Contributing Author: Lucille Femine

After suffering through the last presidential debate, here’s what I think.

A friend posted this today:

I have many types of friends on facebook. Some are family, some are co-workers, ex classmates etc. I have very respectfully tried to keep my political views to myself. I won’t tell anyone who to vote for, and I won’t tell you who I am voting for at this point.

What I will ask everyone is this …

When did we stop talking about the IMPORTANT issues? Healthcare, economy, national security, where did they all go? It frightens me that a group of very intelligent people seem to pay more mind to the mud slinging than to the actual problems at hand, and a nation going down the toilet.

We are making ourselves look like idiots to the rest of the world right now with every stupid meme or joke that gets posted. I don’t understand.

That gave me pause and I responded:

I’ve never seen such vicious attacks from 2 presidential candidates in any debate, who really should rise above such petty stupidity meant only to make themselves right. They’re using TV tactics to win votes.


I wrote an earlier post regarding Donald Trump’s locker room trash talk that I thought a president should have more moral fiber. Someone responded and asked Name one president who had moral fiber? Does that excuse it? Should we all just say – well, that’s the way it is and has always been? Was I being too righteous?


Shouldn’t the person running this country have a high enough ethics level to infiltrate that into the society and lift up the same in others? This is exactly what I felt Ron Paul could have done. He not only has the integrity of standing his ground on his beliefs but you can just look at him, listen to him for a few minutes and know he is incredibly moral, that he respects everyone he meets and all their rights.

I remember vividly when my husband and I had seen him for the first time on a talk show. We were stunned and that began our journey as patriots. There was hope.

But is there now?

With two fools trashing each other, making vague and pompous promises while the whole country watches like a reality show, what is happening?

The powers that be, the international bankers with psychiatry thrown in the mix, certainly have posted these two and many others to do their bidding. Give people the freedom to be, prosper, live without war, crime and poverty and high taxes? Pah!

I’m not trying to be cynical. I’m not even saying I won’t vote, though it will certainly be the lesser of two evils. I’m saying the focus has to change. The ethics level of this country, perhaps the whole planet, is dangerously low, inviting crime, hate, prejudice, insanity and war. This is what needs to change.

How you do that is up to you. For myself and many of my friends, we choose to take each person individually and be in the best communication we can possibly create. It is only when people are cheery and hopeful, no matter what is occurring, that they can rise above being a victim of circumstances. From that state of mind, we can enlighten.

Here’s to a better world, one we have never known.


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