Aspartame in Milk Without a Label? Big Dairy Petitions FDA For Approval

Two powerful dairy organizations, The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF), are petitioning the Food and Drug Administration to allow aspartame and other artificial sweeteners to be added to milk and other dairy products without a label.

The FDA currently allows the dairy industry to use “nutritive sweeteners” including sugar and high fructose corn syrup in many of their products. Nutritive sweeteners are defined as sweeteners with calories.

This petition officially seeks to amend the standard of identification for milk, cream, and 17 other dairy products like yogurt, sweetened condensed milk, sour cream, and others to provide for the use of any “safe and suitable sweetener” on the market.

They claim that aspartame and other artificial sweeteners would promote healthy eating and is good for school children.

According to the FDA notice issued this week:

IDFA and NMPF state that the proposed amendments would promote more healthful eating practices and reduce childhood obesity by providing for lower-calorie flavored milk products. They state that lower-calorie flavored milk would particularly benefit school children who, according to IDFA and NMPF, are more inclined to drink flavored milk than unflavored milk at school.

Although the FDA considers aspartame to be a “safe and suitable” sweetener, a recent Yale University study appears to directly challenge the claim that aspartame would reduce obesity. In fact, the study concluded just the opposite, that artificial sweeteners actually contributed to obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

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The IDFA and NMPF argue “that the proposed amendments to the milk standard of identity would promote honesty and fair dealing in the marketplace” yet they don’t want changes to the labels on dairy products.

Accordingly, the petitioners state that milk flavored with non-nutritive sweeteners should be labeled as milk without further claims so that consumers can “more easily identify its overall nutritional value.”

It’s unclear how consumers can more easily identify the overall nutritional value of milk products that are flavored with non-nutritive sweeteners without labels.Quoting Section 130.10 of the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990, the dairy giants claim a new label is not required because sugar is added to milk without labeling it, and “the modified food is not inferior in performance” and “‘reduced calorie’ (labels) are not attractive to children” so marketing as such is of no benefit or detriment.

The FDA has opened public comments until May 21 for anyone interested to “submit comments, data, and information concerning the need for, and the appropriateness of, amending the standard of identity for milk and the additional dairy standards.”

To submit a formal comment or send data to the FDA concerning adding aspartame and other artificial sweeteners to milk products CLICK HERE.

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  1. I just tried organic valley lactose free milk. It’s given me a migraine and tastes like aspartame. It’s not shown on the label either…

  2. This is directly from the above article: “Accordingly, the petitioners state that milk flavored with non-nutritive sweeteners should be labeled as milk without further claims so that consumers can “more easily identify its overall nutritional value.” This tells me that they want to include non-nutritive sweeteners under the umbrella of ‘milk’.

  3. Michael, this stuff has been happening for more years than Obama has been in office. It’s just finally coming to a head because more and more people are seeing what is really going on.

  4. Dairy farmers are in a really bad spot. The country has their priorities in the wrong places. You and all farmers should be receiving a real living wage for all that you do. You truly are not the problem. How can we help?

  5. Tammy, I’m afraid you’re right. But until then, those of us who can need to start raising our own food and help those who can’t afford to do it. I’m sure that churches have lists of people who are struggling financially and could use good food.

  6. TO BE CLEAR to those who might not recognize this… the labeling they don’t want to do is to put “Reduced Calorie” on the front if they indeed do a non-nutritive sweetener like aspartame. It will be in the ingredient list. (there seems to be confusion about this around the internet) But our voices need to be heard about what is a “safe and suitable sweetener.” Be sure to comment!!

  7. FDA is not on our side AT ALL. They are about how much money they can make and don’t give a damn about our health issues with anything they do. If everyone in the world wrote them they wouldn’t stop what they are doing. We have to stop them by going over their heads and appealing to the higher government officials who have their hands in big business pockets also but if we can find enough of them who care, MAYBE we can do something about the how the FDA ignores any real health issues these drugs, chemicals they are poisoning us with.

  8. Horizon Milk should be avoided. They supported the GMO companies with multi millions of dollars along with Organic Valley and many others. They are products of Kellogg and companies like this.

  9. Where do you live Chris? The prices you stated are outrageous. If I go to Whole Foods market the prices are that high but no where else that I shop which is Trader Joe’s and Sprouts farmers market in SoCal San Diego area. I buy Organic when I can but I do buy off the shelf foods also (Not Processed) but I watch for GMO foods and avoid those. Natural foods which is just a label doesn’t mean it really is natural. I spend about $85 a month for just me. I’m diabetic so I need to watch what I eat and very conscious of what is on the label on the side and I read the ingredients to make sure there isn’t chemicals in the foods. We all have to do what we can do with today’s food costs and ingredients. The FDA isn’t on our side, they are on the side of making BIG MONEY and can give a damn about us and our health issues. MONEY, MONEY (screw the people) is their motto.

  10. Why would the FDA not require honest labeling? REGUARDLESS of how healthy or unhealthy the public would interpret the contents. The public DESERVES to know what is in the food they are eating.

  11. Well recently the CDC found a lot of juice’s products including the ” more nutritional baby juice’s”, they had found Arsenic and some other chemicals that are not meant for consumption and they were not pulled from the shelves because according to the FDA the amount is not enough to be harmful but personally I disagree….It was found in the water that was used with the fruit to make the juice, and of course it was not in the labeling either….

  12. The article says: “the dairy giants claim a new label is not required because sugar is added to milk without labeling it, and “the modified food is not inferior in performance” and “‘reduced calorie’ (labels) are not attractive to children” so marketing as such is of no benefit or detriment.”

    The majority of children do not purchase their own milk products and when looking at things like yogurt, and chocolate milk, children would care less if they say low fat, sugar free, etc, they eat/ drink it because it taste good not because it is or is not dairy. Parents are the ones that buy these products and should be able to know exactly what they are feeding not only their children, but themselves. I find it disturbing that our government would allow such a horrible act as to put something that has been known to have numerous side effects and something that has even been considered a chemical weapon to be put in our food without disclosure. This would have a serious affect on the dairy industry if this was passed as I believe many people would stop buying dairy products for fear of what may or may not be added. If companies can add aspartame to their food, whats to say they can add arsenic or some other chemical without labeling it. Why does the dairy industry want to poison our children?

  13. I have interstitial cystitis and can’t have artificial sweeteners I shouldnt have to live in fear of getting a reaction every time I have a glass of milk. We have a right to know what is in our foods. Especially important for people with allergies

  14. It is wrong to add anything to things like milk,cheese, ect. If the FDA thinks this is healthy we need some new people working there. some people like myself have allergies to not just aspartame but to most of the others also.Additives like these are ADDICTIVE and can contribute to diabetes, and other health issues This is not making our children healthier, they don’t need junk food, additives, or so called sugar free (adults as well) they need more outside playing and exercise, healthy fruits and veggies and LESS sugar. There are alot of ways to plant your own garden, have the kids help with it ( exercise) this can help cut food costs for the family so that you can buy organic milk, teach them to cook good foods from the things you grow (this helps them be more self sufficient when they are older)and most of all have fun doing it.

  15. If you price organic processed foods they are more expensive but if you stick to in season organic fruits and vegetables and even frozen organic produce they are comparably priced. The problem is a diet full of processed foods rather than local meat, fruits and vegetables. My family has cut our grocery bill in HALF by changing our diet completely. We buy raw milk from a local farm(which does cost more) as well as meat from them. I supplement my farm purchases with in season organic produce and we spend WAY less now than we ever did!! That also means no fast food and rarely eating out. It’s a health trade off- pay for quality food now or pay more later in health care costs (medicine, doctor, and dentist visits). It’s worth it! Get rid of cable and any luxury you can to put the health of your self and your family first.

  16. Jacqueline and Renee, please get more informed from realmilk dot com Organic is even worse because of the EXTREME HEATING even more than the hormoned out regular milk. Your body cannot process it. It is a toxic substance in your body basically. All pasturized homoginized processed milk is NOT REAL FOOD! From the cow is raw real food that can actually cure you of allergies. We drink way too much milk though. The milk industry lies. You are better off eating clean leafy organic non-radiated vegatables. Vitamin D builds strong bones better than all that milk. Medically proven fact. There is a ihealth video (it is an ongoing series) on MILK on YouTube.

  17. Lowfat milk is the entire problem. Look at the nutrition for skim milk… it has more calories than whole milk because they’ve taken out all the fat (which is sweet) and had to “artificially” sweeten it with sugar. And as someone mentioned, the calcium without the fat is pointless.

    People who drink skim milk for the “health benefits” would cry if they actually paid attention to what the differences between whole and skim are.

  18. “Most people don’t live near proper grocery stores” would have been more accurate.

    I can’t afford to move out of my father’s apartment. I dropped out of college because I found out I was there on loans my family wouldn’t be able to pay back if we took out more to last another three years. I can’t afford to sign up for my own healthcare plan once I’m 26 and off the fam’s. I can’t afford to drive because I can’t afford the gas or insurance. (But I can afford to walk!)

    Since no one around seems to be hiring, no matter how many interviews I go to and “pass”, I work for food. My “employers” take me grocery shopping. I buy only organic, and I make the food stretch. (Juicing and then using the pulp for soups, purees, and casseroles is an efficient way to do this, along with freezing leftovers for long-term. Using scraps for toiletries is great too – need a skin toner after that shower? Dab the inside surface of a squeezed-out lemon over your skin! And unrefined coconut oil is the only conditioner I’ve used that hasn’t given me acne. Folks with sensitive skin like mine, which turns scaly, dark, and itchy where conventional deodorant has touched it, can instead use a light dusting of the baking powder that’s likely sitting in their kitchen anyway.)

    Mkay, I’m getting off topic now. Bottom line is: organic food is absolutely affordable if you can get to a place that sells it. I’m dirt poor and eating organic. Granted, I eat less than the average American, but I feed my cat on organic, homemade food too. Together, my cat and I probably consume a little less than the caloric amount generally considered necessary for an adult, but both our weights are stable. Depending on the foods, extras (like cling wrap or a new tub of kitty litter), and seasonal pricing, a month of groceries can be anywhere between $80 and $150. The most expensive months are the ones in which I need to replenish the kitty-specific vitamins I put in my pet’s food, but that only happens a couple times a year.

    tl;dr: If you can’t afford organic food, you’re doing it wrong.

  19. I’ve been reading all the responses about the cost of organics. I think people need to look at it this way:

    If they came out with a new gas for our vehicles. It smelled really good and didn’t get your hands messy when you touch the handle. It was so much cheaper it make it is half price or less than normal gas. It’s the next best thing!

    But the trouble is, that it is worse on your engine. And you won’t be able to tell for years. And it just doesn’t run like it used to. So now you have to spend money at the mechanic (medical doctor) and replacing parts (surgeon). And you have to buy chemicals to put in your tank everyday that are much more expensive (by the time you pay for health insurance and your copay) than just buying the regular gas at a higher price.

    So if you had spent more money on the regular gas and had proper maintenance of the systems (diet, exercise, stress, good nervous system/chiropractic care) then the car would last your 15 years instead of 8, for the same price overall.

    So which way sounds better? I know its cheaper and easier to fill up on crappy cheap food. That’s why it’s cheap – it’s not as good for you. But for the long run, budget really well, and put money in prevention. The good gas will prevent the bad car problems.

  20. I find it funny that no one (at least so far that I’ve seen) has said anything about the fact pregnant women are told by their doctors to be careful of Aspartame! If it’s not labeled, how can they limit/cut out their intake? Besides allergic reactions, there are (for my lack of solid info) rumors flying around that high intake of Aspartame eventually leads to MS- like symptoms! Perhaps someone can back me up with actual articles and whatnot but uh, no thanks! If my doctor tells me and my child that we need to drink milk, I don’t want to be regularly drinking small amounts of poison! Perhaps the FDA needs new blood just like our government.

  21. I live on a $2400 a month budget and I live in an apartment in minnesota…I have a car payment and other loans, and I have a cat and bird and I have utilities to pay for…yet I still have enough to buy organics. Because I know that I really can’t afford cancer or any other health problem caused by non organics. What is your EXCUSE! Excuses are like armpits, everyone has 2of them and they both stink!

  22. Barry you set out to prove that organic food is not more expensive than conventional food. You did just the opposite:
    “OK now you understand that the lower priced produce… The conventional chemically treated produce is subsidized by your tax dollars and regulated by your government to give these toxic foods an unfair price advantage over organic food… today subsidized corporate factory farms are truthfully more interested in their profits and not in your health.”
    Businesses that care about the bottom line over quality and get government subsidies have lower prices. The quality may indeed be worse, no one is arguing that point here, but the price is more affordable.
    I don’t eat organic food because I can’t afford organic food, I get my fruits and vegetables from a co-op and don’t opt to pay the extra (price doubling) fee to get organic. I’ve been moving my family away from processed foods, but I still eat Banquet Meals and generic Cup of Noodles for work. And guess what, my doctor bills are near zero, and I’ve never had a trip to the doctor that could possibly be attributed to the food I eat. So this eat organic or you’ll pay for it at the doctors is a bunch of bologna (which by the way is a delicious “unfood” that I can’t make in my kitchen).
    Saying that people who eat conventional food instead of organic because they can’t afford it are just copping out, is like saying that a person living on the street who dumpster dives instead of buying food at the store because they can’t afford it is just copping out. Either case is equally ridiculous.

  23. Unfortunately the FDA and the Dairy farmers are incestuously working together. The rule of thumb here is that you shouldn’t have to negatives because 2 wrongs don’t make it right. No matter how you look at it!

  24. Aspartame has no business in milk. When companies or councils want to withhold information from the public, the public feels betrayed. Let people know what is in a said product they consume so they can make a decision for their family to purchase or to leave it on the shelf. To add such a harmful ingredient in milk is absurd. Milk is avoidable if this is going to become of it. If aspartame becomes part of milk, California Schools will be pressed by parents to halt the consumption of pseudo-sugars. Pressure WILL be put on board members, superintendents, and school nutritionists. This is NOT a good idea.

  25. This is a misunderstanding. They are not asking to put aspartame in milk and then not tell you about it. They are asking to be allowed to use non-nutritive sweeteners in the characterizing flavorings (examples: chocolate, strawberry, etc…) without making a nutrient claim in the common name of the product (example: No Sugar Added Chocolate Milk or Reduced Calorie Chocolate Milk). The sweetener, whatever it is, will always be listed in the ingredient statement. This petition does not negate that responsibility. The way the standard of identity of milk is currently written, in order to use non-nutritive sweeteners, the common name of the product (the name on the front of the package) has to make a nutrient claim (reduced calorie, etc…) along with the standardized name (milk). See more detail info here

  26. Bug,
    Don’t take all this from other people personally. You do what you can. Perhaps what you can do is write your legislators to let them know and maybe they can help influence the FDA’s decision, or write the FDA directly. I’m trying to figure out which of those is the best avenue, myself. I do not know. I do know that by the FDA already allowing even sugar and HFCS to be added but not labelled on milk, they are taking away consumer choice. I would like to be able to choose which one to give my family. Allow the market to decide which one people want. My daughters are both allergic to corn (rashes and hives), so adding HFCS without labeling as such is a big deal for me. Adding aspartame is a game-ender.
    We’ve been through circumstances where we could afford wienies, canned tuna, or spaghetti for meals because those were the least expensive items at the grocery store at the time. (Now even they have skyrocketed.) Our circumstances have improved, thankfully, but I have just recently gotten over being stingy on milk usage. My husband is the bread-winner, but he would get limits on how much milk he could drink because he really enjoyed it and would go get himself a big, tall glass and then I would not have enough for preparing meals, much less a small cup each for the girls not even once per day. (I did not drink any).
    I have found a local provider of raw and low-temperature pasteurized milk, but not everyone has that, and this milk runs about $2 / gallon more than the grocery store and I have to drive out of my way to get it. Fortunately, we have friends who will work with us to pick up milk when we will see each other or if I am going that way anyway, I can pick up milk for her family. Would I have even considered this when we were living below the poverty level? No. Would I have even considered this where we lived at the time, which is 30 minutes further away? No.
    That is the dilemma, when one lives below the poverty line, the worst foods are the most affordable. Raising the prices on those through taxes does not help anyone. We need the FDA to require adequate labeling and they also need to allow people to drink raw and low-temperature pasteurized milk if they choose without raiding the facilities. The benefits far outweigh any risks. All they are doing is keeping the big dairy producers in business, not benefiting the rest of us.
    I am curious, though, for your circumstances, as you have a small sheep herd, could you add a nanny goat that gives you milk? I have a friend that does that. She has a neighbor who will breed her nanny with their buck annually. (I don’t think they charge her). They then milk her and drink that milk and use it. They even freeze it for use later when she has dried up or is nursing. That is for a family of four. I know with your MS and your husband’s arthritis, that may not be an option due to the labor of milking, but was putting that out there. Some neighbors who care might be willing to help if that suited you.
    God bless.

  27. while you’re at it, can you tell all the rest of us (who are, judging by your choice of words, neither “normal” nor “honest” because we’re poor) how to get the money to make it work?

  28. I don’t buy organic because like many here, we can’t afford it and I often wonder how much of that stated organic food is actually organic. I don’t trust it is because I don’t trust anyone in the government these days. It is very much a regional thing too. I live in Oklahoma. You can’t just walk out your back door and pick an orange off an organic tree in your yard. The majority of organic foods at the grocery store look awful (bruised, old, sad looking). Why would I pay triple the cost of something that looks terrible? I do my best for my family. We’ve cut out the majority of processed foods but I don’t and won’t buy organic. People can be healthy by eating whole foods, organic or not, and exercising. Stop taking PE and recess away from kids too so they can cram in one more test for the day. I don’t even know why kids go to school these days because all they do is test, test, test. I know this because I’m a teacher. Also, stop giving kids the choice between regular milk and flavored milks. If they would only serve white milk, kids would drink it because that’s all there is!

  29. The other night I did not prepare ahead of time and we ended up picking up a quick dinner and spending over $20 for two adults and a toddler who doesn’t eat that much. In our area it’s time to sign up for local CSA’s for the summer. The price of the one closest to me averages out to $15 a week for 15 to 25 lbs of fresh, local food every week. That’s way cheaper than eating out even once a week.

  30. Many of us have reactions to aspartame! How are we suppose to trust our food system if they are putting things in our food without letting us know!

  31. So how do we make ourselves heard? I have been writing to congressmen for years about labeling this garbage – I for one am allergic to all sweeteners [including stevia which is over processed plant stuff that makes me sick] Milk is milk it does not need to be sweetened! Sugar is sugar and honey is honey [honey is my favorite sweet thing]. Why not teach moderation of the sweets. The artificial stuff is more addictive than the sugar and the honey.

  32. Since when does milk need an artificial sweetener? It is hard to fathom. This particular sentence gets me, “They claim that aspartame and other artificial sweeteners would promote healthy eating and is good for school children.” Wow… now aspartame branches out from the world of diet sodas. And they don’t want the label to list that it is there.

  33. For crying out loud. What is the point of putting an artifical and terribly deadly CHEMICAL into an already naturally sweetened milk? I refuse to consume any product containing aspartame in it or allow my children either. Its just another way of Chemical companies making even more money out of poison!

  34. First, I see no link at the bottom to comment directly to the FDA or anyone else. Second, what makes you think they would even bother to read them? lol Seriously, folks . . . this is the organization that is attempting to deceive you by adding a totally unnecessary and known carcinogen to an american staple, without labeling it, and you think they are going to bother to read or listen to your comments? The FDA, big pharma, the ADA, the AMA, nor the American Government (or most any politician, for that matter), give a rats ass about you or your problems. That should be painfully obvious by now. Stand up and fight, stomp your feet, write letters to your ‘elected’ officials, make phone calls, protest, boycott, etc . . . a comment on the FDA’s site isn’t going to do anything by itself. Wake up and smell the coffee people, but be careful, it will likely be added there next.

  35. WTF?? Aspartame is a Neuro Toxin developed as a WEAPON. In MILK??????? AND NOT TELLING US????? This is beyond absurd & outrageous & completely DISGUSTS me. My family & I will NOT drink your product Milk Industry – EVER

  36. Aspartame is poison. My husband drank 7 glasses of crystal light tea, which uses aspartame, and the following morning he had a stroke. It should not be on the market!!! It is in everything, and so is msg. Both have labels that are not truth telling. The FDA and the American Dairy Association should be ashamed of themselves. Unfortunately my husband can’t say anything, because he passed away. 🙁

  37. Be aware that many of the so called ORGANIC brands have been bought up by Big Business and are now tarnished. Do some research before you grab that item marked, “Organic”. I just planted a fruit tree orchard, more berries, and of course have a garden for veges. No matter how small you can find SOMETHING to grow at your place. Almost everything, even fruit trees can be grown in pots.

  38. hi, lower middle class Kristin! my name’s Bug and i live below the poverty level, so i ought to be used to lectures from on high, but what do you know it still grates.

    FWIW (very little, i suspect) to all the Righteously Indignant folks on here, my family keeps chickens and a small flock of sheep, and garden organically. my husband has severe degenerative arthritis; i have multiple sclerosis. by working at absolute capacity three months out of the year on the garden, and year round with the livestock, we get enough organic veggies to hold us for maybe a month and a half, and almost enough eggs to keep us above the starvation level… if we ate nothing but eggs, which is not tremendously healthy, organic or no. the ewe has not lambed yet but when she does, god forbid i should mention it in public for fear of yet another influx of Enlightened Advice on how easy it is to go vegan, et cetera ad nauseum.

    what an empty place the Internet would be if people stopped talking about things they don’t understand…

  39. That’s disguisting!
    Aspartame is illegal in Europe, yet here, we’re going to be expected to now just swill the poison in our milk?
    No thank you.
    This is NOT a good idea.

  40. sadly, the standards for a company to label their food as “organic” are pretty freakin’ low- see Horizon milk for an example. don’t be blind, Carole! advertising /= truth.

  41. am there, doing that (and i’m still luckier than some!) passing self-righteous judgment doesn’t make some people any less ignorant, but no you’re not alone out there and some of us do understand.

  42. this comment is in no way in support of additives to food, dishonesty in labeling or any of that crap- but no, Trish, not everyone can buy whole foods. research the phrase “food desert”, just for a start.

  43. Really is this what the world has come to. It doesn’t make sense to not list all the ingredients on a product. You may as well not list any ingedients if that is the case. I strongly believe we need detailed labeling so that people can make informed choices.

  44. seriously . . . not okay i have to read labels because aspartame anyway – i have a bad allergy/sensitivity to this chemical and it makes me very sick if i were to consume it (yes even sugarless gum will do it). . . you don’t need to add sweeteners to milk anyway . . . it doesn’t need to be added and certainly not without a label . . . this would affect people with PKU

  45. BarbiZ This consumer perception that organic food is more expensive than conventional sprayed lower priced chemical laden produce is a big myth and I will proof it to you and to the readers. First please understand that it is all about the soil . Our nutrition is not from the plant but from the soil and the plant roots are systemic in nature drawing up the nutrients into the stems and leafy greens. OK now you understand that the lower priced produce is storing the man made chemical toxins inside the cellulose fibers of the plant so it is impossible to wash it off its going into your body weather you like it or not. The conventional chemically treated produce is subsidized by your tax dollars and regulated by your government to give these toxic foods an unfair price advantage over organic food. Our forefathers naturally ate unlabeled organic foods because everything was organic. But today subsidized corporate factory farms are truthfully more interested in their profits and not in your health. This is a fact of life in our modern day living. Stand up and vote with your feet and support your local organic farmer. And if enough of us can watch less television that tells us what to eat and drink and tip the scales in favor of the organic farmer then for sure the correction in supply and demand will bring the cost of organic produce down . But it all starts with us and our willingness for change that is just right for our children and for our selves. When I buy in season organic produce you buy less items because it is perishable. And it costs a lot less than processed packaged non foods. Save the seeds of your organic produce and replant them in pots and even grow your own sprouts . This is what I do to get extra free food to my kitchen table . It just takes a little bit of research on sustainable living to make it all work for you. I hope that people find this comment helpful? ” Eat not foods with lots of intervention from the processed food giants and your medical bills will go up. Eat whole foods directly from Nature and your medical bills will be a lean zero. It is that simple . Follow the money. A health US population is not profitable to mainstream medicine it is just that simple. If more people would learn to eat right and take better care of their bodies this would be the pharmaceutical industries worst night mare and this is their biggest fear. America please wake up and connect all the dots. Its in your hands . Kindest Barry Anderson aka Chef Barry Gourmet & Raw

  46. I’m allergic to aspartame and most fake sugars, it’s bad enough when you find out that the water you’ve been drinking is tainted with Chloramine instead of Chlorine , which is the leading cause to Fluorosis; which is the cause of why some people have yellow or browning of the teeth and almost all way’s become pitted. Hexafluorosiscic is a Neurotoxin and when used in your food or baby formula at an early stages of growth is why we have ADD, ADHD, and Asberghers disease; Hyper activities etc. Aspartame is a derivative of Saccharine, also known as Tar sweetener which was invented when Roosevelt was in office back in WWII. No matter how you look at it We’re kind of F*^~K”D….

  47. OMG this is so scary – MY daughter and I are allergic to Aspertane (sp) how dare any one want to add this to any product and not reveal it. Guess they are looking to get sued by someone who becomes ill or sick from this

  48. There are a lot of farmers markets that are doubling EBT to be used at farmers markets. Raw dairy is best, but at least organic because there has beeen a significant increase in cancer rates with current factory farm dairy production because of hormones and anti-biotic resistance. Also those cows are eating GMO corn feed which would kill the cow naturally 6 months after its slaughter. Grass Fed organic meat and dairy always. You will save so many doctor bills if you buy organic fresh food.

  49. So true, Casey. My family is on a very tight budget, but we choose to buy high quality food. Once you give up processed foods, you do not need to eat as much. So if people would stop buying junk food, they would be able to afford fresh veggies, fruits, meats, and good quality dairy. We spend $12 a gallon for our local milk, but I buy our clothes at thrift stores. America… get your priorities straight… you are what you EAT!

  50. This is terrible. Milk is already homogenized, pasteurized and barely recognizable as milk to your body now… now you are going to add chemicals to further pollute a basically healthy food? And not tell anyone it is in there? That is wrong.

  51. Why do you think aspartame (if added) would not be on the ingredient statement? I don’t understand all the rukus. All they are asking for is a change in the standard of identity to allow nonnutritive (zero to low calorie like stevia or aspartame) sweeteners which would then be declared on the ingredient statement. Nutritive sweeteners are already allowed and are already declared on ingredient statements.

  52. What?! Why, in Gods earth would Anyone think that a chemical would be healthy!? Leave the Milk alone! Heck why do we even force that Milk is good for you! You get more calcium from eating healthy foods! You don’t need milk after being weaned from your mother! The Obama household needs to rethink what & Educate themselves a lot more! I just wonder if they eat crap!

  53. Artifical sweeteners are bad for people with any form of Auto-Immune disorder such as all the forms of Arthritis, RA, OA, (Which I have) Fibromyalgia, Lupus..etc..etc.. My Rhuematologist told me to stay away from these as they cause inflammation in the joints.

    So, being that I have Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, as well as a Vitamin D deficiency, I’m already checking labels trying to steer clear of things that cause inflammation.

    I know there are allergies to artifical sweeteners, so they are playing russian roulette with people’s lives. Blah.

    If it’s not natural, it’s not healthy. :-/
    I may need to invest in my own cow and put her on my back porch .. sheesh.

  54. I was (most) of you… Thinking you were lazy, cheap or making excuses if you didn’t feed your kids organic…Until my two young children started eating us out of house and home. We are a 1 income family, can’t even afford to put them into daycare because what I would make working, wouldn’t cover daycare costs where I live (and being ‘middle class’ we are in that blessed category of not making enough to live comfortably but make too much in the eyes of the gov’t to receive any type of aid).
    As for food, it is VERY much a regional thing. I live 7 months of the year in winter, rarely sun, average temp is -22f but -58f is not unheard of… Do you know how much 1 bunch of organic asparagus costs? $11.. 1 of my children could (and has) eaten 1 bunch as a snack in 1 sitting…. Organic milk costs $10-$12 for 4L (and raw, local milk is banned here)… Eggs are double the price of ‘regular’ eggs…. 4 (local NOT even organic) chicken breasts costs $24….We are over our food budget by $800 a month trying to feed our kids healthy, (whole, non-processed, non-prepackaged and organic) we’ve had no choice but to cut out organic in hopes of saving our credit rating!
    So, when you are looking at loosing your home OR feeding your kids the healthier option (Oh and at our current housing market, if we moved, we couldn’t even afford the house we currently own because the market has gone up so much in the past 10 years, so no that’s not an option). Taking into consideration the health benefits ISN’T an option unless you choose to live in a box but at least you can take pride in knowing that kid of yours is eating an organic banana, huh?…
    (And to address those who talk about health care costs, we live in Canada, so healthcare costs are a semi non-issue)

    Before you spew judgments on how people are giving excuses, sit back and consider that for some, it IS a choice of organic vs. housing… If you feel so passionately about making sure the world eats organic, let me know, I will gladly accept donations! 🙂

  55. That is a seriously ignorant statement and just shows how INCREDIBLY misunderstood you (and most ‘health nuts’) are… I was you… Until my two young children started eating us out of house and home. We are a 1 income family, can’t even afford to put them into daycare because what I would make working, wouldn’t cover daycare costs where I live (and being ‘middle class’ we are in that blessed category of not making enough to live comfortably but make too much in the eyes of the gov’t to receive any type of aid).
    As for food, it is VERY much a regional thing. I live 7 months of the year in winter, rarely sun, average temp is -22f but -58f is not unheard of… Do you know how much 1 bunch of organic asparagus costs? $11.. 1 of my children could (and has) eaten 1 bunch as a snack in 1 sitting…. Organic milk costs $10-$12 for 4L (and raw, local milk is banned here)… Eggs are double the price of ‘regular’ eggs…. 4 (local NOT even organic) chicken breasts costs $24….We are over our food budget by $800 a month trying to feed our kids healthy, we’ve had no choice but to cut out organic in hopes of saving our credit rating!
    So, when you are looking at loosing your home OR feeding your kids the healthier option (Oh and at our current housing market, if we moved, we coudln’t afford the house we currently own because the market has gone up so much in the past 10 years, so no that’s not an option). Taking into consideration the health benefits ISN’T an option unless you choose to live in a box but at least you can take pride in knowing that kid of yours is eating an organic banana, huh?…
    (And to address those who talk about health care costs, I have free healthcare, it’s paid for by taxes)

    Before you spew judgments on how people are giving excuses, sit back and consider that for some, it IS a choice of organic vs. housing…

  56. My daughter is allergic to aspartame. If it’s not labeled, how can I protect her from it?
    FDA needs to make it a requirement that it IS listed…no they’d rather just kill us all off with their poison instead.

  57. How about the FDA gets real and honest and stops poisoning the population in the name of the old mighty dollar…..

  58. I am so tired of being FORCED to injest the poisons our government is trying to kill us with,
    Isn’t it about time we all start standing up for ourselves and put this Government back in our
    hands where it should be. Maybe we would all live a LOT longer and Healthier we cannot even
    buy seeds for the garden that have not been altered ( unless you know where to look)

  59. Yesss! We need to be cutting down or eliminating carbs, especially processed sugar, not fat, even unsaturated fats.

  60. I am lower middle class and I mange to feed my family organic foods. If you truly want to make the change you will because it is not much more expensive than steroid loaded foods. Also to off set the cost we organically grow almost all of our produce. This can be done at a community garden if you live in a apartment. So sorry but the price factor is a cop out.

  61. Truly, how shocking to read that they are already adding chemicals to our food sources without mandated labeling. Schools in Candler County Georgia are promoting healthier lunches while serving up moldy fruits for the children. What’s next?

  62. Hey… Let the fat kids with irresponible parents who are “too busy” to make the a healthy meal be fat… And let the healthy kids with responsible parents be slim and healthy!!!!

  63. Joy, Don’t chew ANY gum either. Big Red, Doublemint, Spearmint, & Juicy Fruit ALL have artificial sweeteners in them. They are not clearly labeled & unless you read the actual ingredients list you’d never know it’s in there. Same with cough drops/meds etc. Be careful.

    ~ Fellow FMS Suffer

  64. If all those who wrote to complain about this “fake” product got together to file a class action suit against those companies who are jeopardizing their health – you will be out of business! You deserve to go down! You are making people sick.

  65. I have Fibromyalgia and eating aspartame triggers a flare of my symptoms. I now avoid it at all costs because I can’t afford to be in that much pain and possibly miss work. How can anyone think that allowing aspartame to be added to any food without a label is a good idea? If I drink a cup of “Milk” from a container labeled “Milk” and this triggers a reaction…I’ll think that I have a problem with “Milk” not something else that might be added!

  66. I don’t buy all of this, I live in Wisconsin, We lead the Dairy producers nation wide ( stick to documented facts California). we have fought through the ADA (American Dairy Association) to BAN the adulteration of white milk nation wide. We need to check into just WHO these two organizations REALLY represent and look for a link to Monsanto….\

  67. People who have never been in that kind of financial situation do not understand. I do. You do the best you can with what you have. Don’t let them make you feel bad about it.

  68. Our children have enough challenges in today’s world, why would someone add aspertame to the list of things we are already inadvertently swallowing and breathing. I am an adult and cannot tolerate aspertame, my memory leaves me! Stop this nonsense of trying to keep the people uninformed.
    We have a right to choose what to ingest!

  69. OMG!! I’m deathly allergic to aspartame – I have anaphylaxis allergies to- it causes my throat to swell shut & I couldn’t eat/drink ANYTHING containing dairy. Why are they doing this?

  70. About 30 years ago the nurses on the maternity ward where my friend had her first child were warning new mothers not to use aspartame based sweeteners because they are carcinogenic. This was in the UK. If this was known by health professionals 30 years ago, how has the FDA been allowed to pass something so insidious? I don’t believe that the FDA didn’t have this information then, or now.

  71. I am allergic to aspartame and have had to make sure it id Not listed as an ingredient. O have also found others who also react to it. What a terrible idea to put it in wholesome milk!!

  72. Wonderful!…but I can’t afford to do that. Especially here in Santa Monica, CA. Organic eggs are $6.00 a dozen. You all kn ow how greedy this state is. Gas is already over $5 a gallon…

  73. I am sure there are those out there that fit that stereotype, I’ve known them. But I also know a lot of folks like me who either work their butts off for low wages, or are unwell as I am and are unable to grow a garden but still are unable to just toughen up and reallocate their money. There is none to reallocate. I have $7 after I pay my mortage, rx co-pays, electric, propane. gasoline and oil changes, trash pick up, phone and internet – my one luxury, but also required for my mental health. I’m pretty isolated. car and homeowner’s insurance.

  74. I agree, I would generally consider whole fat milk to be a whole food, although does it even get labeled whole milk still or have they phased that out and it only says 2%? I do agree though about picking and choosing. I live on social security disability and get $180 in foodstamps per month. I have to be very very cautious about how much I spend on groceries, but I buy Kerrygold grassfed butter which I can get at Trader Joe’s for @.99 a 1/2 lb. That’s a really good price for Kerrygold, and it is still as much or more than organic butter, which is a lot more than conventional butter. Still, I want grassfed over organic. The nutritional make up is totally different, so milk that is made by organic grain fed cattle is not something I want from a health perspective. I buy organic dirty dozen and pasture fed meat and cheese when I can but it doesn’t happen much. I am also starting to be very aware of what is likely gmo or not and watching that much more.

  75. I highly doubt they will care no matter how many people are against it, that how they make their money and they don’t care if they harm people in the way. Big companies are paying the FDA off every day to approve their drugs! Like Tylenol you can use it but in time it will damage your liver, doesn’t sound very safe to me!

  76. i stopped drinking dairy poison a long time ago (as well as diet drinks or anything else with aspertame… gum, low-cal ANYTHING). wish i could afford Beyond Organic products… i take a LOT of calcium since i can’t.

  77. If you want to be informed abou the food we eat. Watch a film called “Food Inc.” Very imformative as to how many additives they put in food and exactly what the big bramd food corpations get away with.

  78. Please go to the FDA site listed at the bottom of the article to tell them this in a formal comment. Maybe if they see enough people telling them how sick it makes them, they’ll listen…

  79. Yes, I’m highly sensitive to it, too. In fact, if it’s in something I’m served without being warned about it I immediately feel a swelling in my hands, itching, fullness in my chest, and a headache. The stuff’s very bad.

  80. NOOOOOO I am allergic to aspartame …how would I know it was in the milk that is rediculious…and leave the dam milk alone there is enough crap to drink!!!

  81. You are right, someone with their head up their behind would think it’s ok. I vote with my dollars every day by NOT purchasing crap and voting for the healthy fresh fruits and vegetables

  82. agreed. If they would stop adding things that don’t belong in food maybe americans wouldn’t be so sick… or have so many ailments that are caused by a lack of nutrients!

  83. WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH THESE MONEY GRABBING IDIOTS, ADDING ANYTHING TO MILK. DO CHILDREN MEAN NOTHING TO THEM, OBVIOUSLY NOT. There are so many fowl words I want to use. So try to use your imagination you idiots. You shouldn’t have a problem, after all, you came up with this.

    On the other hand, dairy and meat/fowl are not required in anybodies diet.

    But if you foolishly wish to consume those products and their spin offs, at least go to your local farmer and or the farmers market, these people know you want untainted goods, and must work hard to produce them, always at odds with MONSANTO AND THE GMO’S.

    (IN ONTARIO, CANADA, YOU CANNOT LEGALLY BE GIVEN FREE MILK FROM THE DAIRY FARMER WHO IS UNDER CONTRACT, NOR CAN YOU PURCHASE IT FROM THEM), I lived across from a dairy farm, no way no how could they sell or give me milk, back then I would have been more than happy to pay them for milk, my children who spent an awful lot of time there, consumed home made butter and raw full cow’s milk and meat from healthy untainted livestock.

    You can however, purchase cow/pig/birds/eggs from the local farmer, or at least last I heard, guessing so long as they are not under contract. I think that is how all this works here. Ask what they feed/inject their animals, look for free running chickens, cows in actual pastures, feeding their babies, hope they tell the truth, and purchase their products. Hard to lie and get away with it for very long, I would say it is pretty safe to go to the ‘little guy’. I can’t get to the little guys so like others I am in the same boat as the rest of the city dwellers with no transportation. So, I read labels, try to be on the vegetarian diet. We are isolated so it is difficult, and I do not own a vehicle(dam)!

  84. I can’t find a farmer close to me to buy raw products.I would love it.I live in Minnesota. Where can I get your product? Carol 763 295 8147.

  85. Organic food isn’t any safer or more nutritious than conventionally grown food. No organic food vendor can claim this or has claimed this, ever, period. Don’t confuse marketing with science.

  86. You too? If I chew gum with aspartame or Phenyleutreconics (How ever he hell its spelled) I give head aches and want to upchuck! So nasty, I can always taste it to, so thankfully I’m able to ward off some reactions if I taste it within first few bites/swallows.

  87. This is ridiculous! The FDA has a responsibility to the HEALTH and WELFARE of the people of this country, to make sure our food is safe.

  88. Good luck trying to sell crap with Aspartame or Asculafame in it. Even if you don’t label it, certain people (Like myself) Can taste that nasty bullshit substance in every swallow and bite. Wont be getting my money after the first try! 🙂

  89. The concept of allowing the dairy industry to include aspartame in their food products without clearly detailing this on an ingredient label is outrageous. We the people have the right to know what is in our food – and to understand what we are purchasing with our hard-earned dollars. It seems to me that if they don’t want to list the aspartame and other like sweeteners, apparently there must be something to hide! Do not presume to put the whims and greed of corporations ahead of the American public’s well-being and right to truthful information. If this petition to amend the standards of identity for dairy passes, then our family’s food dollars will never again be spent on flavored dairy products.

  90. Lots of good responses here and its obvious that we are starting to gain traction with our knowledge about the governmental corruption by its agencies and their subsidiaries..with the FDA leading the way then the USDA the list goes on and on. Always remember they don’t care about our health they are only in it to protect the country’s food, chemical (Monsanto) and pharmaceutical industries and their profit margins. I am always amazed at how these three are so closely tied to one another HMMM!!!!

    Michael Taylor a former lawyer for Monsanto may wind up second in charge at the FDA God help us if it does.

  91. The FDA is not existing for our good. It exists for its own good. The process and money it takes to get something “Approved” is a laugh. Stevia is a good example. It is natural, if refined properly. It is super sweet and SAFE. Yet, to have it “approved” as a sweetener was impossible. It had to be labeled a “dietary substitute”.
    Aspartame is dangerous: When the temperature of this sweetener exceeds 86 degrees F, the wood alcohol in ASPARTAME converts to formaldehyde and then to formic acid, which in turn causes metabolic acidosis. Formic acid is the poison found in the sting of fire ants. The methanol toxicity mimics, among other conditions, multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus.

  92. BarbiZ …. I would argue this point with you until the cows came home …. with all due respect, your comment is the same COPOUT that I hear a million times a day and 99% of the ppl that I hear this from, smoke, drink, eat out 3-6 times a week, drink a six pack of soda a day and are so unhealthy that what they spend in Dr. bills could be used to purchase good, nutritious food. Grow a garden or coop with someone who does. Don’t waste food and seriously …. do some price checking …. yes, it cost more, but, truly not that much when you take into consideration the health benefits of REAL food with an actual nutritional value.

  93. I love milk,and I do not want artificial sweeteners or anything else in it that is not labeled. It is time for the FDA to stop selling out to the corporations and start taking care of consumers.

  94. It makes me mad too. It also makes me sick to think that the people that are supposed to be protecting us from harmful stuff in our foods are the ones approving it knowing that it is harmful. (FDA) It’s depressing.

  95. Cows can produce milk on only grass and hay – just not as much, and you have to be careful about caring for their pasture. It can be done (I have a friend who does it, with Holsteins, and raises his 9 children on a comfortable income (though they’re not rich by any means). The loss in production is made up for by the lower feed costs of not buying grain.

  96. What we need to do is find some way to cut out the middle man so that more of the profit from milk goes into the dairy farmers pockets! At $4 a gallon, someone is making money but the problem is, its the wrong people that are pocketing most of the profit. The biggest gain should go to the farmers, then they could afford good grain and not the GMO crap either!

  97. So true, Emily. It’s all about money. It’s disgusting. It’s nonsensical. The problem is that they think that milk isn’t selling because of the taste (oh, okay, that makes sense), when in reality it’s not selling because the government controls the minimum cost of dairy and a gallon of milk is freakin expensive and full of hormones. Because of this, I’ve switched, as have a lot of people I know, to organic coconut and almond milk. If the government would stop paying farmers to not grow food and butt the hell out of the private sector, this would be a nonissue.

  98. We’ve allowed our government to become too big and too powerful. I want them to just leave us alone. Their primary function is supposed to be to keep us safe from outside forces, but we’ve allowed them in our homes and our schools and our groceries. It’s never going to end because they love the power. I think it’s time that we start raising our own food, but if we do that, they’ll come along and take our cows and then sell us back some of our own milk.

  99. But, Terry, that would make way too much sense. It’s like they’re trying to kill us. This is so ridiculous. And doesn’t this crap cause cancer?????

  100. For all of you leaving responses, please – it only takes 3 minutes to respond to the FDA on link provided. I did.

  101. I was so impressed with your informative article which highlighted your sister’s remarkable recovery. I’d like to share my story with you!

    My husband never drank diet soda but at a party almost 30 years ago, we were at a party that only served beer, wine and diet soda. He does not drink beer or wine. That evening he had five glasses of diet soda. The next day, he was driving his van with our two young children to the movies and had a grand mal seizure. He was hospitalized and the cause was undiagnosed. I went to the library and researched medical journals and brought an article on a study that correlated asparatame and seizures to the neurologist. I gave him the article and asked me if I had an MD after my name!!! About a month later he sent a letter asking my husband to participate in a clinical trial! Needless to say, we found another neurologist minus the arrogance!

    I am totally appalled that the FDA would not approve Senator Howard Metzenbaum’s bill!

  102. We need to wake up America!! The gov. and FDA are poisoning and tricking us, all for the almighty buck. GMO’s, pesticides, artificial additives cooked up in a lab, steriods, growth hormones. What’s next? Many other nations have wised up and don’t put these poisons in their food supplies.
    Why are we allowing it?

  103. Cows need the protein found in grain in order to produce milk. Only beef cows which are bred to survive on poor quality feed can survive solely on grass. Plus, we can’t feed them grass in the winter. We feed our cows hay, corn silage, and a topdressing of grain, which is determined by the nutritionist for optimum health and yield for each cow depending on where she is in her lactation cycle. Good farmers take care of their cows.

  104. Once again the FDA does not have our best interest in mind, rather the almighty dollar. Where have you been FDA, artificial sweeteners actually make people fatter! My family cannot have aspartame, and as if the $6/gal of milk I already pay isn’t enough, I will have to search for local milk. Shame on the FDA!

  105. People with deadly allergies to aspartame are at HUGE risk with this possibility. At the VERY LEAST, they should be required to label it as containing aspartame for those who are allergic, though it seems stupid to add sweeteners to a “perfect” product. Seriously, the dairy industry lobby successfully got the whole food pyramid changed to reflect their ideals. Lets not give them any more power over the food supply!

  106. Totally agree with Terry A. it is not even about buying organic or not, I am outraged at how they are trying to get around “labeling” By saying that “labeling is not attractive to children” they want the children making these kind of decisions for crying out loud. What Idiots and what Idiots who believe this kind of thinking. Aspartame and HFCS is to be avoided at all cost, so don’t put it in our food and if our bought Government does allow it, it should be mandatory to be labeled.

  107. That the FDA would even consider such an application, much less ALLOWING the use of this poison in OUR food by intentional default, is more than sufficient reason to apply a liberal dose of (hot) tar and feathers to the Director and upper management of the FDA! I will volunteer to supply a turkey fryer for the purpose. (seems appropriate to me)

  108. I will not buy any dairy products from a store, don’t care where it comes from for me it’s raw milk all the way, homemade kefir, yougurt and many more products derived from it. Don’t let the big dairy industries scare you away from one of natures finest food sources

  109. Sweet KILLER.

    “In October of 2001, my sister started getting very sick She had stomach spasms and she was having a hard time getting around. Walking was a major chore. It took everything she had just to get out of bed; she was in so much pain.

    By March 2002, she had undergone several tissue and muscle biopsies and was on 24 various prescription medications. The doctors could not determine what was wrong with her. She was in so much pain, and so sick she just knew she was dying.

    She put her house, bank accounts, life insurance, etc., in her oldest daughter’s name, and made sure that her younger children were to be taken care of.

    She also wanted her last hooray, so she planned a trip to Florida (basically in a wheelchair) for March 22nd.

    On March 19, I called her to ask how her most recent tests went, and she said they didn’t find anything on the test, but they believe she had MS.

    I recalled an article a friend of mine e-mailed to me and I asked my sister if she drank diet soda? She told me that she did. As a matter of fact, she was getting ready to crack one open that moment.

    I told her not to open it, and to stop drinking the diet soda! I e-mailed her an article my friend, a lawyer, had sent. My sister called me within 32 hours after our phone conversation and told me she had stopped drinking the diet soda AND she could walk! The muscle spasms went away. She said she didn’t feel 100% but, she sure felt a lot better.

    She told me she was going to her doctor with this article and would call me when she got home.

    Well, she called me, and said her doctor was amazed! He is going to call all of his MS patients to find out if they consumed artificial sweeteners of any kind. In a nutshell, she was being poisoned by the Aspartame in the diet soda.. and literally dying a slow and miserable death

    When she got to Florida March 22, all she had to take was one pill, and that was a pill for the Aspartame poisoning! She is well on her way to a complete recovery. And she is walking! No wheelchair! This article saved her life.If it says ‘SUGAR FREE’ on the label; DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!I have spent several days lecturing at the WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL CONFERENCE on ‘ASPARTAME,’ marketed as’Nutra Sweet,’ ‘Equal,’ and ‘Spoonful.’In the keynote address by the EPA, it was announced that in the United States in 2001 there is an epidemic of multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus. It was difficult to determine exactly what toxin was causing this to be rampant. I stood up and said that I was there to lecture on exactly that subject.

    I will explain why Aspartame is so dangerous: When the temperature of this sweetener exceeds 86 degrees F, the wood alcohol in ASPARTAME converts to formaldehyde and then to formic acid, which in turn causes metabolic acidosis. Formic acid is the poison found in the sting of fire ants. The methanol toxicity mimics, among other conditions, multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus.

    Many people were being diagnosed in error. Although multiple sclerosis is not a death sentence, Methanol toxicity is!

    Systemic lupus has become almost as rampant as multiple sclerosis, especially with Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi drinkers.The victim usually does not know that the Aspartame is the culprit. He or she continues its use; irritating the lupus to such a degree that it may become a life-threatening condition. We have seen patients with systemic lupus become asymptotic, once taken off diet sodas.

    In cases of those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, most of the symptoms disappear. We’ve seen many cases where vision loss returned and hearing loss improved markedly.

    This also applies to cases of tinnitus and fibromyalgia. During a lecture, I said, ‘If you are using ASPARTAME (Nutra Sweet, Equal, Spoonful, etc) and you suffer from fibromyalgia symptoms, spasms, shooting, pains, numbness in your legs,
    Joint pain,
    Unexplainable depression, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, blurred vision, or memory loss you probably have ASPARTAME poisoning!’ People were jumping up during the lecture saying,’I have some of these symptoms. Is it reversible?’

    STOP drinking diet sodas and be alert for Aspartame on food labels! Many products are fortified with it! This is a serious problem. Dr. Espart (one of my speakers) remarked that so many people seem to be symptomatic for MS and during his recent visit to a hospice; a nurse stated that six of her friends, who were heavy Diet Coke addicts, had all been diagnosed with MS. This is beyond coincidence!

    Diet soda is NOT a diet product! It is a chemically altered, multiple SODIUM (salt) and ASPARTAME containing product that actually makes you crave carbohydrates.

    It is far more likely to make you GAIN weight!

    These products also contain formaldehyde, which stores in the fat cells, particularly in the hips and thighs. Formaldehyde is an absolute toxin and is used primarily to preserve ’tissue specimens.’

    Many products we use every day contain this chemical but we SHOULD NOT store it IN our body!

    Dr. H. J. Roberts stated in his lectures that once free of the ‘diet products’ and with no significant increase in exercise; his patients lost an average of 19 pounds over a trial period.Aspartame is especially dangerous for diabetics. We found that some physicians, who believed that they had a patient with retinopathy, in fact, had symptoms caused by Aspartame. The Aspartame drives the blood sugar out of control. Thus diabetics may suffer acute memory loss due to the fact that aspartic acid and phenylalanine are NEUROTOXIC when taken without the other amino acids necessary for a good balance.

    Treating diabetes is all about BALANCE.. Especially with diabetics, the Aspartame passes the blood/brain barrier and it then deteriorates the neurons of the brain; causing various levels of brain damage, Seizures, Depression, Manic depression, Panic attacks, Uncontrollable anger and rage.Consumption of Aspartame causes these same symptoms in non-diabetics as well. Documentation and observation also reveal that thousands of children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD have had complete turnarounds in their behavior when these chemicals have been removed from their diet.

    So called ‘behavior modification prescription drugs’ (Ritalin and others) are no longer needed.Truth be told, they were never NEEDED in the first place!Most of these children were being ‘poisoned’ on a daily basis with the very foods that were ‘better for them than sugar.’It is also suspected that the Aspartame in thousands of pallets of diet Coke and diet Pepsi consumed by men and women fighting in the Gulf War, may be partially to blame for the well-known Gulf War Syndrome.

    Dr. Roberts warns that it can cause birth defects, i.e. mental retardation, if taken at the time of conception and during early pregnancy. Children are especially at risk for neurological disorders and should NEVER be given artificial sweeteners.

    There are many different case histories to relate of children suffering grand mal seizures and other neurological disturbances talking about a plague of neurological diseases directly caused by the use of this deadly poison.’

    Herein lies the problem: There were Congressional Hearings when Aspartame was included in 100 different products and strong objection was made concerning its use. Since this initial hearing, there have been two subsequent hearings, and still nothing has been done. The drug and chemical lobbies have very deep pockets.

    Sadly, MONSANTO’S patent on Aspartame has EXPIRED! There are now over 5,000 products on the market that contain this deadly chemical and there will be thousands more introduced. Everybody wants a ‘piece of the Aspartame pie.’I assure you that MONSANTO, the creator of Aspartame, knows how deadly it is.

    And isn’t it ironic that MONSANTO funds, among others, the American Diabetes Association, the American Dietetic Association and the Conference of the American College of Physicians?

    This has been recently exposed in the New York Times. These [organizations] cannot criticize any additives or convey their link to MONSANTO because they take money from the food industry and are required to endorse their products.Senator Howard Metzenbaum wrote and presented a bill that would require label warnings on products containing Aspartame, especially regarding pregnant women, children and infants.

    The bill would also institute independent studies on the known dangers and the problems existing in the general population regarding seizures, changes in brain chemistry, neurological changes and behavioural symptoms.
    The bill was killed.It is known that the powerful drug and chemical lobbies are responsible for this, letting loose the hounds of disease and death on an unsuspecting and uninformed public. Well, you’re informed now!”

  110. Totally agree! I cut out DIet Coke when I learned aspartame was triggering my extreme migraines. I was careful not to ingest aspartame and was migraine free for 10 years until Wrigley’s snuck it into Doublemint gum. I would chew a stick of Doublemint after lunch, and right after buying my first pack that had the new label that said “extended flavor” (or something like that) I started getting migraines again. I suspected that it was something that I was ingesting, but I hadn’t changed coffee drinks or started eating anything new. So, it took me about a week to focus on the fact that the gum label had changed and discover that Wrigley’s was the culprit.

    Thankfully, Wrigley’s had added the PKU warning that I thought, until now, was mandated by the FDA when aspartame is added to any product. Because the gum was labeled, I was able to immediately cut out first Doublemint (and later Big Red when aspartame was added to that too), and stop my migraines. Without this warning, I would have been going crazy trying to find the migraine trigger (and suffering from debilitating migraines until I found it).

  111. If they want to add it, is one thing fine, but please label it as such, because I and one of my children and others are Allergic, what will that do to people like us ? adding a thing that many are allergic to with out label’s? how about not labeling the addition of peanut oil to a “vegetable oil mix” for an example…

  112. Sent my comment already! I can’t believe that this is even an idea. I have been cutting back a lot on processed foods and trying to by organic and natural and have learned that if you buy it and do not buy the processed alternative, your kids will eat/drink it. My daughter did not like organic milk when I first started buying it in October, but now she will drink it.

  113. I used to be addicted to diet pepsi and used splenda in my tea every day. A couple years after I gave it up, my eyesight improved. My eye doctor actually told me my prescription came down and asked what I’d done differently.

  114. Yes, they can, they just look at retail prices and think they can’t. I’m not rich, not even close. I’m a normal person, making an average, honest living as an administrative assistant, I even serve banquets a couple weekends a month for extra cash so I can do something nice once in a while. Point being, I’m not rich. I’m just a savvy organic grocery shopper, I make it work because this is the only body I get. If anyone needs tips on how to shop organic, please google just that or reply to this comment and I’ll happily tell you how my we make it work.

  115. I agree with u on the fact that they are stealing from all of us to fill there deep pockets.. it is not so much the farmers. I know that!!! there was a time when we had good farms, good hard working families struggling to make ends meet as we all are and did. sad that as times got harder, farmers folded and big $$$$ took over.. thats what they wanted all along…. how the heck do we put an end to there ways of abuse on the people….

  116. Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners give many people migraines and other health problems. Even if it is deemed safe by the FDA, these people have a right to make knowledgeable choices about the food they are ingesting. If they really want to add the stuff… fine! but LABEL IT! anything less is deceitful!

  117. control the food and u control popuation… they can not afford to let us all be healthy then there would be no need for sky high insurance and all other things controlled by the banks and big $$$$ companies….the pockets are deep and filled, I believe the government is not on our side protecting us ……. as whom do they work for ________ do they not work for the people or ARE THEY for the Co. and banks, rich not poor nor middle class………who WHO are they PROTECTING??????????????????????????

  118. Aspartame in dairy products completely makes sense. Better yet, it’s a fantastic idea! Not only are we pumping our cattle full of hormones so they grow faster and produce more milk, now we might actually get the added benefit of an addictive carcinogenic neurotoxin included in milk for our school children! It’s a great way to fight obesity: poison all forms of consumption, thoroughly. I propose we take it a step further and petition this farce of a government apparatus known as the FDA to encourage our children to supersede breakfast with two pills of Adderall. It would be a calorie free way to start the day for the kids, whilst boosting attention rates tenfold for their studies.

  119. I don’t see the justification for not labeling the ingredient. As far as I know, it is labeled in every other food which contains it, along with the warning to phenylketunurics. Why would that warning be unnecessary here? I don’t oppose allowing them to sell milk sweetened with aspertame or other sweeteners (too bad they aren’t considering stevia, which is natural), but by all means label it.

  120. The FDA has clearly been bought and bribed by the big pharmaceutical companies. Aspartame causes cancer, organ failure and memory loss. When people get sick they go to the Doctor who prescribes them drugs, and guess who makes money? What is wrong with milk that tastes, just like milk? And who are all these parents that think that kids will only eat food that is sweet? Wake up!

  121. or people that want to double their weight in a short amount of time. Oh wait, no one really wants to do that, do they? As Jaqueline says…. cows milk is for baby cows!!

  122. Sodas with artificial sweeteners have to label it as ich. Juices with artificial sweeteners have to label it as such. Where do dairy framers get off trying to pull the wool over our eyes?? Who the hell do they think they are? I will BOYCOTT ALL DAIRY PRODUCTS if this gets through. NO COW MILK FOR ME, EVER!!!! UNLESS IT IS ALL CLEARLY LABELED.

  123. Nancy the cost of food is very much a regional thing. I live in socal. The cost of food is sky-high, period. The cost of organics is outrageous. I have a food budget of $360/month. I buy as healthy as I can get, on my budget, and trust the rest to God.

  124. I am allergic to aspartame and it makes me instantly, horribly sick to my stomach. How could it be legal to add this chemical to milk WITHOUT labeling it?!?! (Incidentally, why does milk need to be sweetened at all?)

  125. I agree. Before I gave up aspartame, it affected my memory so much that I thought that I would end up going to a nursing home, never to know who I was, until I died. I was in my 20s. I thought I had Alzheimer’s disease.

  126. Even if you can’t afford organic, you can just buy whole foods. Fruits, veggies and meat, and eat that. You don’t need to buy prepared foods, processed foods, convenience foods. THAT is something everyone can do. Even if it’s not organic, you’ll still be avoiding harmful additives and chemicals that promote illness.

  127. As a dairy farmer, I would like to point out, VERY FEW companies will even buy milk that has RbnT. It is not allowed to be in grade A milk period. All anti-biotics that we use have a withholding period. Which means we have to dump the milk for x number of days, then test it to make sure it is no longer there. A good dairy farmer should be able to rarely use them, as their diet and care should prevent that. But since we don’t live in a perfect world, cows sometimes get sick. Our land is organic, we pasture our cows. Unfortunately we cannot afford organic grain, we are spending $9,000 a month on grain, organic is often times 2-3x the cost of conventional. In order to switch, we would need to feed organic grain on conventional milk prices. Which I would like to remind you, we are getting less than $20 a hundredweight on milk that cost over $30 a hundredweight to produce. What do you want dairy farmers to do? Most of us are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Most of us are barely surviving. Don’t blame dairy farmers for the stupidity and greed of big companies that are making a fortune off our backs.

  128. One of my children has a corn allergy. This would cause all kinds of trouble for us. Also, our family is sensitive to artificial sweeteners. Stupid me, I didn’t know they already added sugar to milk. Why? We mostly drink raw milk, but it kills me that everything in the store is somehow “tampered with.”

  129. My son is highly allergic to artificial sweeteners. I will be happy to sue the crap out of the dairy company that adds this sweetener without informing the public. Really disgusting and unethical.

  130. i agree . also those artifical sweetners are not good for the brain. people need to drink lowfat milk if they worried about over weight in children. milk is very important for growth in our children and bones in older adults.

  131. and this is what happens when you live in a society with corruption at the top levels of governance. It’s snowballing to a world where I won’t know what I’m eating or drinking unless I grow it myself. WTF United States. Where did my country go??

  132. It is poison!! Everyone is allergic, unfortunately some people exhibit more symptoms. A friend of mine was told she was allergic after aspartame poisoning and that is when I started researching for myself. Former diet Pepsi addict right here haha.

  133. This just makes my blood boil. Aspartame, and high fructose corn syrup being called HEALTHY?!! This is beyond ludicrous. Just disgusting. Add some fluoride while you’re at it…

  134. This is unbelievable, they should have to label everything they out in, including sugar and HFCS. If this passes I will have to eliminate all dairy products except organic.

  135. As a customer I want to make right choice for myself and my family. As a food producer you have to give me all information on the products that I can choose from. It’s my right. If I want organic milk – and it’s labeled as organic it have to be organic. If I decide to go with aspartame milk – it’s my choice, but it have to be labeled. We have to have all information on each product!!! FDA suppose to protect us, if it protects lie of producers we don’t need that kind of food and drug administration. If producers think that it’s not poison why you want to do not label it???? To lie to customers and make choice for us???

  136. Why can’t they just leave food ALONE???? This is absolutely ridiculous. I can’t even handle it. I don’t even know where to begin. If this passes, I think I might lose all faith in our government.

  137. No, what you can’t AFFORD to do is eat aspartame and other chemicals in your food. If you price compare you can very well find organic food that is the same price and even cheaper at your grocer. Especially the store brand. I frequently buy store brand organic oats that is cheaper than a container of regular Quaker. This goes for many items. You can also buy foods that are not organic but fine by following Environmental Working Groups ‘clean 15’ and ‘dirty dozen’. And don’t forget frozen organic vegetables.

  138. There are THOUSANDS of PKU’s in America and aspartame causes BRAIN DAMAGE to us !!! PKU’S are on strictly controlled diets that regulate protein as there is one amino acid we cannot process. Aspartame is that amino acid and it brain damages us. Thank goodness I live in Europe where everything has to go on the label and products containing aspartame have a clear separate warning. As the horse meat debacle shows we check our food regularly and would not tolerate this flagrant disregard for human rights to know what ur eating

  139. I’ve learned something today. I had no idea that “sugar is added to milk without labeling it” !!!!!!! And people wonder why diabetes is rampant. This is absurd. It wouldn’t surprise me if it goes through. Big business was able to defeat Proposition 37 (Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food) in California, so nothing would surprise me. If it does go through we need to see who advocates for it and “follow the money”…somebody is getting paid off.

  140. I purchase mainly organic, however; there are still many brands that claim organic but still contain GMO’s. I still really have to be informed; bit of a chore when buying dairy. In the end I will not buy the dairy products at all because it seems these laws get changed eventually. Too bad I can’t afford my own cow :).

  141. Aspartame makes me horribly ill! Bloating, swelling in my ankles and abdominal pain. Tell me that’s GOOD for anyone? NO, NO and NO. Why does milk need sweetner anyway?

  142. When we breastfeed our precious babies it is because we want them to have the best. It is natural and free of any additives and suppliments. It is made perfectly for them. Why then are we going to give our children sweetened animal milk? Is it to make them addicted to sweented beverages? There is already too much junk out there. We are causing our children to become obese while at the same time we are worrying about this epidemic which is sweeping over our nation. Think about it.

  143. Absolutely Sam! Plus, many people like myself are allergic to the artificial sweeteners and do not tolerate them. My own kids couldn’t tolerate them and they actually acted out when they were exposed to them. Research has shown that when the liver breaks down aspartame it turns into a formaldehyde. They need to leave the food alone! Because of the changes in school food programs, more kids are going hungry now than before! Instead of putting this garbage in the milk, take that money and let’s work on making safe places for kids to run and play again so they can get out of the house without the fear of being taken and bullied! Then you will see a reduction in childhood obesity!

  144. I only buy organic, and local as much as possible. I do not eat at chains or fast food, and only organic prepared food if I have to. I use Orgain protien shakes too. Your right, boycotting is the way to go in order to send a message IF this gets passed and accepted. That’s why WRITING officials NOW is so important! Don’t just sit there and pitch a bitch- get out and DO something!! Post to the above web link an speak out!

  145. Well, in order for us, the People to swallow the Obamacare bullcrap in its disgusting entirety with only minimal or NO resistance, the People MUST become sick! Anyway they can injure us, they do so; money talks and bullshit walks. Stop buying commercially available milk, these bastards understand ONLY that! Resolute boycott of their tainted food will hit their bottom-line!

  146. So, those children who are allergic to artificial sweeteners, like me and half my family, do what? Don’t drink any milk at all because we won’t know which ones contain aspartame, due to them not having to label it? >_< I'm sorry, but I kind of want to know what I'm ingesting, personally! Even if it is natural sugar, I don't need that in my milk, either.

  147. There is a link- a small one at the bottom of this article- the FDA is open to public comment for a brief time- hit the link, write your mantra, and send it on…. us bitching on here does NOTHING but educate those of us who pay attention, or a few who for once might check this article out and who never paid attention before!!! We have to make the FDA hear, see, read our absolute nonacceptance of this!!!

  148. Aspartame causes cancer, period. We don’t need more people getting cancer. FDA should be shut down. This is all the more reason I want to buy a cow, goats, chickens grow my own produce and learn to catch my own fish…

  149. Milk is plenty sweet and has protein and nutrients on its own. Milk that is organic, is produced with ALL that it needs to sustain life. We do not need to alter it one iota The fact that the dairy industry pumps cows full of RbhT and then follows with anti-biotics due to a compromised immune system is a disgrace. Not to mention they are grain fed with grains that were GMO (genetically modified) and then sprayed with copious amounts of herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides. What is this country coming too, when our own food industry is poisoning us by the masses?? Dairy Farmers of ALL people are that poor, that they make complete judgement calls that lack any ethical standards that the original farmers of these lands must be rolling over in their graves about! This is a disgusting system when we can’t support our own industries tot he point they must compromise EVERYTHING and every standard in order to survive, yet poison us and the animals, and environment…. and the FDA?? what a bunch of F’n crooks to even CONSIDER aspartame in milk!! You can tell they are padded in someone’s pocket for sure… wow…. SHAME ON THEM!!

  150. So basically, Big Dairy is just asking the FDA to approve them to allow “hidden additives” to milk. Why wouldnt they allow that when they already make us consume every other food/drink we buy in grocery stores to be littered with additives & genetically modified! They are slowly killing us by making us sick with our own diets.. Population control!!!

  151. Ummmmm How about feeding kids healthy organic food…you know the ones not loaded with steroids homones and artfical crap. Then put them out on a play ground and make them run and jump………and guess what you will see improvement in weight ,mood, health, concentration and more.

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