THE BLACK SNAKE (Dakota Access Pipeline – DAPL) Part One

By Luca Majno
As the world seems to spiral out of control, each one of us needs to take a trip inside ourselves, in an effort to understand our place in this Life… We need to unlearn what we have assimilated, to think and to look outside the box, and to learn to trust our inner voice.
Join us on a flyover of the latest event of government and corporate takeover of the ‘united states’, Big Oil and Big Money coming face to face with the Original People of this land, the fierce resistors of colonial oppression, which continues to this day…
In this two-part broadcast, TLB Director of Middle East Rising, Ariyana Love and investigative journalist Luca Majno, share their knowledge of what is transpiring at Standing Rock (North Dakota) and why, explaining how everything is tied to the Rothschild Zionist Dynasty and Israel…
Come and listen to truth being exposed like never before, the unleashing of the reasons behind our chains of slavery, the killing of innocent people, and our corrupt, illegal and gloating government(s).

THE BLACK SNAKE (Dakota Access Pipeline – DAPL) Part Two

At the time of our broadcast, we still did not have all the information on Sunday night’s brutal events at Standing Rock, as it was a developing story. After 3 days of studying video evidence and eyewitness testimony, Ariyana Love this an article detailing the events.

PLEASE READ! US Government is Guilty of Treason and Domestic Terrorism at Standing Rock


Ariyana Love is a TLB Project Staff writer, researcher and project Director. Ariyana is also the Director of TLB Project website Middle East Rising, a website that reports on the truth in Palestine and throughout the Middle East on a level rarely matched on the global stage.




Luca Majno  is an investigative journalist, researcher and passionate advocate of Indigenous People (The Original People) of Turtle Island which is now North America. Exposing past and present crimes is a sure way to change the course of humanity towards a brighter future.



Original article: Middle East Rising (TLB)


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