Bilderberg 2016 – What the Cameras See and the Reporters Say

by Ralph Ely | TLB Staff

By all accounts The Elite 1% is running scared. Bilderberg has always been about Global Control by the “Tried and True” formula: Problem-Reaction-Solution. In the World ‘they’ have created it is not working. Look for troubling times ahead!

We will let the Boots-On-The-Ground Reporters and their videos tell the story.


Bilderberg 2016: What to Do with Everyone as AI Kills Jobs & Middle Class Dies:

Credit: TRUTHstreammedia

Bilderberg Fears the Precariat, the Monster They Created:

Credit: The Alex Jones Channel

Reporters Surrounded & Detained by German Police:

Credit: The Alex Jones Channel

Bilderberg Sends Threatening Eviction Notice To Reporters:

Credit: The Alex Jones Channel

Reporters Kicked Out of Bilderberg Hotel:

Credit: The Alex Jones Channel

Police Threaten To Sue Journalists For Covering Bilderberg:

Credit: WeAreChange

Credit: The Alex Jones Channel


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