Aquatrails Explained: The Marine Cloud Brightening Experiments

Aquatrails Explained: The Marine Cloud Brightening Experiments – ClimateViewer TV Ep. 4

by Jim Lee | TLB Contributing Author and GeoEngineering Advisor 

 Featured image from, showing international shipping routes

In October of last year a few articles coined the term “Aquatrails” while convoluting chemtrails, pollution of the sea, ship tracks, and marine cloud brightening.  I spent an hour breaking down all the facts and fiction and then go into a lengthy rant about weather modification, the Rocky Mountains, how Snowpack Augmentation is causing floods on the East Coast, and how fracking is causing the water shortages on the West Coast with ClimateViewer 3D.

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Geoengineering Programs and Weather Modification Experiments:

NOAA Reported Weather Modification Activities (2004-2012):

Chemtrails Explained: The Geoengineering SRM Field Experiment:

Sulfuric Acid from Aviation and Ship Tracks may be higher today than Geoengineering SRM would require in 2020

Offsetting Climate Change by Engineering Air Pollution to Brighten Clouds:

E-PEACE Eastern Pacific Emitted Aerosol Cloud Experiment –


TLB recommends more Science about GeoEngineering at Climate and Weather Modification

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