Trump’s Greatest Crime

October 29, 2020 0

Trump’s Greatest Crime By: Rick Marschall An odd aspect of this year’s odd political climate is the fact that many predictable campaign smears are not being denied, but often accepted with almost gleeful guilty pleas. […]


Virus Unrest: Serbs Protest Being Lied To [Video]

July 10, 2020 0

Virus Unrest Turns Violent As Serbs Protest Being “Lied To For Political Ends” Social unrest has rocked Belgrade and other cities in Serbia this week in response to President Aleksandar Vucic’s reintroduction of government curfews […]


Americans already tried living without police

June 14, 2020 0

Americans already tried living without police It wasn’t called the ‘Wild West’ for nothing! by Robert Bridge In the wake of George Floyd’s death that occurred under the knee of a white cop, leftist groups […]

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