Brexit: Leave voters felt more informed than Remainers, new poll reveals

Leave voters felt more informed than Remainers, new poll reveals


That old Remainer myth that Brexit voters didn’t know what we were voting for? Well, it turns out to be just that, a myth.

A new Deltapoll finds that 80% of Leave voters knew what the implications of Brexit would be, either feeling fully informed, felt they knew quite a lot or had a basic understanding.

That compares to 74% of Remainers who say the same thing. In other words, Leavers went to the polls feeling more confident about what they were actually voting for.

The survey asked Brits how informed they felt before voting in the referendum, and found that of Brexiteers 17% said they were fully informed compared to just 8% of Remainers.

Furthermore, of those who said they knew nothing of the implications of Brexit before the referendum, 22%  were Remain voters and 17% were Leave voters.

The vast majority of Brexit voters knew exactly what we were voting for. Remainers like to patronise us to discredit the result – in fact, it was those who backed remaining in the EU who were less aware of what they were voting for.


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