America’s Frontline Doctors Take Down Misinformation On Coronavirus [VIDEO]

Pam Barker | Director of TLB Europe Reloaded Project

Yesterday, America’s Frontline Doctors came out swinging with a second public address on the steps of the Supreme Court to address the misinformation being given about the virus. So much is said by all participants in the 36 minute presentation, which we highly recommend watching. Below is a summary for each doctor with the video link.

Of note, Dr. Simone Gold directly addresses her fellow physicians to speak out, and names names – Fauci, Birx and Redfield.

Their previous, first summit took place at the end of July, with their first public address from the Supreme Court. Here is the link to their Summit I presentations.


Dr. Simone Gold:  There is a constitutional crisis re. mandated wearing of masks. Masks are completely irrelevant in blocking the virus. Prior to March 2020, there were no scientific journals saying that masks could keep out a virus. We have been lied to by the media. 1. Mask mandates are spreading fear, hostility and division that is changing American culture. 2. Mask mandates are creating civil liberties problems. The govt has no right to mandate clothing. 3. It is a national security issue as we are signalling our nationwide vulnerability abroad.

Healthcare numbers are all wrong. Nearly everyone survives and EARLY TREATMENT WORKS.

Dr. James Todaro: News organizations are deleting articles from the past that don’t fit the narrative. ‘Why the WHO faked a pandemic” is a 10 year old article he tweeted out, with the message that Covid 19 would thus be considered an extremely mild pandemic by comparison. Forbes deleted this article from its database.

(ER: Here is the article in archived form: Why The WHO Faked A Pandemic by Michael Fumento.)

Dr. Richard Urso: a) There is a treatment for this virus. Lockdown made no sense from the beginning. All symptoms characteristic of this virus have been treatable all along. It was always a lie. b) PCR testing: it’s a ‘casedemic’. We don’t have a pandemic any longer. Our bodies always fight back. We had a big peak in March and a small peak in July. But now it’s over. What’s driving the fear? They’re taking the PCR test to drive the fear. Let’s remember the President of Tanzania, who used the test to prove a fruit was ‘infected’. Nobody’s dying right now, yet they’re still locking down.

Dr. Lee Merritt: Nobody’s ever talked about masks as a control mechanism for a virus. Not even the best mask can block a virus. Also, nobody’s ever coughing on another, contrary to what we’re being told. Our air is FILLED with virus particles all the time. Masks don’t control viruses, THEY CONTROL YOU. Masks are hurting society through isolation and separation, but they’re also hurting children. Children need to learn to read human faces and stop feeling fear. Masks are not simply a piece of cloth…

This is George Orwell’s boot on the human face forever if we don’t get this off.

Dr. Geoff Mitchell: A person is 35x more likely to die of the virus in the US than in SubSaharan Africa. We have ‘Upside Down Medicine’: ‘don’t go to the doctor, take some tylenol, stay home, you don’t need a diagnosis’. This failure to diagnose and treat used to be called medical negligence. Doctors need to get their relationship back with their patients. Put medicine back in the hands of doctors.

Dr. Jeff Barke: We must stop the unnecessary fear put on children. Schools must be open. If you’re under 20, there is a 99.997% survivability of covid. We need to put other mortality statistics for children in perspective. Children have a greater risk of dying from a car crash going to school than from the virus. Children don’t spread the virus to at-risk adults; they rarely get ill. Children act as a brake in terms of spreading it to adults. Unmasked children were not getting sick nor spreading it. US schools must be open; fear is causing more harm to children and must stop.

Dr. Brian Tyson: We treated the virus early and aggressively with a very large population. We had one hospitalization and zero deaths. Yet doctors were told to stop testing and prescribing. We refused. We treated over 1,900 positive patients from 11 months to 90 years old, as well as seriously ill patients. All survived. Seeing this virus up close, it’s clear that all normal American life can be resumed. We don’t need to let fear take our freedom.

Dr. Robin Armstrong: I’ve used all the drugs available for the virus on patients. In nursing homes, however, we treated patients with HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE, AZITHROMYCIN and ZINC – the elderly patients got better. HCQ is safe: the media has lied and people have died. Early treatment is the key and there is an inexpensive alternative. COVID-19 does not have to kill; it has effective therapeutics. We do not need to walk in fear any longer.

Dr. Mark McDonald (psychiatrist): Children and young people are clinically afraid en masse. Now, it’s believed that fear is good – it is mandated and virtuous. Americans are afraid and infected by a pandemic of hysteria – a delusional psychosis. It has no basis in reality. Isolation, closures, masks and fear are not needed, but this lie is killing us and our country. We need to reject the masks, the social distancing, the isolation. We must reject fear as virtuous. Truth and courage are our allies in this battle, not fear.

Dr. Simone Gold: (Direct address to other doctors) The powers that control medicine have set the rules; it is hard to fight government. Yet doctors took an oath to protect other human beings. The evidence that early treatment works is overwhelming. We have a moral and ethical obligation to follow the scientific evidence: early treatment works. Check out our site for all the topics relevant to this virus. The public we believe us if we put the correct message out. Doctors must speak up: we must say enough with the lies! We must follow our oath and our consciences, and stop following orders. This is not about politics, it’s about groupthink. We need to read and learn to refuse groupthink. We’ve brought forward the evidence to doctors on our website. See one, do one, teach one. We know this well as doctors. Only in this way will we heal our nation. EARLY TREATMENT WORKS, MASKS DO NOT. If your doctor responds with fear, you need a new doctor. America’s Frontline Doctors are here for you, we’ve got you covered. God Bless America.





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