TRUMP – Darling of the Left. What Happened?

by Ralph Ely TLB Editor-at-large

Once upon a time there was a young man that seemingly just wanted to make money. He was actually the “darling” of the far left eastern liberals because he always said he just wanted to make money and had no yearning to get into politics.

That young man was of course Donald Trump. And because he just wanted to make money and not mix into politics he was welcomed by all Main Stream Media and at all public/private Social Events. Again, he was not a threat to the Political Establishment. At worst he would just comment he was not particularly happy with the way some things were going. Pictures are worth a thousand words, as the saying goes. Is Trump pinching Bill’s “legacy”?


Best buddies: Donald Trump and Bill Clinton laugh as they are pictured together at the U.S. Open in New York in 2000


Posers: Donald Trump and his wife Melania (right) pose with then U.S. President Bill Clinton and model Kylie Bax at the tennis tournament
trump-3Avid readers: Trump and Clinton are photographed at an event in New York looking at a book together


A 2008 photograph shows Trump (second from left) and Clinton (second from right) posing for a picture during a round of gold at Briarcliff Manor in New York
Photo credits: Getty


Best buds: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (with Bill Clinton and Melania Trump above) have their arms around one another and are smiling for the camera in a photo from his 2005 wedding
Photo credit Maring Photography/Contour Getty

And who can forget Trumps flirtation (a successful one at that) with Prime Time TV?















The point of showing you all of this is Trump was the fair haired boy that liked to make money and did not use his public platform to raise hell about much. So The Donald was allowed to make money, play golf and produce TV shows. Never was he called a Racist or Bigot, a Danger to America… etc. He appeared on Oprah, Major Talk and News Shows. The MS Media and the American Public thought of him as Entertainment… just one of the rich boys.


Donald Trump played the Media like a fiddle. He always has and always will. The minute he announced his official run for the White House the Liberal Political machine (which includes the Media) went nuts. Even the Right side of the Political spectrum went into a tail spin.

Over night The Donald went from the “fair haired” boy to the brunt of Hate filled “hair jokes” and comments.

Here is how Trump did it and no one saw it coming: (Download time may take a few seconds.)

I wouldn’t want to pay Poker with Trump. How about Putin and the Chinese? I wonder what their thoughts are?


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  1. In NYC people don’t sell you. They tell you why you are going to buy it. Then they ram it down your throat. Same old shi* different set of flies. Once he is in he will do exactly what Hillary will do. The best choice is not to vote for these psychopathic control freaks.

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