Agenda 21 & The Illuminati’s Enduring Quest for World Government

Christina Sarich, Staff

Waking Times
 “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure–one world, if you will.  If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” -David Rockefeller, Memoirs, p. 405

Agenda 21 and the United Nations

In 1992, at a Venezuela conference, the United Nations passed something called “Agenda 21,” for which the elder US President, George Bush, publicly gave his support. It referred to something called “Sustainable Development,” but what this plan laid out very clearly was a one world government. This idea of One World Rule is not new to the Bush clan, or even to the modern day Illuminati. It has been around at least since the times of the Roman Empire, and before.

Even the Christian bible suggests that the anti-Christ would attempt to install a one world government, although that specific term is not used. There is an apocalyptic vision in the book of Revelations, but then John goes on to describe the ruler of a vast empire as having power and great authority, given to him by Satan himself (Revelation 13:2), being followed by and receiving worship from “all the world” (13:3-4), and wielding power over “every tribe, people, language and nation.” (13:7).

 Babylon, a city built with a monument at its center, to men’s lower instincts instead of to God (or their higher spirit), notoriously fell, and it is no mistake that the EU Parliament building in Strasbourg has a similar appearance; it was deliberately modeled on the unfinished tower of Babel in Genesis 11. There are numerous historical, architectural, literary, and artistic references to a one world rule paradigm, or a Universal Agenda, such as this.

Tower of babel

Paul McGuire, the author of a book entitled The Babylon Code explains:

“The UN is not asking permission, but issuing a command that the entire planet will commit to 17 sustainable development goals and 169 sustainable development targets designed to radically transform our world by 2030. The UN 2030 plan promoted by the Pope will advance Agenda 21 on steroids. Through a controlled media the mass populations will be told that this is all about saving the environment and “ending poverty.” But that is not the true agenda of Agenda 21. The true agenda of Agenda 21 is to establish a global government, global economic system, and global religion. When UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon spoke of “a dream of a world of peace and dignity for all” this is no different than when the Communists promised the people a “workers paradise.”

The plans within the UN’s Agenda 21 are not that dissimilar from the long-term plans of the Romans as they expanded their empire, though their ultimate ‘kingdom’ was subdued and eventually divided.

How Close Are We to One World Governance?

A One World government isn’t far from what we are already experiencing. It centralizes the monetary system, executive branches of our current government, judiciary, and military under one authority that would rule the entire planet. Just who would be deemed the ‘ruler’ while the rest of the inhabitants of the planet are anointed the ‘ruled,’ is perhaps a pertinent and looming question. It seems obvious enough that the majority of the earth’s people would be meant as vassals while a few elites would wield dominion over us. We are already experiencing this to a great degree with elections that offer the illusion of choice, but that are largely predetermined, a media controlled by a handful of corporations, and a few banking families controlling the majority of the world’s wealth, while creating wars to keep their coffers overflowing.

Many have compared the modern-day corporate United States to the failed Roman Empire, and for good reason. The similarities between their rise and fall are uncanny, and once you realize the OZ behind the curtain of each super power, you can easily unravel their doomed demise as well.

  1. G. Wells, Winston Churchill, Jimmy Carter, Robert Kennedy, Richard Nixon, David Rockefeller, Mikhail Gorbachev, George Bush, George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, and many other notable figures have all called for a New World Order or One World Government. Henry Kissinger has even said, “There is a need for a new world order,” but this idea is not new.

History of One World Governance – Failed Attempts

Since the fall of one attempted One World Government, Babylon, there have been other attempts to build a power that would rule all. There was the rise of Persia in 538 BC, and this country’s rulers had a free-for-all for at least two hundred years before the conquests of Alexander the Great gave rise to Greece.

Greece was able to maintain a one world government for more than a century, but the King of Macedonia was eventually crushed by Roman armies.

From this war, ensued the establishment of the Roman Empire. We can see remnants of a one world governance within the Vatican, even today. Rome, as do the many Popes, failed to realize an entire world governance, though she tried to enslave every nation from the Persian Gulf to the British Islands to North Africa.

Rome was harassed by barbarian tribes for six centuries, in an attempt to rid the planet of zealous rulers. Finally, in 476 A.D., the imperial city of Rome fell before the onslaught of Odoacer, King of the Heruli.

Since that time, Rome was divided into four separate kingdoms, and like branches of the Illuminati families, have attempted repeatedly to reform into a singular power.

Interestingly, some call the ‘R&R’ or Rothschild and Rockefeller families – visible controllers of the singular media, corporate, and banking cartels currently running the planet, fronts for the Italian and Spanish black nobility headed by the Borgia, Medici, Orsini and Del Banco (Warburg) families. Though there are many arguing over the true bloodlines (Roman Papal, Jesuit, and others) running the planet, there is no mistake that the UN’s modern motives are ancient, and numerous elite families have argued over who will take the helm.

There is no paradise awaiting us when the world is taken over by a singular rule. The UN’s promises are empty. As Preston James explains:

“This secret Ruling Cabal has existed for hundreds of years and has planned to create a Globalist NWO system located in Jerusalem and is allegedly powered by the mass suffering, death and bloodshed of humans as a “blood-sacrifice” and/or a “soul-sacrifice”. The plan has been to elicit zionism and Muslim extremism movements to battle it out and destroy each other so that Jerusalem and the surrounding Arab areas can be demoed, allowing a new temple to be made for the New World order luciferian ruler, the “New Caesar of the Ages” to be seated so he can assume world rule.

Though we are increasingly a more connected planet, due to the internet and other technologies, we need not be ruled by an elite class, or a modern-day Caesar. In fact, this modern-day Guttenberg press will likely be the demise of the cabal. It unveils their true agenda – Agenda 21.

We can instead rule ourselves. Individually. This is our task as human beings on the planet now. To rule our own consciousness, so that no other can impose their will upon us. It is no longer the age of iron. It is the age of enlightenment. We’ve all sacrificed more than enough, and the time is ripe for us to overthrow this lineage of darkness, making room for the light.

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