Black is White, Truth is a Lie, Up is Down – The World of Hillary Clinton

by TLB Editorial Staff

If ever there was a “failed magic act” it would be the one that Hillary Clinton is starring in. Her act is also probably one of the longest running, and without checking Broadway stats, is out doing anything in the history of New York’s Great White Way.

Bottom line… Hillary has made “failure a career.” And a Well Paid one at that.

The only other person we can think of that has done that is The Great Ballantine. For those of you old enough to remember The Ed Sullivan Show in the 50’s, Ballantine appeared as a regular. For you younger readers, you will remember him as one of the crew in Mchale’s Navy reruns. Presented here is a short out-take of Ballantine appearing on the old Cosby show. (Enjoy the humor while you can, as the remainder of this post is anything But funny.)

Many wonder how Hillary Clinton can keep up her “illusion of accomplishment” considering the amount of Criminal Involvement she, Bill and The Clinton Foundation has been immersed in, beginning years ago in Arkansas and continuing up to her current bid for the Oval Office. Here is a quick review:

As with many “famous Evil doers” Hillary stays afloat on top of the cesspool of corruption by stepping on the dead bodies of her former associates and operatives.

Part of keeping up an illusion is letting your audience hear and see what they want to see and hear… or a least making them think what you are rendering is what they want.

A hallmark of a “professional illusionist” is to keep your Hat and Rabbit out view from your audience, both before and after your performance, lest they figure out how your trick is done. Hillary’s Rabbit is not only out of the Hat, it has escaped and has gone down the “Truth Rabbit Hole.”

The good news is, more and more of the American People are waking up to the fact that “Emperor Clinton” has no clothes. It is hard to pull off an illusion when you are standing naked in the glaring “spotlight of Truth!”


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