Standing Rock Report : News From the Front Lines

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Standing Rock, North Dakota … Protesters, known as water protectors, have gathered by the thousands to block the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The pipeline is being constructed in the vicinity of Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. The Standing Rock Sioux tribe contends that the pipeline will disturb its sacred sites, that the pipeline infringes on existing treaty agreements and puts their water supply (the Missouri River) in danger, as the pipeline is constructed under it.

For many who are familiar with The Liberty Beacon Project and TLBTV’s Eradicating Programmed Ignorance show, the name Randy Maugans and his shows Off Planet Radio and Off Planet TV should be familiar as Randy and I have done several shared shows together, and Randy is a personal friend and contributor to TLB. If there is controversy that needs a discerning voice, or tyranny that needs the spotlight of reality shown upon it … you can bet Randy Maugans and the Off Planet forums are close at hand.

Today Randy brings us some front line news from Standing Rock, North Dakota …


Watter cannons, Rubber bullets, Pepper Spray … This is a day in the life of an activist at Standing Rock.

Law enforcement officers in North Dakota have used tear gas and high pressure water hoses, in frigid temperatures, against hundreds of activists (water protectors) protesting against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Activists are being hit with rubber bullets and percussion or flash bang grenades on a bridge to the north of the encampments established by the indigenous tribe and environmental activists .

Listen in as Randy and OffPlanet Radio bring you the latest unedited word from the front lines …


Contributed to TLB by: Randy Maugans of OffPlanet Media

STANDING ROCK REPORT—Please Share Out!—URGENT! STOP THE DRILL: The large drill used to breach the rock for the pipeline was sighted coming into Standing Rock as we recorded—Prayers, meditations, spiritual warfare to STOP THE DRILL! (NO Violence) This report with Christine Anderson who is at Standing Rock, and Barbara Hall, correspondent, cover the issues with the protesters.


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