America Is Now A Dictatorship – Latest Illegal Central American Assault Removes The Facade Of Representative Govt.


By Rick Wells | April 5, 2015

We’ve all seen the level of criminal activity within the White House, the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department steadily trend upward over the last six years under the guidance of our illegal alien “president” and his cabal of anti-American co-conspirators.
It’s reached the point now to where America effectively no longer has immigration laws in any real, practical sense. What we have in their place is a loose framework, a secondary structure of subversion which has been erected around our laws; an illegal state-sanctioned mechanism of violation, intended in the near future to create a de facto North American Union. Our sovereignty is being diluted and diminished on a massive scale by the criminal hands of this corrupt anti-American regime.

Under the dictatorial Obama establishment, neither our agreement nor our permission is necessary to implement their mandates. He, Jeh Johnson and John Kerry make the decisions around here and we, the insignificant peasant slaves, can just sit down and shut up. They know we don’t approve and they couldn’t care less what we think.

The latest treasonous act engaged in by the Marxists who have hijacked our nation is once again centered on the importation of a replacement American population. They have unilaterally decided that they will extend protected status and transportation from the home countries of potentially millions of new “refugees,” a term they distort and broaden the definition of as a tool of their agenda. Now they don’t have to bother with expense, inconvenience and danger associated with invading America, our government is making it super easy.

On Tuesday, in a secret, invitation-only conference call with select pro-invasion operatives, the U.S. State Department provided assurances that the applicants would not have to document any credible fear, a threshold long-used in determining refugee status, which is still the criterion used by every other nation around the globe. Our State Department instead has declared that “we want to make sure this program is open to as many people as possible.”
Under this latest scheme, we’ll be paying to fly the relatives of those who have previously violated what quaintly used to be known as our “immigration laws” in to join them, rewarding them for their criminality, as commanded by our authoritarian overlords in DC. The newly imported faux refugee “citizens” will immediately be “entitled” to all of the socialist giveaways Democrats are notorious for, including education, health care, food stamps, welfare and transportation into the now well-lit shadows. They can also look forward to receiving work permits under amnesty, should the Fifth Circuit Court cave to regime demands.

Rather than turning away the invaders as our law requires, the corrosive communists who are busily destroying our nation from within have determined that the Cloward-Piven model of bankrupting America by overwhelming us is the action they will pursue. That effort demands a massive influx of people, in keeping with the North American Union objectives signed under George W. Bush. The Daily Caller reported that under the new Orwellian mandates,
“Any permanent resident, parolee or illegal immigrant granted or in the process of being granted a work permit under President Barack Obama’s recent executive order or his deferred action policy, who has children under 21 living in Honduras, Guatemala or El Salvador can apply for the program.

If their application is approved, the child will be granted a special refugee status and flown into the U.S. where they will receive “resettlement assistance” and be eligible for taxpayer benefits. If the child has children under 21 they can come too, as well as a parent of the child who is married to the applicant.
While the applicant or their sponsor will be required to pay the initial cost of a DNA test to verify a genetic relationship, the generous American taxpayers will reimburse those costs from our overly fat wallets if the test validates their claims. A U.S. medical official will interview the child or spouse, who will then undergo a medical examination and “cultural orientation” before entering the U.S.

The recipients of this new illegal circumvention of our immigration system have a new acronym to go along with their elevated status, that of CAM, Central American Minors. Of course, they don’t have to be minors to qualify for the program, just under the age of 21 or an adult parent. Using the word minor helps with that “humanitarian” image, so “they’re all Obama’s children.”

While this particular program has been limited to residents of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, others are still welcome to make the trip to America on their own, out of their own pocket. We’ll support them once they’re here. Obama has decreed it, so it is so.

Our Republic is already gone. We are already a dictatorship.

Rick Wells is a conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit


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