Brennan Goes Nuclear After Losing Security Clearance

Brennan Goes Nuclear After Losing Security Clearance, is Comey next?

by TLB staff

God given right

From all of the childish gibberish emanating from the ‘left side’ of the DC Swamp, we have been able to decipher that these Creatures think their political placement in the bureaucracy is a God given right… And So It is Forever More. Especially if their ultimate reason is the removal of a setting President by using one of the Tools afforded them in the form of a Security Clearance.

The Tool

A Security Clearance is a must if you are a media leaker, a whistleblower, a character assassin or wannabe ‘tell all” author.  With that little piece of laminated paper hanging from a chain about your neck, you can park in special places, walk down special halls, open special doors, obtain special files, walk to a special area/room and open said special file marked “For Your Eyes Only” – “Ring for Attendant when finished.”

You can even use this tool for all of these “special things” (and more) even though your Clearance was issued for a reason other than the one you are using it for. A Valuable Tool wouldn’t you say? Now it should be more clear why Brennan, Comey or any of the other Swampers are more than a little concerned about the loss of their Security Clearance.


(ZeroHedge) Former CIA Director John Brennan has written an op-ed in the New York Times following theWednesday loss of his security clearance, claiming that President Trump is trying to silence him.

Trump revoked Brennan’s clearance for what he called “unfounded and outrageous allegations” against his administration, while also announcing that the White House is evaluating whether to strip clearances from other former top officials.

Trump later told the Wall Street Journal his decision was connected to the ongoing federal probe into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election and allegedly collusion by his presidential campaign.

“I call it the rigged witch hunt, (it) is a sham,” Trump said in an interview with the newspaper on Wednesday. “And these people led it.”

“It’s something that had to be done,” Trump added. –Reuters

Writing in the New York Times, Brennan – who led the CIA under President Obama, called Trump’s denials of collusion with Russia “Hogwash,” and vowed not to be silenced.

“The only questions that remain are whether the collusion that took place constituted criminally liable conspiracy, whether obstruction of justice occurred to cover up any collusion or conspiracy, and how many members of ‘Trump Incorporated’ attempted to defraud the government by laundering and concealing the movement of money into their pockets,” Brennan wrote in the Times.

Mr. Trump clearly has become more desperate to protect himself and those close to him, which is why he made the politically motivated decision to revoke my security clearance in an attempt to scare into silence others who might dare to challenge him. -John Brennan

On Wednesday, Brennan tweeted that Trump’s move “should gravely worry all Americans” as it is “part of a broader effort by Mr. Trump to suppress freedom of speech & punish critics.”

“I will not relent,” he concludes…


Following the stripping of Brennan’s clearance, Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky praised the move, saying he urged Trump to do it.

“I applaud President Trump for his revoking of John Brennan’s security clearance,” Paul said in a press release. “I urged the President to do this.”

Senator Rand Paul@RandPaul

Is John Brennan monetizing his security clearance? Is John Brennan making millions of dollars divulging secrets to the mainstream media with his attacks on @realDonaldTrump ?

Senator Rand Paul@RandPaul

Today I will meet with the President and I will ask him to revoke John Brennan’s security clearance!

I filibustered Brennan’s nomination to head the CIA in 2013, and his behavior in government and out of it demonstrate why he should not be allowed near classified information,” Paul said.

And in an op-ed for The Hill, former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka wrote that “No one has a right to a top secret clearance,” adding:

The argument that some are making that the president’s decision in some way infringes John Brennan’s free speech rights is, in fact, absurd.

In the last few months, from his position as a paid commentator on MSNBC, John Brennan has repeatedly stated that the duly elected president of the United States is beholden to Vladimir Putin, potentially being blackmailed by him, and has gone as far as to call the president’s actions treasonous. This is a devastating charge to make, one that no other former cabinet-level political appointee has made about a sitting president. Ever. Yet, he does this without providing any evidence at all of his charge. –Sebastian Gorka

Meanwhile Trump supporters, such as Rep. Lee Zeldin, said that Brennan – who voted for a Communist for US President, “Should’ve never received the clearance in 1st place,” and that he’s “Now monetizing his position of former CIA Director w unhinged recklessness & insanity.”

Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸@JackPosobiec

How did communist John Brennan get a security clearance in the first place

James Comey is another long time Swamper that has joined the hard core ‘circle of jerks’ that have no respect for our Constitution or the American People.

(Daily Caller) James Comey on Wednesday responded to President Trump’s decision to revoke the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan. The former FBI Director issued a statement via Twitter accusing President Trump of using security clearances “as pawns in a petty political game.”


Comey [] launched into several attacks on the president.

“This president befriends and praises despots and dictators like Putin and Kim Jong-un,” he continued. “Those friends provide stark contrast to the patriotic Americans and public servants he disrespects, threatens, and calls enemies: a war hero like John McCain, members of our country’s free press, and devoted public servants like John Brennan. American voters must not shrug off or be distracted from the terrible behaviors of this president, who lies to the American people every day, encourages racism, is a misogynist, and always puts his own interests above those of the United States of America. Politicians enabling this president should be held accountable in future elections. We are each responsible for what we say as well as for our silence.”

James Comey@Comey


(Daily Caller) Judge Jeanine Pirro sounded off on Wednesday about President Trump’s decision to revoke the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan. Do you believe that he has forfeited his professional courtesy by the frenzied rhetoric that he’s been exhibiting on cable TV and on Twitter? asked co-host Jesse Watters.


A final Question from TLB

Can you imagine the op-eds, MSM rantings and #resist crowd responding en masse if and when the rest of the former Obama officials have their clearances stripped.



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