California Vaccine-Injured Children and Their Families; Discriminated Against Statewide By the California State Legislature

Preface By Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

This is one of the best opinion pieces I  have ever seen on Richard Pan and the tactics being used to force vaccines in California. I am so glad somebody is speaking out against this brutal overreach of government. My personal opinion is that Richard Pan and the California State Legislature are equally targeting those who have been poisoned by vaccines and those yet to be poisoned by vaccines. Pan and other pro vaxers will not stop until every person is vaccinated multiple times with as many vaccines as they feel necessary. This of course will be hundreds of vaccines over a lifetime if these people get their way. The able bodied will quickly become the disabled if this happens!

The tactics being used by Pan and others are something we should all feel sick about because it makes it so anyone attending school is with out any exemption from vaccines other than a medical exemption. Setting aside his unethical tactics all anyone really needs to know is that Richard Pan received bribes equal to twice the average American income to push for mandatory vaccines. I have had my own experience with Senator Richard Pan on his facebook page and I can tell you this man is arrogance personified and that trying to reason with him is futile as he only hears the words of his pharma masters. I am asking people to take back their power by simply not complying with SB277 and to consider the benefits of natural immunity to measles and the other childhood illnesses. I am asking people to educate every man woman and child you can. I am asking you to get your children and the rest of your family involved in fighting back against vaccines and learning about natural immunity. I am asking people to show their power through civil disobedience and rebellion. This is a war for the health and survival of humanity, and I  honestly can’t think of anything better to fight for. (CW)

California Vaccine-Injured Children and Their Families; Discriminated Against Statewide By the California State Legislature

Opinion By Karri Lewis – AWAKE California

DISCRIMINATION is a dirty word in politics today. California, generally a very liberal state, tends to FROWN UPON Discrimination.

So Why are Countless Vaccine Damaged Children and Their Families Facing DISCRIMINATION when it comes to a PRIVATE or PUBLIC EDUCATION?

And why would Democrats, the supposed party of CARE and CONCERN, encourage DISCRIMINATION against vulnerable, defenseless, vaccine-injured children and their families?

The California Democratic Party voted last year to include FORCED VACCINATION MANDATES as part of their party platform.

Democratic California State Senator Richard Pan has allegedly been at the forefront of this DISCRIMINATION; that also includes, Hate Speech Attacks on Vaccine-Injured Children and their Families.

Pan Holds Forum on Hate Speech; Protesters Say Senator Doesn’t Moderate Hateful Comments on Facebook Page

More about Democratic California State Senator Richard Pan and the legislative shenanigans that led to the passing of senate bill 277, last year, here:

Meanwhile, we have individual schools pushing more DISCRIMINATION against vaccine damaged children with BRIBERY and COERCION as seen here in this photo:


Children and their parents are being BRIBED and COERCED to take liability-free, toxic Vaccines to catch-up on the MANDATED VACCINE School Schedule. These BRIBES include; pizza parties and candy give-aways…kind of like a sick, twisted GMO’s for Poison campaign…

Talk about a SLAP in the FACE to vaccine-injured children! These children, already DAMAGED by VACCINES, are now subjected to RIDICULE and SHAME by not being allowed to participate in school rewards for STATE-APPROVED BEHAVIOR?

We need ALL California Activists and Parents to be on the look-out for this type of discriminatory behavior; and to speak out about it at school board meetings wearing their brightly colored t-shirts that say, “VACCINE DAMAGED” or “PARENT of VACCINE-INJURED Child,” like this:

The DISCRIMINATION of FORCED VACCINE MANDATES is causing needless suffering to vaccine-injured children and their families, who already took one for “the team.”

Vaccine-injured children and their families, already did their public duty and now have a vaccine-injured child to raise.

Most of these parents want to protect their other children from vaccine damage and the California State legislature, effectively terminated parental rights and their ability to protect their children from further vaccine damage and harm by voting in senate bill 277.


This kind of DISCRIMINATION against children and families, who did their public duty for the “greater good,” should NOT be TOLERATED by ANYONE!

As more people AWAKEN to the NASTINESS of our own California State government and its Big Pharma agenda, you can expect to hear more about awful DISCRIMINATORY blow-back from this highly egregious, unscientific, and FRAUDULENT California FORCED VACCINATION MANDATE push.

Should the California State Legislature continue to OWN your Body? The FIGHT for Whole Body Sanctity is on, California! It’s time to dig deep!



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