And for their next trick . . . Hey Presto! Bird Flu!

Arm yourself with even more knowledge

Intro by Steve Cook

Well, it looks like the globalist crime syndicate and the degenerates and sociopaths operating as its front groups and spokescretins, having devastated the planet with its Covid fake pandemic are now gearing up to engineer their next psyop. It  looks very much like so-called Bird Flu may have been selected as its vehicle for spreading mass hysteria.

Of course, having seen for the past four or five years how these psychopaths and their corporations and puppet governments operate, – and how many people their antics have killed – millions of us are now alert to their shenanigans with that understanding spreading like wildfire at grass roots level.

It has become clear that the real threat to human wellbeing is not some heavily propagandised virus and the common enemy of every human community on the planet is not some heavily propagandised foreign power, but the crime syndicates orchestrating the terror ops known as “health crises”.

It is very very strange that the more scientifically and technologically advanced we become, the more we are able to communicate across the planet and share ideas, the greater our knowledge of medicine, health and nutrition, the more hygiene and sanitation we create, the more allegedly we are at risk from global diseases and should fear for our lives.

Something does not make sense.

Yes, the environment can sometimes be dangerous and, yes, we need constant alertness but right now the biggest danger is man-made in the form of the manipulations and shenanigans of a corrupt parasitic globalist “elite” whose destructive operations are crippling the advance of our civilisation.

We would be very wise then to gear up our own operations and arm ourselves even more thoroughly with knowledge and understanding so that we can see through the next barrage of trickery, deceit and false reports launched against the good people of this planet.

The following item may be of some help in that regard.

Bird Flu: Separating Fact from Fiction and True Danger from Fear-mongering

A McCullough Foundation Production

The McCullough Foundation has just produced a 25-minute video about the latest variant of highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza, and how the U.S. and E.U. governments are responding to it. We believe there is growing evidence that this variant of bird flu is becoming the “Disease X” the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex has been warning about in recent years, and now getting a great deal of media coverage as we approach the 2024 presidential election in the United States.

In the video, we examine the grounds for believing that bird flu is a real pathogen that affects wild and domesticated birds, and could pose a threat to human health. However, we also examine the grounds for suspecting that this threat may be grossly exaggerated and distorted to justify selling vast quantities of bird flu tests and vaccines to the governments of the world.

We also examine the wild card of Gain-of-Function experiments on H5N1 being performed in labs all over the world, and their potential threat to human health.

Generally, we believe it is important to acquire as much knowledge as possible about phenomena that are represented by the media and government as being matters of grave concern. Only those who are thoroughly informed will be able to make rational assessments about what we are being told. As James Madison remarked, “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own governors, must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives.”

PLEASE ALSO SEE: The Powers That “Should Not” Be are using the same fear-based SCRIPT to scare the public into accepting the next FAKE pandemic.





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2 Comments on And for their next trick . . . Hey Presto! Bird Flu!

  1. They need to make humans dangerous and to think what they’re doing is dangerous, to succeed. To blame us for spreading disease. To blame us for climate change. Don’t do anything natural, like breathe, so put on a mask b/c if u breathe, u may kill someone or yourself. And b/c you exist and eat food, you’re creating climate change and the very act of eating animals, you are causing all of this mess. it’s you’re fault. Don’t let them get away with this and blame you. It’s not our fault, none of it. It’s all orchestrated. All of it. Wars, political divisions, and every other divided ‘camp’ they’ve made us argue about. All orchestrated.

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