THE BLACK SNAKE (Part 3) – TLB Broadcast on Standing Rock With Ariyana Love & Luca Majno

Ariyana Love and Luca Majno are back at it again, Exposing The Agenda of corporate America, Big Oil and the Zionist Cabal (NWO).

Reporting on the latest developments at Standing Rock and covering vital news that Mainstream Media is whitewashing, they reveal how MSM is in fact complicit in the horrific crimes of Morton County Sheriff Department and the private military contractors who are critically wounding the unarmed water protectors.

Covering in detail the crimes being committed and giving a historic over-view of the treasonous activity of the U.S. Government against the Lakota (Sioux) Nation, beginning with the violations of the Fort Laramie Treaties, they bring clarity to the land dispute, instead of confusing and diluting the issue as MSM does!

With over 500 First Nation Tribes united at Standing Rock in a force of 15,000 people and 1,500 Veterans due to arrive on Dec. 4th, this poses an ever greater obstacle for Big Oil’s Dakota Access Pipeline. DAPL has already lost millions and shareholders are divesting.

An Emergency Injunction was filed with the federal court by the victims of the Backwater Bridge brutality and a lawsuit was filed against Morton County Sheriff Department. They will pay dearly for their crimes.

This is our opportunity to repeal the Patriot Act, the anti-terrorist laws and Obama’s draconian Executive Orders that were passed since 9/11. We The People must rely on ourselves as citizens journalists, to film every injustice and upload it to social media. Seeing is believing!

We The People must take back America and restore our Constitution and Bill of Rights freedom. This is our chance. The issue at Standing Rock could unite us all. We succeeded in mobilizing our Congress to make the 28 redacted pages of the 9/11 Commission Report open to public view last week, revealing to the world at last, who are the culprits behind 9/11!


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Luca Majno  is an investigative journalist, researcher and passionate advocate of Indigenous People (The Original People) of Turtle Island which is now North America. Exposing past and present crimes is a sure way to change the course of humanity towards a brighter future.


10985546_10202851379840017_919612219240449795_nAriyana Love is a TLB Project Staff writer, researcher and project Director. Ariyana is also the Director of TLB Project website Middle East Rising, a website that reports on the truth in Palestine and throughout the Middle East on a level rarely matched on the global stage.



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