Tucker Carlson: The Midterms Are Becoming a Referendum On Something that Really Matters – Immigration [VIDEO]

Pam Barker | Director of TLB Europe Reloaded Project

A quick Coles’ Notes version of this great 7 minute piece.

  • Tucker addresses the critical problem of unlimited Birthright Citizenship that Trump is promising to tackle by abolishing with an Executive Order. To which many in government, such as Paul Ryan, are bizarrely calling ‘unconstitutional’ or racist.
  • Birthright citizenship originally arose out of the 14th amendment, which gave citizenship to newly-freed slaves and their children, to enfranchise former slaves.
  • Canada and the US are the only countries to offer citizenship based on a child being born on its soil to an illegal alien. No European countries allow it, and only 2 of 54 African countries offer it. So are all these countries racist?
  • Check what Democrat Harry Reid had to say on this topic! An eye-opener.
  • Children with citizenship in this category are thus eligible for a host of taxpayer-funded social programs such as tax credits, food stamps, Medicaid, help with college tuition, etc.  One in 12 babies born on US soil falls into this category, and that doesn’t include Birth Tourism, which is particularly strong among the Chinese.
  • It’s all a scam but who to blame? Us for allowing it. You can’t blame foreigners for accepting what is available to them. We’ve allowed ourselves to be exploited for decades.

‘No other leadership class would side with foreigners over our own people, and yet ours does every time, and that tells you everything.’

Tucker: Election Day becoming referendum on immigration

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