By:  TLB Staff writer  |  David-William

July 4, 2016

I’d hate to waste your time by making you read about trivial matters, such as bazillions of bees found dead every few months from something the pharmaceutical companies and/or Monsanto sells to farmers.  There are beings uglier and nastier than those who poison us.  There are those who control the ones who harm us, because in their sick minds, they believe they’re absolved and protected by getting others to get their hands dirty.  This is human sickness.  Ugliness comes in many forms.  Language is one.  “Sustainable” and “unsustainable” two of the most used “red flag” terms.  Does “Agenda 21” come to mind?

Who is behind Agenda 21, Monsanto, MEDIA, Big Pharma, and THE UNITED STATES/EPA/FDA/BLM/FBI/USDA?  The Banksters?  Sure!  But who’s behind them?  

Here’s your first hint:  Stop using the term “Government.”  These crimes are perpetrated by the owners of the money, fiat, DEBT, used by these invasive corporations.  U.S. is a puppet of the CROWN, a.k.a. the Vatican.  It’s run by a big committee pretending to be a Congress.  It has a CEO and a CFO.  They’re not elected by a population of LOST SOULS at the polls/voting booths.  

Corporate directors often hide corruption and maladministration by cloaking their dastardly deeds as bad decisions, negligence, clever timing with poor planning, and the misfortune of others they chose by pretending not to know those going down.  Without exaggeration, this type of deception fools only those who are asleep at the wheel.  Unfortunately, the general population falls into this category and another, those who just don’t care.  It’s one thing when the masses don’t care about themselves, but they make their stupid decisions affect their own “alleged” loved ones.  


“Politicians are clever at using poor management, bad administration and overblown or inept bureaucracies as an excuse for privatisation and dereugulation. Margaret Thatcher was an expert at this: if something does not work correctly because of bad management, privatise it; underinvest in something, make it seem like a basket case and privatise it; pump up a sector with public funds to turn it into a profitable, efficient enterprise then sell it off to the private sector. The tactics and ideology of and the justification for neoliberal economic policies take many forms.” 

Modi, Monsanto, Bayer And Cargill: Doing Business or Corporate Imperialism?



The purveyors of doom and destruction want to kill the bees, and you, and they want to make sure that beekeepers don’t breed queens with hives that resist the toxic GMO crops and related chemicals.  Roundup resistant bees are a serious threat to genocidal maniacs.  The STATE OF… Agencies will play every game they can invent to make sure they appear to be incompetent, to make sure they demonstrate no identifiable culpability.

“The little town of Apple River in northeast Jo Daviess County, Illinois is the hometown of a big man – Terrence Ingram. Though not big in a physical sense, when it comes to saving the American Bald Eagle, there is hardly anyone in the United States held in higher regard than Ingram. His years of documented research and expertise regarding eagles and the work of the Eagle Nature Foundation, founded by Ingram, is in great part responsible for the bald eagle being removed from the “Threatened Species List ” in the United States.

Unfortunately, it was not his knowledge of eagles that the Illinois Department of Agriculture sought when they paid an unannounced visit to his home in March. It was his bees.

In the March 21, 2012 issue, The Prairie Advocate published a news release from Ingram that reported the theft of $5000 of his bees and bee hives on March 14. Ingram said that before they left had left for their granddaughter’s wedding in Texas, the hives had been cleaned and made ready for new spring swarms.”





Poison food poisons what eats it, right?  So if the bees eat the nectar from the blooms of Monsatan’s toxic crops, wouldn’t they be the first to die?  So if the bees die, what’s the food doing to you and your animals?



The EPA? There’s a swing, and a miss! Pesticides fall under the EPA? What if the pesticides are genetically engineered into the crops. Hey! That’s what GMO is! POISON!!!  How about the FDA!?!  “FOOD” and “DRUG” FDA?  Bankster controlled Obama appointed a jackass from Monsanto as the Czar.  What a perfect choice!  Instead of protecting us from corporate crimes, he can protect corporations from crime victims.  Satanic, they are.  Everything is the exact opposite as it appears.



Poison Central Executive to head the Food and Drug Administration!?!  I think it’s a great idea! Splendid!  That is if your agenda is to KILL EVERYONE!  

“I don’t take a dime of their [lobbyist] money, and when I am president, they won’t find a job in my White House,” Obama said in a 2008 campaign speech. A little research, however, shows that claim to be a questionable one.”

“According to donor-trail website, international lobbying firms DLA Piper (former employer of Republican Congressman Dick Armey) and Skadden, Arps et al (whose alumni include many lobbyists who went on to hold state and federal government office) have contributed a combined $144,749 to the Obama campaign thus far. And that’s not including Microsoft and Comcast — Obama’s top two donors according to this list.”

Don’t mistake this as some twisted extrapolation of “payola.”  It’s supposed to look like buyouts and corruption.  It’s nothing but a not-so-clever coverup for the real, pre-planned agenda.  Fall guys stood as the isolating barrier for those who already fell.  They don’t need protection or cover.  Their dark agenda does.  

Killing the people, their improvisations, and their will to survive, requires the murder of our resources, the theft of our foodstuffs, the birds, the bees, the flowers and the trees, and the thing called love, to destroy that which is above, our heavenly Father.  They know that’s impossible, but to destroy God’s creations is to thumb God in the eye.  They know that won’t work either, but they do it.  We don’t always have to kill them, but we can love each other and pray for them.  We actually can play God.  We have the power of forgiveness.  You, too, can use it.  We can forgive those who harm us, AND we can draw swords to stop them.  

It’s time to stop thinking of our views, and its time to think of our lovely babies.  We have no choice but to protect the little ones from the disaster we’ve neglected to cull.


What was happening to the Caribou population?  The poachers preying upon the Caribou?  No!  The poachers preyed upon the White Arctic Wolfe; Canis Lupus Arcticus.  The poachers were killing and stealing the Wolves, leaving the herd of Caribou to wither as one with the sick, diseased, weak, and dying Caribou.  The Wolves weren’t plentiful.  They couldn’t cull the herds, strengthening them, and perpetuating their genus. 

We are the ones who commit a higher crime.  We allow those who prey upon us by letting them be the poachers.  What kind of people are we if we let the Pirates kill our babies, the food for our babies, and the land upon which they are left, after us.  

Monsanto, the FDA, the EPA, the B.A.R., the U.S., and their owners, the Zionist-Jesuit Satanists, are getting their boots licked by THIS generation, so our babies can be food for spirits of doom.  



Whenever you decide to be responsible enough to protect your babies, and their babies, then you can go after those who are committed to destroy your loved ones.  Do what’s right.  This is supposed to be a lifetime, not a slow death.



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  1. I believe Atrazine is a waste of money in herbicides and pesticides but it is added because it decreases fertility of animals and that is a Globalist Goal. Insects fade away in about 3 generations or three years; humans will take about 60 years if we don’t starve out first.

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