Anti-Gun Video: Steal Your Parents Gun & Take It To School


By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Recently and anti-gun video ad was released by Sleeper 13 Productions. This video influences grade school and higher level students to commit a plethora of crimes such as weapons theft, unlawful possession of a weapon by a minor, carrying a weapon onto school property, illegal concealed carry of a weapon, and more.

The video ad opens with a teenage boy sneaking into his parents bedroom, removing a handgun from their dresser drawer and putting it into his backpack.

He then transports (via school bus?) what is quite possibly a loaded handgun onto school property and into his classroom. After class is over and what appears to be some tortured reflection and deep thought, he skulks up to the teacher, removes the gun from his backpack and slaps it onto her desk as she looks on in horror.

“Can you take this away? I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house,”

The video add narrator then says “Our children deserve a safe world,”

“Stop gun violence now.”

This video ad story was originally reported on The Blaze, and was also reported in The Washington Times. It has received a plethora of sharp criticism from 2nd Amendment activists on Sleeper 13’s Facebook page. On YouTube, the video ad rated more than 3,500 down votes, and only 31 up votes at the time of the Times article publication.

“Lot of people are afraid to share my PSA!” was a recent tweet by the video ad’s director, Rejina Sincic. “If you are not a coward please share #gunviolence.”

Is this person even aware of the dangers, illegal actions and pure insanity she is instigating? Can anyone really be that ignorant?

What we need to understand here is that an extremely liberal organization, hell bent on the destruction of our 2nd Amendment rights has taken a tack that puts children and teenagers at an insanely high risk of jail time, horrendous accident or the ultimate snaffoo, killing someone … including themselves, by influencing minors to acquire a gun through illegal, sneaky and unsafe actions and transport it. Are you serious ???

Is there anyone out there who does not understand the “impressionability” of pre-teen and teen minds? How many reading this cant understand that if this video is played to these youngsters, their first impression is, this must be right, acceptable, and in the best interest of them, their parents and the community?

I would also like to point out this video ad was produced on the North Oakland Community Charter School grounds with the knowledge and permission of the school’s executive director, Carolyn Gramstorff … who lamely stated after the raucous flooded in from the release of the video that they were not aware of its message before hand” … REALLY … isn’t it your job to know? But she did state ‘after the fact’ that the school is motivated to consider narrowing its screening process for allowing PSAs to be shot on campus. Isn’t this sort of like closing the barn door AFTER all the horses escape?

So do we just chalk this up to another massive failing of our schools along with Common core? Or have they all become mouthpieces or puppets for the destruction of constitutional rights … Can they possibly be so ignorant that they are unaware of the massive damage they are perpetrating on our children?

Will this video be presented in any fashion in our schools, as part of the curriculum?

How many children and young teens are unsupervised on the internet?

How many children or teens will see this video?

What influence will it have on them?

If even one child dies or commits a heinous crime as a result of this videos influence … who will be held accountable?

When an organization such as Sleeper 13 Productions is so motivated to an act of constitutional tyranny as to put the lives and futures of our most precious resource, our children, in extreme jeopardy via unsafe and illegal actions … what right do they have to even exist within this very same law. And what, if anything will be done about this?

Please watch the provided video and judge it for yourself …


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