DemExit: Could This Be … R.I.P. Democratic Party?

TLB Preface by: Roger Landry (TLB)

The Democratic Party is definitely in the self destruct mode with an arrogant leadership continuing down a path not subscribed to by its base.

From the confusion, corruption, and deceit of the disastrous Hillary candidacy, to the sabotage of the Sanders candidacy, and the Wikileaks revelations, if anything thing rings true it is the utter confusion of, and blatant disregard of, the voice and wishes of the millions who call themselves Democrats. This carried forward to the DNC Chairman selection.

Also abundantly clear is the absolute favor of the voice and wishes of the elites such as Soros who control the strings of power within the party. Never has so much corruption, complicity, or skulduggery come to light proving the absolute domination of a political party by malevolent forces or parties to the extreme detriment of its base. Witness the self destruction of the Democratic party!

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#DemExit: R.I.P. Democratic Party?

By: Nick Bernabe

After contentious debate, the Democratic Party has selected a new DNC chairman: Tom Perez. The choice, however, is not being celebrated by everyone in the party. In fact, the progressive so-called “Bernie Sanders wing” of the Democratic Party is up in arms, using the hashtag #DemExit, over Perez’ win.

Progressives favored Keith Ellison, who was backed by Bernie Sanders, and see Perez as another establishment tool that conspired to boost Hillary Clinton over Sanders in the 2016 primary. As The Intercept noted, Perez was overly friendly to big banks as secretary of labor under Obama, granting privileges to banks that plead guilty to market manipulation.

Calls for a #DemExit have now began to resurface, and Twitter has been flooded with disgruntled Democrats looking to leave the party. You can see the progressive meltdown unfold in the tweets below:



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