The Left Melts Down After Trump Declares: ‘There Are No Comey Tapes’ [VIDEOS]

The Left Melts Down After Trump Declares: ‘There Are No Comey Tapes’

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I’ve procured the full rundown for those of you interested in consuming the tears of liberals. This is the worst meltdown on the left since Trump took two scoops of iced cream, while giving everyone else 1.

In summary, several weeks ago Trump alluded to the existence of tapes, recordings of conversations between himself and Comey. Today, he admitted, after teasing the media for weeks, that there weren’t any tapes. Meanwhile, coal miners in Virginia and programmers in San Francisco don’t give two shits whether there are tapes or not. The point: this is an issue that only political freaks and media shills care about. The net result is total and complete meltdown — with the media sojourning deep into the crevasses of despair — calling the President a liar, a suicide bomber, to demanding that Robert Mueller investigates these so called tapes — asking whether Trump intimidated a witness (Comey).

The crimes of Trump keep piling up, ‘self-inflicted wounds’ and Russian nightmares plague DC, in an everlasting melodic symphony of Trump crashing whipped cream pies into the faces of his petty enemies.

(Note: he even forces the media to turn their cameras off during the daily press briefings).

MSNBC: Trump is a suicide bomber:

CNN: Trump lied:

Jake Tapper implies Trump lies all the time:

MSNBC: Trump is like candy crush, wasting our time:

Greta has a serious meltdown. Senator Markey demands Mueller investigates Trump over tapes. HAHAHAAHAHAH

“This is stunning. Just stunning. Americans deserve better from their president.”
~@greta on Donald Trump admitting there are no tapes

Schiff: Trump can’t be a reality teevee host anymore (that’s where you’re wrong kiddo).

Olbermann (sigh)

TLB published this article from The_Real_Fly’s blog  with our thanks for the perspective.

Note to Joe Scarborough at NBC. You say “…Americans deserve better from their president.” Joe, Americans deserve better from what used to be…some times…The Media.

And to you that appear on the networks as so called “Chief Legal Correspondents,” that are trying to “prop up” the failing Russian narrative, here is our parting shot. (TLB)

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