B.A.R. Association – Southern Poverty Law Center – Domestic/Foreign Terrorist Agency

By:  David-William  |  TLB Staff Writer



In an attempt to dispose of hate groups, it might seem more amusing to do so in a seemingly humorous way.  Perhaps it’s finally time to do away with hate groups.  There are hate groups and many of them, but some groups called hate groups are not hate groups.  There are hate groups that stand on their own volition.  Beneath the surface, there are hate groups who want everyone to hate those who hate, hate groups.  Does this seem like talking in circles?  Hopefully so.  That’s precisely the point.  The most hateful of hate groups want the unsuspecting non-haters to hate those who hate the haters.

When in the pursuit of truth, one must be honest, especially intellectually honest.  If one cannot or will not think straight, then the products of their thoughts might not be relied upon as truth.  The greatest lies are tangent to the truth, mostly truth, somewhat resembling the truth, or representative of the truth, but never, wholly truth.  There is only one bullseye on the dart board, only one 0,0 on the Cartesian plane, and one way; the way that it is.  Even “only” is indicative of the one, and only.  Please forgive the redundancy.

Quite often, we all hear a truly great lie.  A lie by what is deceptively called a “government” but is really a foreign, bankrupt, foreign corporation named UNITED STATES.  It’s a military coup d’etat on the District of Columbia, owned by the Crown/Vatican/Swiss Bankster Cabal.  It’s minions are deceptively called the “judicial branch” of the fake “government.”  These “courts” are populated by foreign agents in the ABA, a branch of the London Lawyer’s Guild, called the Crown Temple B.A.R., the Inns of the Court, in City of London, not to be mistaken for the city called London.  The Triple Crown; District of Columbia, City of London, and Vatican City are all one corporate conglomerate.  UNITED STATES is not a nation or land mass.

UNITED STATES is run by the Zionist Jesuit Banksters and their Brokers/Attorners in the B.A.R. Association.  They hold all people hostage under the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  They make everyone pay their Zionist/Jesuit run I.R.S. located on Puerto Rico.  U.S. has a massive mercenary conglomerate in the Pentagon.  They use everyone’s energy and lives to attack any nation that doesn’t have it’s own Zionist Rothschild Central Bank, operating in bankruptcy.  Did Viet Nam attack us?  Nope.  Did Iraq attack us?  Nope.  Did Afghanistan attack us?  Nope.  Did Syria attack us?  Nope.  Did North Korea attack us?  Nope.  Aren’t all the terrorist nations also the same nations without central banks?  Yup.  Iran is a threat to us?  Nope.  Connect the dots!  The Zionists are the puppet masters over U.S. and they’re killing and enslaving us to further their take over of the planet, because they’re Satanic psychopaths.  They even got George H.W. Bush to sign the Executive Order (an administrative order under martial law in suspension of the constitution) to implement Noahide, counterfeit Talmudic Law, into effect over Americans.

Now, onto what the real hate groups, the Zionist Banksters, their B.A.R. Agents, and specifically, the most deceptive of all morons, right under our noses, the members of the MOSSAD operation called the Southern Poverty Law Center.  This is the most conniving, despicable, sneakiest, foreign/domestic group of terrorists, on our land.  They are calling every enemy of the fake Jews the enemies of the “government.”  They’re just a big bunch of Zionist skid marks on the underwear of the Earth, pretending to be the protecters of America, while in reality, they’re the enemies of America.  You can read it here!  The Southern Poverty Law Center is a terrorist organization, out to destroy America, for their own private agenda to steal those who love God, from God.   They won’t succeed.  They’re outed!  They’re Crown Temple, Zionist, B.A.R. garbage.  They stand in open defiance toward Christians, Jews, and Muslims.  They’re the sycophants under Ba’al.  How low can they go?

Please visit the enemy’s website here:

The video below is by a woman, Lisa, who risks all to inform everyone, and who lends credibility to claims that are otherwise difficult to prove.  Lisa Haven did good work exposing the scum of the Earth. The Southern Poverty Law Center is nothing but a big group of jackasses from HELL.  If they say light, it’s DARK.  They are the Genie from doom and depravity, never again to go back into the bottle.

Please read article here:

Imagine, Patriots are the enemy! Read the sickness:

Dear Friend,
Continue your role helping the SPLC fight hate and injustice by renewing your membership.

When you joined the SPLC, you demonstrated that you are committed to the fight against injustice and bigotry. I’m concerned that you have not renewed your support this year.

Hate groups are at record levels — almost 1,000 — and antigovernment “patriot” groups have increased at a startling pace in recent months. We’re vigilantly tracking these potentially dangerous groups and training law enforcement across the country to identify and deal with extremists. Your renewed support would mean so much to the critical projects our investigative team is pursuing.

In recent months, we’ve seen extremists, such as cop-killers Jerry and Joe Kane, take deadly action. The Kanes were members of a rapidly growing radical-right movement — “sovereign citizens” — that may now be 300,000 strong. Since they murdered two Arkansas police officers, we’ve compiled a full dossier on the “sovereign citizens” that we hope will aid law enforcement in identifying these extremists and prevent further violence.

Our Teaching Tolerance project is also doing its part to break the cycle of hate and anger by reaching children with messages of understanding and acceptance before the seeds of hate take root. We’ll begin shipping our latest film and education kit, Bullied: A Student, a School and a Case that Made History, to schools this month. With your renewed support, any school that requests a copy of this invaluable anti-bullying tool will receive one free of charge.

You are crucial to our success in fighting hate, seeking justice and teaching tolerance. Please continue to speak out against hate whenever and wherever you see it. And please renew your membership today.

Morris Dees
Founder, Southern Poverty Law Center

P.S. If your renewal gift and this e-mail have crossed, please accept my gratitude for your continued commitment to making a difference in our country.

Or by mail:

Southern Poverty Law Center
400 Washington Ave.
Montgomery, AL 36104

The South!  The heart of the Christian world, where people submit to God, the arch-enemy of the Satanic Zionist MOSSAD.  The Synagogue of Satan.  Imagine screaming to the Romans to kill Jesus.  Imagine turning Muslims against Christians.  Imagine violating Jews, while calling yourselves Jews.  Imagine this hate group calling everyone else a hate group.  The SLPC is the most vocal group of vermin the American people have ever encountered.  They are the embodiment of hate like no other, because they are of the filth who enslave our people.

If you hate hate groups, you are the enemy of the Zionists.


“The SPLC and the ADL are arms of Mossad here in the US, just like the CIA is part of the Ford foundation when it travels to other countries. The goal of the zionists right now is to divide us into fear and hate of each other as Americans.

Then the civil war is suppose to break out with them shooting each other. Then martial law can be declared and Israel can take over the US without having to fire a shot, and do it with the aid of our treasonous leaders.

That about sums up what you are seeing and the plan is obvious. First they tried Christians against Muslims and that didn’t work and now they are back to the old HATE THE OTHER PARTY syndrome that has not worked either. They are in serious trouble because if there is even one false flag that kills just one more American, they are out of here on a rail. Or in jail for life.”


“The OKC bombing was orchestrated by a six-man team of Mossad agents, Strassmier, Spiegelman, Brescia, and three Israeli demolition experts. The story that a disgruntled drifter, Timothy McVeiegh, and his mentally challenged pal, Terry Nichols, destroyed the Murrah Building, with a tin can Ryder truck, that was parked 100′ away, is absurd.”


Zionist Rothschild is our enemy.  Israel is our enemy.  The Vatican is our enemy.  They, the “terroristas,” call us the enemy.


They gave us 9-11 and blamed Muslims, as they employed the House of Saud, the crypto-Zionists who claim to be our ally.


The Zionist Southern Poverty Law Center is focused upon destroying Christians and Muslims by pitting both against each other.  Why would a Zionist Bankster controller of U.S. want to bring Muslims to America?  To start a war.  Muslims and Christians need to protect our planet from “The Great Satan,” the Babylon, the Vatican, the Holy Roman Empire.


These people are psychotic murderers.  Repel them.  They’re the enemy terrorists from the pit of HELL.

Spread this to everyone, on your Facebook page, your website, to your friends and family.  Expose these creepy crawlers as the moles and worms that they truly are.

REMEMBER!!!  Jews also reject Zionism.  Jews are not the enemy.  Zionists, Attorneys, and the Banksters are.  Israel is going to drag humanity into war, to destroy the world.  Who would love war?  Satanic Zionist Jesuits would.



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