Announcing the Recall of California Senator and Pediatrician, Richard Pan

Recall Pan

Note: We may have coined a new word, feel free to use it, “Pharmatrician,” one who puts pharma sales and products over pediatric health. AoA

By: Aaron Mills

American citizens are growing weary of the political system, both on a national and local level. We have watched silently as our freedoms have been eroded, and our jobs shipped overseas. As the country was preoccupied with the usual media distractions, the Senate quietly passed the TPP trade agreement, a secret trade agreement that will pave the way for even more global corporate control over our free country. Here in California, citizens have been fighting an equally frustrating battle, as Senator Richard Pan’s vaccine bill (SB277) was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown less than 24 hours after hitting his desk, against an outpouring of opposition. SB277 abolishes the religious and personal belief exemption for children entering school, and joins West Virginia and Mississippi as the only two states with such strict requirements. Children will be denied their California constitutional right to an education for merely opting out of one or more vaccines. By January 1, 2016, simply opting out of the Hepatitis B vaccine will ban the child from school admission and expel a child already enrolled at the beginning of the school year, while children who actually have Hep  B are protected from discrimination for their illness. Similar vaccine bills have been shot down throughout the country this year because their legislators listened, yet California’s highly controversial bill was fast tracked just like the TPP, with no regard for public opposition or any interest in revealing to the public all of the facts. Not unlike the TPP, SB277 has tragic future implications for this country. For as California goes, so goes the rest of the country, and mandated medical procedures seem to be a new benchmark.

The issue over this bill is not whether vaccines are good, or bad. The issue is that each individual possesses an inherent, natural right to make medical decisions for themselves and their family, arriving at those decisions based on research and consultation with their doctor. Government has no authority to violate a person’s body – their personal property – without due process. Medical procedures, including vaccinations, involve risk, and now California legislators and special interest groups expect us all to assume the same level of risk regardless of individual circumstances. Do we, the people of a free society, want our elected representatives to be the decision makers regarding when we must receive medical procedures, what medications, and how many injections we are commanded to take? Do we want them holding our children’s education hostage over it? Do we want them to hold our jobs hostage, as Sen. Pan’s has suggested in a recently deleted Facebook entry? (pic) They massage the message, and reassure us that it’s all for the “greater good,” but who’s good is it? Who do these mandates benefit – public health, or special interest groups? Any objective individual who isn’t completely plugged into mainstream news (the same news that is paid for bythese special interest groups), realizes that there is no health crisis afoot in California, or the country. The only crisis we are suffering from is our State and national governments pandering to the will of the corporation, above the rights and will of the people, constantly chipping away at our personal freedoms and shaping the way government believes it can wield control over its citizens.

Pan Comment

SB277 was a runaway train in California, with seemingly no effective way of slowing it down. Politicians wanted it done, special interest groups wanted it done, and the media was largely biased in their coverage. Our course of action is to remove politicians who have a long history of catering to their own ideologies and special interest groups, instead of honoring their commitment and properly representing the people they serve. The official Recall Pan Committee is part of a growing group of citizens who are coming together to oppose the overreach of our government. These citizens are utilizing the recall process to remove legislators who refuse to uphold their oath of office to defend the US and California Constitutions. SB277 violates the California Constitution which guarantees the right to a free and appropriate public education, and violates the United States Constitution which protects the right of privacy and religious freedom. This effort begins with the recall of Senator Richard Pan. Senator Pan was officially served his recall notice on June 1st, and the notice was published in the Sacramento Bee on June 6, 2015.

The people of California Senate District 6 are recalling Senator Pan not only because of SB277, but for a history of self serving politics and conflicts of interest. In addition to authoring SB277, Senator Pan has made other egregious decisions, including accepting per diem pay for traveling around Sacramento between his two residences. The per diem is intended for out of town legislators because the district they represent is far from Sacramento, but Senator Pan charged tax payers $52,000 for his travel between his two homes and the Capitol. Additionally, Senator Pan was not living in the district he was representing when he served his second term in the State Assembly. Senator Pan purchased a second home because in 2011 the district lines were redrawn, and he wanted to avoid having to square off with incumbent Assemblyman Democrat Roger Dickinson. This is known as carpetbagging, and it is illegal. Los Angeles County prosecutors had filed charges in recent years for residency issues against Democratic politicians, Senator Rod Wright and Los Angeles City Councilman Richard Alarcón; however Senator Pan has never been formally charged by Sacramento County Prosecutors. District Attorney Jan Scully thought it wise to overlook the issue and endorse him instead. Senator Pan also has a history of working with Pharmaceutical companies, which is highlighted in a 2003 study he participated on about the direct-to-consumer advertising (DTCA) of prescription drugs. In the study Senator Pan has listed a conflict of interest, as he received speaker fees from Merck Frosst to produce a public service announcement on their varicella immunization.

In Senator Pan’s response to this committee’s recall notice, he wrote, “Sadly some are using the recall process to spread mistruths about vaccines ,” and he says people are counting on him to “make sure science – not hysteria – is the basis of laws made in your legislature.”  This is incorrect.  This Committee is recalling Dr. Pan because he has failed to uphold his oath of office and defend (apply) our Constitution. This effort is to redress an attack on basic natural rights and the right of parents to raise their children free of government intrusion. Senator Pan is promoting hysteria, pushing vaccine mandates based on hypothetical situations, void of reason and rational discussion. California’s vaccine rates have never been higher and our schools have never been safer. This bill will not improve public health, it will segregate a small number of kids who use a Personal Belief Exemption (PBE, 2.54% of entrants). There is simply no need for this intrusion from our government, and it sets a precedent for future intrusion.

We the People of California’s Senate District 6, on behalf of all Californian’s who value parental rights and personal freedoms, ask you to help us in this fight. If you do not want to see the same government intrusion in your state, please help us set the tone in California. Help us remind our politicians who they are elected to work for, and that we value the United States Constitution ind individual freedom above political gain. Help us protect our basic human rights, as no individual must ever be mandated to submit to any medical procedure with known risks as a prerequisite for entry into public domain.

Please help us stop mandates like this from happening in the future. Visit and donate to this worthwhile cause. This is not just a California issue, this affects all of us. Please help us change the system.
– Recall Pan Committee

– Recall Pan Committee

FPPC ID: 1377741
PO Box 1452
Elk Grove, CA 95759
[email protected]


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8 Comments on Announcing the Recall of California Senator and Pediatrician, Richard Pan

  1. Anyone who bows down to the pharmaceutical industry for self profit with no ethical or moral concern of our children or wldeely need to be removed from their political position immediately. Jerry Brown and Richard Pan are prime examples of lies and corruption. Disappointing all Californians and all Americans allike. Investigate their finances in the time before during and after they held public office. Vaccines are a detriment and devastating health risk to our American people. Call them

  2. Dear “Dr.” Pan —

    Vaccine “science” should stand on its own merits. Real “science” doesn’t need teams of industry lobbyists to make its case. Either vaccines are proven, safe, and effective, or they’re not.

    The fact that vaccine manufacturers are immune from liability doesn’t support their “proven, safe, effective” case very well.

    Since January of 2014, twice as many vaccine injury victims have won court decisions than the previous eight years combined. More required vaccines, more vaccine injuries. Yet the government, vaccine companies, and doctors will all tell you it’s just coincidence.

    Pro-vaxxers forget that anti-vaxxers were once pro-vaxxers that may have had a child injured or killed by vaccines, or learned from those who had.

    Anti-vaxxers studied ALL OF THE AVAILABLE RESEARCH, and used their CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS to make an INFORMED DECISION whether to vaccinate their children.

    It certainly is not a hasty, reckless and ignorant decision. In fact, trusting your doctors, the CDC and the drug companies without verifying their claims might be.

  3. his use of the word consequence just shows that he is vindictive & wants to punish those that dare to not follow his rules blindly. He forced us to visit a doctor for an exemption wish AB2109 & when that didn’t make us do what he told us he came out with SB277 #RecallPan #HearUs #RepealSB277

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