A CALL TO ACTION!!!!!! Civil Disobedience & Refusing Vaccine Mandates

By Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

 A CALL TO ACTION!!!!!! ALL of us who are non vaxers need to be banning together, meeting face to face locally in our communities, and preventing forced and coerced vaccination!!!!! We need to be at vaccine clinics, we need to be on college campuses, and we need to any place that people are talked into or forced into vaccination. We can not save everybody but we can start a unstoppable movement of questioning and civil disobedience. Just talking about vaccine dangers online is not cutting it, nor is watering down the truth as not to offend the pro vaccine lunatics. Rights have never been won by appeasing the oppressor, nor have they been won by just talking about them on facebook. We ALL need to meet face to face locally in our communities and start standing up against vaccines in the real world TOO MUCH DEPENDS ON IT!!!!! (CW)


CHECK OUT THE FOLLOWING VIDEOS–Study them, share them, discuss them with your family!

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