Bill to End ‘Policing For Profit’ Filed In Missouri

 by: Andre’ Gabriel Esparza

The neighborhood road pirates across the country consistently engage in a perfected scheme of legal theft from the people they serve. The tables are shifting slightly with the introduction of bills protecting the citizenry. Colorado recently protected its police accountability activists and others who decide to film police, with a bill that levy fines on cops for interfering with citizens recording their actions.

Invasive Red-Light cameras in some parts of the nation have been removed after being defeated by the voice of people. The generation of city and state revenue through the usage of petty and victimless ordinances such as stop signs, parking infractions, or driving a little faster than recommended by the state have accumulated millions. When the question of quotas come up, cops vehemently deny the requirement, then there are some cops who have admitted that they do exist. Even a high-ranking cop in New York confessed on the stand to the dirty deeds.

A Missouri State Representative Emanuel Cleaver, a native Texan, has introduced a bill to hopefully spark a movement to bring this extortion racket to a visible pinnacle so it may shine like a beacon. Cleaver hopes to quell his concerns about the ongoing ‘policing for profit’ tactics, which he acknowledges is a violation of civil liberties for the victims caught in the web of deceit.  This jab at the police state proposal that is being ignored by the main stream media has some crossing their fingers for its passage.

Labeled The Fair Justice Act, Cleaver’s bill will subject any cops caught enforcing  traffic or criminal laws solely for generating revenue to be dealt prison time with the maximum sentence of up to five years.

Mr. Cleaver says that “The time has come to end the practice of using law enforcement as a cash register, a practice that has impacted too many Americans and has disproportionately affected minority and low-income communities. No American should have to face arbitrary police enforcement whose sole purpose is to raise revenue for a town, city, or state.”

Even the commander-in-chief said in a Department of Justice report after the Ferguson aftermath.

“What we saw was that the Ferguson Police Department, in conjunction with the municipality, saw traffic stops, arrests, tickets as a revenue generator, as opposed to serving the community, and that it was systematically biased.”

With the number of acquittals in these obvious brutality and murder cases against the authoritarian police, it’s a shot in the dark that any jail time or punishment will come from any law like this. How can a law enforcement department and the other two links in the triad come together to incarcerate an indoctrinated thief that brings in cash by simply writing paper citations. The law, if passed will go unenforced or be used selectively, like issuing a demerit or a proverbial slap on the hand for being naughty. But thanks to Mr. Cleaver, for the valiant attempt, it’s the thought that counts.

By Andre’ Gabriel Esparza –

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