Are YOU ‘Grassroots’?


By TLB Contributor: David Zuniga

Look closely at this image; does this look like you?  The words we decide to use in public soon shape our society, and almost as disturbing as the dangerous misconception that we are a ‘democracy’, is the silly term ‘grassroots’.

You’re the one that pays the politician; he lives off of YOU.  Obviously, you’re not a worm underfoot; thus our question is, why do so many bright, passionate, independent patriots refer to themselves as ‘grassroots’?

If you have forgotten basic civics or never learned it, THIS blog article will remedy that in 60 seconds.

Oh, one more thing: please, fellow sovereign and productive citizen, don’t ever use the term ‘official’ or ‘leader’ again, referring to public servants.  Especially given our manifestly criminal system at present, the proper term is public servant or elected servant.  Banish forever the ‘grassroots’ self-description from your mind and train yourself to call your servants what they are by law.

It’s about damned time We The People beat politicians at their own game — before we put them behind bars.

Grassroots?  We’ll see about that.

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