Americans are Sicker than We Have Ever Been, are GMO’s to Blame?

tomato_fetusTLB Preface: Do GMO’s cause sterility, autism, cancer and a host of other maladies we see overtaking our society today? Americans as a whole are sicker than we have ever been in our history with all of the above, and it is escalating at an exponential rate.

What has been introduced into our environment, our lives or our diets in the last generation or so that could possibly explain this monumental downward spiral in the health of this nation?

Please watch this video for an informed explanation of GMO’s and their influence on our health, and if you come away from this with no change in attitude … we hope you dont get sick …


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  1. Corn has BT inserted into the gene.IT is a protein that kills bugs by busting their stomach walls.Corn is a legal insecticide now.It is round up weed killer ready.The weeds got resistant so they are going to use 2 BTs and an ingredient in agent orange. The bees in France and Italy recovered after they banned GMOs.Scorpion venom in cabbage.The soil is severly depleted.Mosanto, the leading seed and food GMO co. used to make agent orange.

  2. What I find amazing about the Americans who suffer from obsessive conspiracy disorder as a mental condition and who write so convincingly about the various groups in the medical profession who’s aim is to kill and maim us is that the most ‘toxic chemical drug’ that causes far more damage to the health and wellbeing of Americans is sugar.

    Forget the idea that pharmacologists in the drug companies ADD poisons to vaccines to maim and kill and pay doctors under the counter to knowingly inject all of our babies just for the fun of maiming and killing them. Forget the whole GMO thing as a conspiracy to kill millions. The thing that IS killing hundreds of thousands of Americans and yes, others in the world, is sugar.

    Your bread in America is so awful to taste even because it is loaded with the “toxic additive” that is sugar. Your breakfast cereals are loaded with this “toxic additive” and we haven’t begun with the muffins, cakes, biscuits, you name it, that you stuff your mouths with.

    As you keep saying, do the research and you won’t have to Google the fringe nutters club research but the respected peer reviewed stuff to find clear evidence that sugar is a far greater killer than all this other stuff you are screwing yourselves up about.

    Perhaps you could all get off on a new conspiracy that there are powers up there that are paying all the soft drink companies and bakers and other food manufactures off to maim and kill the population with the “toxic sugar additives” in our food.

  3. First of all, you cannot tinker with the genes in one point of the food chain, and NOT have that affect the entire chain from that point upward, period! Second, the amount of pesticides/herbicides in our ground water and runoff from rainwater around private homes and smaller businesses that isn’t properly accounted for or dealt with that ends up in the water table and/or reservoirs for our drinking water is also a part of the problem. Third, those same pesticides are deliberately being REINTRODUCED into our foods under the Codex Alimentarius, which also just recently down-graded what it considers acceptable levels of nutrients in our foods, to below MINIMAL levels that had long been established, not even considering that those were FAR from the optimal levels to maintain homeostasis! But then, when you actually read that Codex, and UN Agenda 21 and understand what the ultimate plan to rid the word of some 6 1/2 billion people as quickly as possible is, it makes a sick and twisted sort of sense that this is happening!

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