Bumbler-In-Chief Biden Wears His Blinders To The Border

Bumbler-In-Chief Biden Wears His Blinders To The Border

By: Joseph M. Lenard 

From my book Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You

The many criminal acts that comprised the total overall act on 9/11 suddenly brought to light the severity of how each minor legal violation in the terrorist scheme, if one or two had been prosecuted, might easily have stopped the attack. If the criminal acts [as in having of those violated their Immigration Visas, been deported] perpetrating the attacks had been prevented as individual criminal acts, the World Trade Center may still be standing today.

Had the hijackers’ previous criminal activities been able to put them behind bars, they could not have been free to attempt the hijackings. Had they been stopped for immigration issues, the planned attacks may have been disrupted and prevented. Had the vulnerability of the airport security that would allow the criminal hijacking of the airliners that day been addressed adequately, the tragically allowed escalation of unlawful behaviors that day may have been thwarted, or minimized.

Elsewhere from the book…

Many states have their unique immigrant enclaves: Chinatown, Little Italy, Little Havana. Properly immigrated peoples have had great benefit and support moving to such enclaves. Marten thought about the topic of immigration and the difference between legal immigrants he gladly welcomed and had many interactions with versus illegal immigrants and border invasion – and all the political fire around it.

Marten quickly put that out of his mind though as yet another topic or rabbit hole for his nom de plume online blog publications, not for his book to deal with.

VIDEO (5m 26s): Will Dementia Joe even know what Border he’s at – just spew his pre-prepared for him delusion propaganda/spin…

Meanwhile, we’ve learned nothing over time, as 100’s on Terror Watch lists have been caught coming across the open-border. Those are those caught, how many Terrorists are roaming free in the USA among the got-aways of Illegals that have poured into the USA?!?!

That is, of course, just the terrorism aspect (and to same degree the additional general crime they bring (as their first act into USA is a crime, of course they have little respect for any other US law))!

The Left doesn’t care, they just care about the Demographics and Voting patterns going forward once they grant another Amnesty will likely bring/give them (not to mention all those illegally here already breaking our voting laws and voting illegally).

And, of course, the whole hypocrisy the Busing illegals to Martha’s Vineyard showed – while supposedly a Sanctuary City and welcoming, once some showed up the FASCICRATS NIMBY hypocrisy was directly exposed as they quickly worked to get them the hell out of their neighborhood.

Also, of course, ignoring the poisoning crisis (beyond what was the illegal Drugs crisis) many of the deaths labeled “Overdose” are actual poisonings and the drug-dealers should be charged with Homicide (as people are buying what they think are one thing, laced with deadly fentanyl instead). And, Cartels labeled “Terrorists” and “Clear and Present Danger” (for those who will get that reference – and precision drone-strikes/cruise-missles scheduled to hit all the Cartel compounds simultaneously and without warning – No, don’t care about the supposed “Collateral Damage” as they kill our men, women, children here; they are with them on their compounds, they are accessories to their Crimes and legit targets!! Nor do I give a damn what Mexico may or may not say once we’ve hit those within the Borders of Mexico, that Mexico itself is doing nothing about!

Illegal Immigration, complete open borders, and to now “pretend to be tough” what are the FASCICRATS doing? Saying they will crack down on and restrict people coming from Cuba and Venezuela (yes, a couple other places too, but) those are two places that the people actually would qualify for the Asylum they are giving to everyone else that doesn’t qualify!!

And the reasons why should be very obvious and telling!

VIDEO (2m 32s): Clear and Present Danger (movie trailer):

Indeed no troops (these kinds of “fixed targets” locations we’re talking here, can be all targeted by GPS now, should have no need to laser-tag-for-targeting (as needed for moving targets)), just an extension of the War on Terrorists/Terrorism (and the POTUS powers granted (as Commander-in-Chief) him since 9/11 (of course, changing the perspective and scope of the film preview above from 1994)) and air-strikes. Again, don’t give a damn what Mexico or Mexicans think/say about it. But, of course, we’ll need a REAL POTUS, one that cares about 100,000 dying (poisoned) Americans a year, and RULE OF LAW (Laws requiring our Government PROTECT US CITIZENS).

Sure our drones/missiles may miss a few of them, but they will finally recognize they are really on notice and targets. A drone-strike could hit them next, at any time.

President Trump Oval Office Address on Border Crisis – Democrat Response: What Crisis? See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil (Jan 2019)

President Trump 2nd Address on Border Crisis… (Jan 2019)

Wasn’t it a miracle – El Paso Democrat Mayor Oscar Lesser all of a sudden realized he could clean up his City, and moved out all the Homeless, Drug-users, and Illegal Immigrants, under existing Laws from El Paso in two days time, just so Biden (and the CNN cameras there to show Biden’s photo-op and propaganda speech) wouldn’t see what Democrat policy (not Law) allows/does!

An aside: There are NO Blue States, only 15-20 big blue cities (with big Voting blocks) trying to tell the rest of us how to live. Including a weak on Crime in general, and especially weak on Terrorists and of our current greatest concern Narco-Terrorists.

VIDEO (1m 31s): El Paso TX clears Migrant-camps before Biden visit:


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About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

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2 Comments on Bumbler-In-Chief Biden Wears His Blinders To The Border

  1. Mon. Feb. 5 2024 update:
    Not just NO, not even Hell No, this is a No Way In Hell Not A F****** Chance No Never! PERIOD! This is #DeFacto #Amnesty. 350+ page of Bullshit TO HIDE 2 provisions that codify #OpenBorders and make #ReplacementTheory into #ReplacementLAW and about granting #AMNESTY before #Trump can take Office again. Those 2 provisions…
    Grants AUTHORITY to #DHS #DeepState Leftist #AntiAmerican loons the ability to BYPASS THE #COURTS and GRANT IMMEDIATE #ASYLUM – they could literally stand at #Border and hand-out Green Cards to all who Cross and them get #Citizenship the very next year.
    2nd allows #ILLEGALS flood to tune of 1.9M/year BEFORE the POTUS “COULD” (not should or SHALL) could, in other words, Democrats NEVER WILL, Declare State of Emergency to STEM FLOW for about 180 days (THEN THE FULL FLOODGATES OPEN AGAIN).
    The other provisions of 350 pages JUST FOR SHOW and DEFLECTION and more MONEY LAUNDERING to those who will help Settle #ILLEGALS into #USA.
    #FACTSnotFeelings #NoAmnesty

  2. Tue May 9 2023 update:

    #KringeJeanPeon “Biden has taken action on Border SINCE DAY ONE!”

    Well, technically speaking, 100% FACTUAL – he began on DAY ONE as POTUS dismantling Border Security…. That is NOT POSITIVE ACTION, but it is indeed “action!” As well as spewing the usual Leftist, moronic, “need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform” (code-words for LEGALIZED AMNESTY vs the DUMBocrats “Sanctuary Policy” defacto and illegal in itself). #NoAmnesty

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