by Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

I urge everyone to watch these videos with your family and to share them far and wide. SB277 is a major assault on human health and it has to be fought against by every man, woman, and child. Civil disobedience is a very powerful tool and I strongly encourage parents to disobey this evil law. If it means removing your children from school so be it! Take the time to educate other parents and older children / teens about the benefits of natural immunity and the dangers of vaccines. Encourage them to get involved, shun vaccines at all cost, and to seek out the benefits offered by natural immunity. SB277 can be overturned and it can be used to restore the natural order of things but it is going to take a collective effort of involvement. WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!! (CW)

CREDIT: The Underground Resistance Network

CREDIT: Lori Garner

CREDIT: Joanne Steen


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