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The official part of the Ceremony took off with a video message from the President of the Russian Federation – Vladimir Putin.

«Friends, I am delighted to welcome participants and guests of the BRICS Sports Games in Russia.

For two weeks, the competitions will bring together over 3,000 athletes from almost 100 states. I am confident that this large-scale sports festival will demonstrate the triumph of universal values of sport, equal opportunities and an honest and uncompromising struggle.

The hospitable, distinctive and unique Kazan and Moscow are hosting the BRICS Sports Games. These cities boast a rich history, a multi-ethnic culture and traditions. At the same time, these modern cities are gearing for the future.

All this aligns with the spirit and nature of BRICS, an association of sovereign countries which are developing dynamically, yet retain their identity.

They jointly address large-scale objectives and provide an example of truly partner-like and equitable relations, based on trust, strong friendship and respect for each other’s interests.

I would like to note that the Sports Games, held under the auspices of our organization, are an important part of multilateral political, economic and humanitarian interaction. The role of BRICS in global affairs continues to increase rapidly. I am therefore confident that the Games, as a competition free from political interference and pressure that truly unites athletes from around the world, will become more popular and attractive. All the more so as they will be held in an open format for the first time this year. Consequently, the Games will become yet another symbol of expanding inter-cultural dialogue, making a weighty contribution to strengthening friendship among nations and facilitating interstate interaction in the interests of people and universal development.

I wish successful starts and brilliant victories to athletes and their mentors, and bright and unforgettable impressions to spectators and fans.

I hereby declare the 2024 BRICS Sport Games open!»

The Ceremony by tradition included a parade of athletes from more than 90 countries. Some of the participants will compete for the first medals of the BRICS Games tomorrow, on 13 June. The colourful costume performance featured the State Chamber Choir and State Song and Dance Ensemble of the Republic of Tatarstan, along with Honoured and People’s Artists of the Republic – Elmira Kalimullina, Gulnora Gatina, Anton Polodyuk and others, as well as popular music and dance ensembles.

During the Opening Ceremony, the audience traveled through a metaphorical universe and discovered a new star: the star of the BRICS Games. Through the exuberant performances, the visitors were immersed into the times of the Volga Bulgaria, where caravans, guided by the stars, followed the Great Silk Road, all the while increasing their knowledge, enriching the cultures and traditions of their countries, and strengthening international ties.

After that, the spectators got to see the works of the Russian artists, musicians, and writers, and learn more about the achievements of Soviet scientists, as well as the courage and bravery of pioneers, who opened new worlds and discovered new limits of possibilities for us.

Whereas the brightest stars in the modern Universe are sports stars: people who lead by example, demonstrating the strength of the human spirit and our endless abilities. It is the participants of the BRICS Games who are the new stars of the world sport – the beacons for future generations!