Brave New World – Doctors And Researchers Make The Case For Preemptive Antidepressants

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Preface by TLB Staff Writer: Christopher Wyatt

Prozac the brand name for Fluoxetine is a drug that I am intimately familiar with. As a teen in the late 1980’s I was moody and while not struggling I was not the most well adjusted–what sixteen year old is? My family felt I needed to see a councilor because they had the idea that I was depressed. Two counseling sessions in I was referred to a doctor for medication, the drug of choice I was put on was Prozac.

During the three or four months I was on this drug I was a false kind of happy that no human being should be. I was dying inside but because of the medication no one noticed. My weight also dropped dramatically and I went from around 160lbs to about 120lbs. Things were so bad that I had to stop taking the medication and this is where things become frightening. After stopping the Prozac I started having violent mood swings. I remember being so angry that I trashed my bedroom and put my fist through a window! There was another time were I had a very violent fight with my brother.

Because of the mood swings and scary behavior my mother stopped my medication (not knowing I had already stopped taking it) because she felt it was making me into a crazy person. The thing is my mother was right because it was the drug screwing up my brain chemistry and it was causing the mood swings. What she didn’t understand was that I was in withdrawal from a toxic drug that creates dependency.

As a person in his 40s who has faced more than a few health challenges created by the pharmaceutical industry it sickens me that they are targeting children with medications for no other reason than they want to see a numb society. Children and teens are supposed to feel the spectrum of emotions and sometimes that means anger and sadness. You can not curb these emotions or the natural parts of growing up with a pill.

I urge parents who are reading this to get involved in the lives of your children, talk to them, and for the love of God do not let the medical industry try to kill your child’s soul with medication.

We The People NOT We The Elite! (CW)

Brave New World – Doctors And Researchers Make The Case For Preemptive Antidepressants

By Alex Pietrowski

Should people without depression take medication to prevent it? This is the latest question to come out of modern psychiatry, and is explored in detail in a recent article by a major news outlet. In short, they are presenting an admittedly controversial idea; the suggestion that certain people who are statistically at a high risk of developing symptoms of depression be treated preemptively with antidepressants.

Looking at a research report out of Nebraska, the article notes that patients suffering from head and neck cancers are predisposed to becoming clinically depressed during treatment, and that in a study, patients given antidepressants were less likely to get depressed.

In medicine, this approach is often referred to as prophylaxis, or a treatment used to prevent disease.

Prophylactic antidepressants have shown promise in other high-risk patient populations as well. A meta-analysis published in 2014 found that prophylactic antidepressants cut down the incidence of depressive episodes among people receiving therapy for hepatitis C by more than 40 percent. Randomized trials suggest that patients who take antidepressants early after a stroke experience significantly lower rates of depression. Small studies have also found that people receiving treatment for melanoma may be less likely to develop depressive symptoms if they are pre-treated with antidepressants. [Source]

The conclusion that psychotropic antidepressants may prevent depression is not new, and the prophylactic approach has been researched a number of times, reaching the conclusion that depression can be prevented by antidepressants.

These findings provide compelling reasons for physicians and patients to consider using these medicines to preempt ­mental-health issues. But this experimental frontier — which relies on prediction and prevention — is controversial. [Source]

The notion of personal health freedom informs us that patients should have the last word on medications and treatments, and while suggesting that antidepressants can be used prophylactically is not inherently dangerous, this line of thinking sets an uncomfortable precedent.

Just because an antidepressant might help prevent drug- or chemo-induced depression does not mean that nondepressed individuals will benefit from taking antidepressants prophylactically. In fact, it may well have the opposite effect. There’s really no telling what kind of devastating societal health effects such a trend might create. [Source]

Antidepressants are well-known to cause a litany of negative side-effects, from diarrhea to suicidal tendencies. Depression is also a natural human condition, and while it is not pleasant, it surely has some value in informing us of changes which needed to be made, and preemptively medicating stunts the body’s ability to register and inform on holistic wellness.

Additionally, the overuse and over-prescription of psychotropic medications is becoming a serious social problem, and is becoming worse because of the business interests involved in production of these medications.

In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, the complacent population is medicated as a form of social control, a reality which we are practically living in already today. Popularizing the idea that we can always be happy and preempt depression if we take our meds before there is even a problem is a dangerous new advance in the pharmacological war on human freedom.

What are your thoughts?


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