Rosenstein, Doublespeak and Doublecross

Rosenstein, Doublespeak and Doublecross

Rosenstein is the consummate Bureaucrat.. slippery as a fresh caught 20 lb Carp.. he says one thing and does another.

We know for sure what his answer would be if the question put to him was: What is your favorite color Rod? Answer (Wait for it) “PLAID.”  (Wonder if he learned that at “lawyer school?”)

Compiled and Edited by TLB Staff

(CNSNews) The Justice Department must “hold people accountable when they violate the rules,” but it “must never be a partisan actor,” Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said in a speech to the American Bar Association’s annual meeting in Chicago on Thursday. In all cases, agents and prosecutors are obligated to make neutral decisions, preserve personal privacy, protect national security, and insulate investigations from political interference.
Rosenstein’s speech came as President Trump continues to rail against Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation as a “disgrace” …

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump
(CNSNews) Rosenstein, who is overseeing the Mueller investigation, sprinkled his speech with historical anecdotes, including one about future President John Adams agreeing, out of a “sense of duty,” to represent the British soldiers charged with murdering colonists during the Boston Massacre.

WH 360  Rod Rosenstein DOJ decisions ‘do not please all the people all the time’

Rosenstein mentioned President Trump by name just once, at the very end of his speech:

President Trump selected a superb team of skilled and principled lawyers to lead the Department of Justice and our U.S. Attorney’s Offices. Attorney General Jeff Sessions emphasizes that we do “not represent any narrow interest or any subset of the American people. We represent all of the American people and protect the integrity of our Constitution.”

We are responsible for helping to develop and faithfully implement the President’s law enforcement policies in a manner consistent with longstanding nonpartisan principles. Our decisions do not please all the people all the time, but they always reflect the care, caution, and wisdom required by the law.

That is what the President appointed us to do. It is what the Senate confirmed us to do. It is what the oath of office obligates us to do. We will keep the faith, defend the Constitution, and promote the rule of law.


Rep. Jim Jordan joins Laura Ingraham and Responds to Rosenstein’s Latest Comments…

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(TLB) compiled this report in the hopes of providing some clarity to the murky waters of the DC swamp and the creatures therein.

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