Vaccine Injured: Were YOU “One In A Million?” Share Your Story

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  1. It may be helpful for parents trying to decide what is best for their child, to hear about the results of parents who elected to refuse all vaccines for their son.. Nick was born in January of 1999. He was never vaccinated. Just like his mom and dad, he contracted measles at age 4, and chicken pox at age 6. He was sick each time for a few days.. that’s it. It’s been 16 years since then.. Nick has not been sick since age 6. No ear infections, no colds, flu, strep, Our medical bills are zero. (That’s also because we declined all ‘well baby’ visits. How a doctor to weigh a child and tell you he’s healthy, when you already know all of the above. We have never regretted declining vaccines..In fact we thank God for the friend who handed us a book entitled ‘A Shot in the Dark.’. It was the first of many books. We made up our minds that vaccines caused more problems than they solve.. and have never looked back. Nick is 22 now. In perfect health, very intelligent, enterprising, and exploring his full potential. Our hearts break for every damaged child, and spend a great deal of time warning others.

  2. It is the orthodox medical research published in reputable medical and scientific journals that has been demonstrating that vaccines don’t prevent any diseases and that the deleterious reactions (includiung death) are very serious and real.

    Most medical drs don’t read such important literature and are negligent by not warning about the documented reactions even though they are required by law to do so. Many do not vaccinate their own children, though.

    It is easy for parents to look up everything they need to know on the internet. They should do so in the interest of their children and theuir own: when a child is injured or dies from vaccination, their innocent parents may be accused of shaken baby syndrome,a factitious diagnosis blaming parents for vaccine reactions.

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