Are You a Know It All … ???

Are You a Know It All … ???

By TLB Staff Author: Lucille Femine

In a word, yes. What I mean is: when was the last time you viewed yourself as an immortal, spiritual, all-knowing being? You’re probably thinking never, even though you most likely have heard of the concept. There are so many “gurus” online now, some of them wise and helpful, some full of it as they sell potions and books “revealing all”. I don’t follow them, I have my own belief system and religion but I do see it as very clear evidence of the massive spiritual awakening happening.

Spirit is who we are and all we really have.

Personally this unbelievable state has never made it through my solid blockades called “the thinking mind”, that part of you that isn’t you, the one that sabotages you at every turn in moments of stress – like the unfortunate affluence of aggression we are experiencing the past few years. Well, for several centuries but the authors of all this misery are now coming out of the closet due to their own fear and paranoia, their only motivations for “power”.

Back to my subject, when people get annoyed at a “know it all”, what do they mean? They’re saying: this guy is arrogant, argumentative, self-centered, ignorant, being superior, narrow-minded, critical and outright obnoxious. You can think of a few more adjectives from your experience. All that comes from corrupted, soulless thinking.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t think. No, we live in a brick and mortar world where calm, accurate thought and memory are very necessary to maneuver in our environment and make things happen. But you have to be connected to the world, even a world in a terrible state, but void of fear.

So what is true “knowing”? Have you ever known the phone was going to ring and so it does a minute later? Have you ever a had a dream that came true? I did. I dreamt my mother died, including many details like who called to tell me, who drove me to the funeral parlor, etc. And three days later, it all happened exactly like that.

This begs the question: What is time? In the linear world of time, how do we know these things? We can loosely call it “prediction” but that still implies time – something is “going to happen” in the future. So is real knowing timeless and not of this world?

That’s a bit of a tangent; I’ll leave it for you to ponder. I’m just trying to make my way to a little understanding of knowing and it’s vital necessity for us now.

Over the years, I’ve read about some writers who say they write from the voice of God and modestly insist they have nothing to do with it. Okay, I’m not going to dispute that. But I prefer to think real knowing is closer to home. My own experience with knowing includes knowing it came from me.

I’m not being blasphemous. I believe in God. And I know he believes in us and that we are a hell of a lot more capable than we’ve been led to believe. “Trust the plan” doesn’t mean God is coming to save us all. What is his purpose? To glorify himself and his power or to guide us lovingly to work at our own survival? If you believe the former, you need to sit down and stop thinking.

When I first started writing, I would reject about 90% of the ideas that came to me. I would say – aided by my “thoughts” – that I couldn’t write about that because I don’t know much or I’m just not smart enough. It was all so dangerously rational. And then I finally said – well screw you, I’m going to give it a shot. Well, lo and behold the ideas and phrases and inspiration starting pouring out. It all came from a little seed. But I didn’t try to alter the seed by thinking, I just let it grow.

Does this make me some highly gifted writer or guru? No, not all. I just trusted me, myself and I. You can do the same. I once read the book called “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. An exercise in the book is called “Morning Pages”. You fill out three pages of writing every morning – anything, whatever comes into your head, with no attention on “writing”. After a few weeks of that, I felt like I had taken a broom and swept away a lot of cob-webbed thoughts, leaving my mind much clearer and ready to write more, which I did.

We are being forced out of present time where true knowing occurs and into the past where we sit with losses of how it was before the plandemic. And into the grim future which contains the threat of killing ninety percent of us. In this state of mind, we can’t know crap about what really matters and who we really are, along with all our awesome power.

So yes, you truly are a know it all. But do you really want to be experiencing that all the time? If you’re playing a game of chess, do you really want to know who is going to win? That would be a boring game, wouldn’t it? Such is life; we want it that way to keep things interesting.

But the ultimate game is to know more and more as we navigate this existence. We play that game and not the cabal’s game where we fight back out of fear and anger and lose so they can then say they are powerful because they made us powerless. Remember, their food for thought is fear and paranoia.

If you think you know, you don’t know.

If you know, you don’t think.


TLB Note: Lucille is a longtime valued TLB Staff member. She is also an author, writer, researcher, activist, and an exceptional artist to boot! To enjoy much more of Lucille’s wisdom, research and presentation … CLICK HERE


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3 Comments on Are You a Know It All … ???

  1. Lucille Femine, that was beautifully written. I enjoy reading about the true experience of a knowingly spiritual being. A spiritual path can be lonely as it takes time to awaken and we must all deal with our own darkness and ignorance. Our paths (not one is the same) is a learning experience to become better beings. The more we understand ourselves, trust ourselves, know ourselves the more we understand, trust and know our brothers and sisters. I have been blessed on my path even though it was a very hard, physically painful, tearful and emotionally exhausting. I know no matter how much I appear to suffer, it does not touch my beingness but is only for experiences of understanding which will help self help others. I hope you will write many more articles on spiritually as seen through your beautiful eyes connected to your heart.

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