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By TLB Contributor Staff Writer: Leslie Carol Botha

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Zika Virus –  Mandatory Sterilization or Cover Up for the Epigenetic Effects of Vaccination?

Yesterday, when I found the article below and decided to blog about it since the “Zika” virus pandemic is all over the news like a plague – covering up as Norma Erickson, president of SaneVax, so aptly stated on my podcast that the new about this new global emergency came conveniently at the same time letters were written to the US government and to the World Health organization claiming that the science behind the HPV vaccine was more of an illusion than fact.

Of course there is talk about rushing a Zika virus vaccine into the market (just like Gardasil) – all for profit – just like the Ebola pandemic that fizzled. In fact, the Zika pandemic – and I use that word “pandemic” facetiously, is so very similar to what happened a couple of years ago with Ebola. the outbreak begins overseas with a few cases trickling into the U.S. to makes us fearful – and to stand in line for a vaccine.

Honestly, I think the Republican campaign is dominating center stage for the public to be paying too much attention. And that is the point.

Because while we are sleeping – or watching debates – or the Super Bowl, the world government is doing what I have feared for a long time. Taking final control of women’s bodies with a mass birth control campaign and eradicating abortion restrictions to for those pregnant women who have been exposed to the virus.

And now, just like with the Human Papillomavirus, the powers that be are claiming that the Zika virus – in addition to being transmitted from a mosquito bite that has been around for decades with no incidents – can be sexually transmitted.

Yahoo News reported today that pregnant women in Brazil need to be cautious about kissing. Say what? Are women going to be designated baby carriers separated from human connection and relationship? No affection for 9 months? Hmm… that going to be sending some dudes wandering…

zika virus

Zika, birth control and free abortion pills

by Xavier Symons
Feb 6, 2016

As concern mounts about the spread of the Zika virus, groups around the world are suggesting radical measures for North and South America.

Perhaps the most extreme response has been from abortion activist Rebecca Gomperts, the founder and director of Women on Web. Gomperts’ organisation is offering women infected with Zika free abortion pills, apparently to halt the rush toward unsafe termination of pregnancy.

“The Zika virus is now spreading to most of the countries where abortion is very restricted,” Gomperts told AFP.

“We really care about women’s health and lives and we want to make sure that women have access to a good medical abortion.”

Zika is thought to cause microcephaly, a rare birth defect, although the link is yet to be scientifically proven.

Abortion is illegal in Brazil save a few exceptions, and government authorities intercept abortifacients being shipped into the country. Gomperts is calling on the government to halt the ban “at least for the duration of the Zika epidemic”.

Elsewhere, Oxford bioethicist Dominic Wilkinson argued that Latin American and Caribbean nations should invest in birth control to prevent cases of microcephaly. In an article in the Conversation, Wilkinson suggested that birth control — though having limited efficacy due to the predominance of unwanted pregnancies — would at least stop a good proportion of pregnancies among women carrying the Zika virus:

“If and when, international funds become available in response to the Zika epidemic, there should be a significant investment in birth control in Latin America. Governments in these regions should take seriously the need to address and remove barriers to contraception.”


There more and more reports like this circulating on the web… but BioEdge is a highly credible source on bioethical topics like the one above.

And this my gentle readers , was where I was going to end my blog – until this morning when my friend Rose from Canada asked me to look at a post on her Facebook page.

What caught my attention before I could get to her posts was an article that journalist Jon Rappoport wrote citing that there have been 25,000 cases of microcephaly are reported in the U.S. annually.


JR image microcephaly

Microcephaly: babies born with smaller heads and brain impairment. Heard of it? Of course you have. Towering experts are saying it’s caused by the Zika virus in Brazil.

They don’t know how. They don’t know why. But they’re saying it over and over like trained parrots.

They’re saying that, somehow, this virus, which for at least 60 years was causing only mild illness, is now at the heart of all these new cases of microcephaly.

Really? Then why are there 25,000 cases of microcephaly in the US every year?

For science bloggers who live in mommy’s basement and love the statements of the experts, try this. I’ll give you the full citation. Ready?

“Practice Parameter: Evaluation of the child with microcephaly (an evidence-based review)”; Neurology 2009 Sep 15; 73(11) 887-897; Report of the Quality Standards Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology and the Practice Committee of the Child Neurology Society.

Here’s the money quote:

“Microcephaly may result from any insult that disturbs early brain growth…Annually, approximately 25,000 infants in the United States will be diagnosed with microcephaly…”

And this is why my post continues. Because as I read that on this Super Bowl Sunday morning with tears streaming down my face – the unthinkable is happening while we were sleeping – distracted – denying vaccine injury. Microcephaly is the next abyss on the autism spectrum.

Lay the burden of guilt on women – sterilize us with birth control… force us to abort our babies for a cover up of incredible proportions. Women are expendable – right? Because we are certainly not going to see our government be accountability for the damaging epigenetic effects of a vaccine program gone bad – very bad.

You think autism is bad (and there is no denying having a child on the spectrum can be life-altering) but as I have been saying ASD is a blip on a much larger spectrum of disintegration as we slide down the abyss into the rabbit hole.

While you were sleeping.


Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women’s hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of “Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle.” Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.

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