Anonymous Targets City of Fresno [CA] Over John Lang

The hacking group Anonymous has joined the fight to bring awareness to the suspicious circumstances of John Lang’s death, and claim to be launching an investigation of their own. They also claim to have temporarily brought down the City of Fresno’s [California] website to kick start the operation.

Hello and welcome brothers and sisters of the world.

Today we have a very important message. One of our deceased brothers, John Lang. It has come to the attention of the collective that the murder of our brother has gone without a whisper from the Fresno Media. John Lang was an activist doing what most of us have set out to do, expose corruption, bring lies to the surface for all to see, stand up for people who have not yet learned to stand up for themselves. He was exposing the Fresno Police Department for running a ticketing scam. Scanning parked civilian vehicles in parking areas and using the gathered information to pull the vehicle over shortly after departing. He repeatedly reported this find to the local media, The Fresno Bee. An employee named, Jody Murray, from the site gave the Fresno Police his I P address and information. That is when the harassment began that eventually led to our brothers death. Jody Murray of the Fresno Bee claims he gave Johns information away because he was mentally ill. An overused tactic used by most mainstream media outlets, attack ones character and people will no longer care. You were wrong. If you look into the alternate media reports of John Lang you can see and judge for yourself and in fact, I encourage all to do so.

This is a call to action brothers and sisters. We cannot let this go without further investigation. Since the people John Lang reached out to investigate this have failed to launch one, including the F B I who he also reached out to for help, then we will.

This is a call for Operation Fresno and Operation John Lang. To kick off the operation the Fresno City website and the website of pay less brakes tires were both taken down today. Consider this a taste of what is to come. John Lang will have justice. To Jody Murray and the city of Fresno. We are anonymous. We ARE legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

John Lang was found dead last month, just days after warning that he would be murdered by Fresno Police.  The story went viral on social media and garnered international media attention. However, it’s anything but a high profile story in Fresno. Local news media in Fresno has declined to report anything substantial pertaining to the case, and activists in Fresno worry that a follow-up on the death investigation will never come.

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  1. John Lang’s Open Letter to the DOJ and the FBI

    In his letter he expressed several concerns. He expressed a considerable amount of fear over law enforcement fabricating evidence to convict him of a crime. From his open letter, he says: “There has long been a believe in Law Enforcement circles that if someone is guilty of something, then helping that process along by fabricating evidence is completely acceptable.” He expresses a firm belief that the source of his trouble with the Fresno PD relates to some sort of child pornography incident. In the last part of his letter, he says: “Let’s just say that the FEDS should re-investigate all Child porn cases in Fresno where ATT Internet Services provided the Internet service.” Finally, he says that the Fresno PD had illegally entered his home.

    It’s very obvious John Lang was gang stalked by the Fresno PD. He ended up dead and it was ruled a suicide.

    His story is playing out over and over all across America. I have been a victim og gang stalking by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department for the past 5 years. Everything John Lang describes in his open letter is significant for a few reasons.

    John was definitely on to something with his suspicions about child pornography and AT&T Internet Services. He was also correct that law enforcement will fabricate evidence to convict someone they’re stalking.

    I’ve been researching this problem for years. I created a page on my web site with the evidence from my experience of the things John was describing. It’s possible John Lang was a “targeted individual.” His circumstances fit the theory I have established through all of my research. Military surveillance is being used in unprecedented ways across the united states under the guise of child protective services where federal, state and local law enforcement coordinate intelligence services with Fusion Centers.

    John was a victim of intense harassment. I question the circumstances of his death.

    Please visit my site and you will see undeniable and indefensible evidence of cell phone tampering, computer tampering, home invasion and a very solid connection to the South Florida Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

    John Lang’s death needs to be full investigated by the DOJ. My evidence needs to be investigated by the DOJ. Help me get this story out.

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