AMA Renders Itself Irrelevant over Vaccines!

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AMA Renders Itself Irrelevant over Vaccines! The Civil (Disobedience) War is ON!

By: Investigator

The AMA has completely lost it’s mind!   It has come out against all religious & philosophical exemptions for vaccines.  The snorting arrogance is stunning!

More than 50% of vaccines contain human aborted fetal tissue.   That is positively screaming out for both religious & philosophical exemptions, which more and more thinking adults and parents are choosing!   The AMA intends to campaign to force us to inject other people’s aborted children into our own children and ourselves?  Only in a Nazi Fascist world!   Well The Civil (Disobedience) War is ON!   The AMA will be dissolved before the American people continue to submit to such a grotesque horror.

This IS an issue that pediatricians have been lying about for decades.  When the chicken pox vaccine first came out 20-odd years ago, there barely was any internet at all to do your own research, and certainly no search engines.  Everything was “directory portals” back then.   But this investigator’s children were small, and I was hearing rumors about aborted fetal tissue in the chicken pox vaccine, so I asked our pediatrician directly, ‘Was it true?’   She went away for a few minutes (making a phone call?  reading the package insert she wasn’t offering me? powdering her nose? pretending to “research”?), and came back and lied to my face.  “No, it’s fetal PIG tissue.”   (Now I know, that’s not really what the package insert says.)

So, Dr. P., the cat’s out of the bag.  Everyone in the world can download the package insert for every vaccine now, and read the ingredients.  And aborted  human fetal tissue is in more than 50% of vaccines, including the annual flu vaccine, even those targeting babies.

Anything that says “Human Diploid” anything in the ingredients, lung/kidney/whatever, IS body tissue from somebody else’s aborted human unborn child.

The medical establishment had better get to work implementing OTHER disease prevention modalities that many Americans are already using, and that are being researched all over the world outside the reach of the corrupt American FDA,  because the age of vaccines is OVER.   You had better start practicing REAL medicine!

To quote Hippocrates (your patron):

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

The body heals itself when given the nutritional tools it needs to do so.

We understand your desperation here, AMA.   If the vaccine industry collapses, the cancer and chronic autoimmune disease industries it generates will collapse.   Ha!  Do we feel sorry for your careers, built on the backs of our suffering children?  Not a bit.  In fact, you all belong in a Nuremberg prison!

AMA, you are now faced with a full scale Vaccine Civil Disobedience War!


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